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  1. Crime Scene
    If You Wanted Another Reason to Hate Dallas BBQ, This Is Probably ItA transgender customer has accused management of doing nothing after strangers sexually harassed her.
  2. Crime Scene
    The Suspected Dallas BBQ Attacker Is Finally in CustodyBut police haven’t charged him with a hate crime yet.
  3. Crime Scene
    Dallas BBQ Continues to Be the Absolute WorstAnother patron got attacked at the chain’s Chelsea location.
  4. Crime Scene
    There’s Video Footage of Two Gay Men Getting Attacked at New York’sThe hate crime occurred last night.
  5. Lawsuits
    Dallas BBQ Workers Sue Over Alleged Locker-Room SurveillanceManagement allegedly said it was all about “loss prevention.”
  6. Lawsuits
    Up in Smoke: Dallas BBQ Sued by a Server for Alleged Ethnic Discrimination,This doesn’t look good for the barbecue chain.
  7. Badvertising
    Now This Is How You Sell an Adult BeverageDallas BBQ’s Blue Crush is “intoxicating.” It really is.
  8. Badvertising
    Spike Lee’s Latest Joint: The Twenty-Ounce AppletiniA “collaboration” with Dallas BBQ.
  9. Lawsuits
    Dallas BBQ Faces Potential Texas-Size LawsuitPlus, two new locations!
  10. Trimmings
    At the New Dallas BBQ, Edison Bulbs May Have Finally Jumped the SharkDallas BBQ goes from drab to fab.
  11. Openings
    A St. Marks Stroll: Pizzanini, Stromboli, Dallas BBQ, and DOB 111What’s new on the boulevard.
  12. Beef
    Dallas BBQ: The Roman Polanski of Restaurants?Critics are torn about the “barbecue” chain.
  13. Marketing Gimmicks
    Cause for Concern: The Blown-Up Food Photos of the East VillageIf this keeps up, the neighborhood might just turn into one big Applebee’s picture menu.
  14. TV Land
    L&O at BBQ’Law & Order’ visits Dallas BBQ!
  15. Recession Is Your Friend
    Dinner and an Opera (or Orchestra!)Opera singers accompanying dinner: better than mariachis?
  16. Openings
    BBQ (Not Dallas BBQ) Will Reopen on MondayPlus, Dallas BBQ has an awesome recession special.
  17. NewsFeed
    Dallas BBQ Soon to Go Even Farther North of TexasIt’s coming to the Bronx!
  18. NewsFeed
    Korean Chicken Chain Still Trying to Fly Remember our news that BBQ Chicken, Korea’s leading fried chicken chain, was coming to St. Marks Place and aiming to move past McDonald’s in worldwide ubiquity? That goal now seems just a smidge ambitious, because after two months the chicken has yet to hit the olive oil. We were worried the employees had been held back at Chicken University, but it seems the problems lie elsewhere. “They’ve been having trouble with the gas for the chicken,” a counter person tells us. “[The opening] will probably be about two weeks, but they’ve been saying that for about a week so I’m not sure.” In the meantime, there’s always that decidedly not health-conscious BBQ at the end of the block. Update: Well, there’s this, at least— The BBQ Chicken on Seventh Avenue between 23rd and 24th Streets is up and oiling, as our photographer Melissa Hom discovered during her fried chicken odyssey. Earlier: Korea’s Favorite Chicken Chain Invades, Bubble-Tea War Is Brewing
  19. Ask a Waiter
    RUB’s Jonathan Meyer Cleans Up Your ‘Mystery Napkins’After serving as a barista at Cafe Gitane, Jonathan Meyer joined the opening team as a server at RUB, New York’s pick for Best Barbecue. “It was a huge change,” he tells us. “I didn’t know anything about smoking meats.” (Meyer’s primary love is the theater group he runs, PossEble.) Almost two years later, the Long Island native is informed enough to hold his own against southerners who he says “wear their barbecue knowledge on their sleeve.” We asked him to steer us through the very heated world of Righteous Urban Barbecue.