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Customer Complaints

  1. Customer Complaints
    Hero Scores Free Pizza Until 2016 by Threatening His Cell-Phone ProviderO2 did not want to lose this customer to its rival.
  2. Customer Complaints
    A Journalist Used Twitter to Expose Pizza Hut’s Inept Customer ServiceWaiting an extra hour or two for a pizza delivery is one thing. Waiting nearly three weeks for an actual response from customer service is another.
  3. Lawsuits
    A Woman Is Suing a Restaurant for $100,000 for Ruining Her Valentine’s DayShe was “so devastated she cried for a day.”
  4. Customer Service
    This Unpleasant Exchange With a Customer Got a Domino’s Manager FiredIt all went down after the customer asked for white sauce and got “light sauce.”
  5. Customer Complaints
    Woman Sues McDonald’s After Drive-Through ShowdownThis isn’t the first time there has been a questionable lawsuit against McDonald’s.
  6. Customer Complaints
    Nightmare at Dirty Bird To-Go: Roach-tisserie ChickenA customer warns: “DON’T eat at Dirty Bird To Go … Name says it all.”