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Dale Levitski

  1. Chefs Give Back
    Dale Levitski Latest Chef Offering up Charity PitasPeep what’s inside Falafill’s January pita pocket, and who’s behind the recipe.
  2. Video Feed
    See Duffy and Muser on The Interview Show on Video, Levitski Live TonightGrace chef and manager on The Interview Show; Levitski up next.
  3. Foodievents
    Sprout Begins New Themed Dinners October 21 With ApplesAn apple-focused menu? Sounds tempting!
  4. Events
    Watch Sarah Grueneberg, Dale Levitski and Telegraph’s Katie Wyler Compete inChef competition in Daley Plaza today.
  5. Closings
    Schmitz and Levitski Bartend, Dr. BBQ Wins, Bourdain Plays Us Like Violin AndFood news roundup from the weekend.
  6. What to Eat
    What to Eat at Frog n Snail For Cafe Breakfast, Lunch, and DinnerFrog n Snail is up to all-day service now.
  7. What To Eat
    What To Eat at Frog N Snail, Open Today… For Lunch.Frog N Snail opens for lunch now, other stuff later.
  8. Chefs
    Dale Levitski To Open frog n snail in LakeviewTop Chef runner-up to open second restaurant in Lakeview.
  9. Lists
    Check Out the Chicago Restaurants ‘Fit For Foodies’Here is where foodies apparently love to eat.
  10. Etiquette
    Pennsylvania Restaurant Owner Bans Babies and ToddlersRather than ruin everything for everyone, the restaurant owner has asked customers to leave the little ones at home.
  11. Awards
    Has Alinea Already Won Every James Beard Award?The restaurant is doing just fine, thank you very much.
  12. Construction
    Sprout Finishes Construction on PatioThe Lincoln Park restaurant finishes its construction.
  13. Top Chef
    Dale Levitski in on Top Chef All-StarsTop Chef Season 3 runner-up gets a second chance on the show.
  14. Construction
    Sprout Builds Over its PatioOne of the city’s least loved patios is going away.
  15. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Battle of the Dale Levitski Feature ProfilesDale Levitski gets the feature treatment from both TOC and the Trib, we compare and contrast.
  16. Closings
    Vong’s Thai Kitchen Closing at the End of DecemberThe restaurant that launched Stephanie Izard, among others, shuts its doors after a decade.
  17. Thanksgiving
    Paleolithic Turkey and Good-Luck Noodles: Thanksgiving at Home with ChicagoMike Sheerin, Kristine Subido, Ryan Poli, and more share their Thanksgiving plans and mishaps.
  18. Interiors
    Sprout’s Crowdsourced Redesign: ‘We Want to Know What You Think is Ugly’Dale Levitski turns to his diners to figure out how to spruce up Sprout.
  19. Menus
    Dale Levitski’s Overhauled Sprout Menu RevealedA $60 three-course prix fix replaces the infamous $120 veal entree
  20. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Dale Levitski Sprouts UpThe Top Chef alum takes over the kitchen at Sprout.
  21. Foodievents
    ‘Top Chef’ Classes All Set at the Astor CenterNow is your chance to fondle Dale’s ‘faux’-hawk.