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Dairy Industry

  1. the dairy diaries
    Milk Is Actually the WorstIt’s time to wake up and smell the facts.
  2. surpluses
    Plummeting Corn, Meat, and Dairy Prices Are Plaguing FarmersAnalysts predict the slump could be the country’s worst in over 50 years.
  3. surpluses
    Government Saves America’s Cheese Industry With $20 Million BailoutA milk glut and a sluggish demand have left the market very saturated.
  4. Food Politics
    Trump’s Immigration Policies Would Probably Cause a Milk ShortageA new study estimates dairy prices would double if undocumented-immigrant workers got deported.
  5. Feel-Good Stories
    Refugees Help Keep Up New York’s Yogurt BoomBhutanese workers are providing the industry with much-needed labor.
  6. Milk Duds
    The Dairy Industry Is Reeling After a Freak Blizzard Killed 35,000 CowsFarmers say it could take up to a year to bounce back.