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  1. the feeding tube
    Get Ready for Top Chef JuniorCurtis Stone has signed on for the spinoff that’s set for this fall.
  2. Coming Soon
    Curtis Stone and Chi Spacca’s Chad Colby Have Joined ForcesThey’re opening a restaurant together in Los Angeles.
  3. Video Feed
    Watch Curtis Stone Discuss Food Waste and His Desire to Serve Kangaroo TailGrub Street’s Sierra Tishgart interviewed the chef for CBS This Morning.
  4. Interviews
    Gail Simmons on Parenting, Top Chef Duels, and Her Network-Spanning TV“I am systematically trying to get a show on every cable network in the universe.”
  5. The Feeding Tube
    Here’s a New Trailer for Top Chef DuelsThere sure are a lot of knives out in this one.
  6. The Feeding Tube
    Watch the Razor-Edged Trailer for Top Chef DuelsIt’s got a real heavy metal soundtrack to match.
  7. The Feeding Tube
    Top Chef Extreme Got a New, Far Less Extreme TitleIt will be called Top Chef Duels. Bravo also adds a show called Best New Restaurant to the slate.
  8. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Dave Hill on Curtis Stone’s Hair and“Most of the chefs practically started cutting themselves at this news … “
  9. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Leathery Porcini and Hot French Kisses“Busy Philipps wants a restaurant that brings together all of L.A.’s various culinary contributions, such as Cobb salad and ‘the best taco in a strip mall.’”
  10. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Dave Hill on Sexy Motorcycles and Curtis“At one point, chef Sang Yoon compared curry to the popular rock band Arcade Fire and I wanted to climb right through my television and stab him … “
  11. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Dave Hill on Fried Shrimp Heads and Kathie LeeThis week, pork meatball bánh mì, fried shrimp heads, and some festivities.
  12. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Recap: Dave Hill on Skydiving Chefs and James“This one chef, Douglas Keane, decided to drive to the field, and you could tell everyone thought he was major wuss.”
  13. Foodies With Benefits
    Curtis Stone Shining His Baby Blues on The Grove, December 8The Australian hunk is luring fans into a can drive.
  14. Overnights
    Around the World in 80 Plates Recap: Fifty Shades of Stone“Would Curtis Stone enjoy humiliating me? Would I enjoy being humiliated by Curtis Stone?”
  15. Overnights
    Around the World in 80 Plates Recap: David Rees on the Proper“I refuse to be brainwashed into believing that Italian food is any different from any other kind of food! Food is food, people. It’s mostly vegetables and grains and whatnot.”
  16. Imports
    Curtis Stone Nearly Ready to Roll on L.A. Restaurant LeaseThe TV chef says he’s yet to sign a lease, but “getting very close.”
  17. Overnights
    Around the World in 80 Plates Recap: David Rees on the Famous Squabbler“Just like that, my opinion of Cheven drops another 10,000 feet. Now James Cameron can investigate it in his submarine.”
  18. Parties
    What Went Down at Chef’s Night OutAnd Andrew Zimmern on smooching Tyler Florence.
  19. Quote of the Day
    Curtis Stone Wants Jamie Oliver to Be Less Bloated, More ResponsibleSome very subtle Jamie-hating.
  20. Babies
    Curtis Stone Is a DadFrom dishes to diapers.
  21. Celebrity Settings
    Lindsay Lohan Back on the Loose at Lexington Social House; Todd Phillips TakesAnd suddenly, a few familiar faces doing a few familiar things magically realign the cosmos of Hollywood nightlife.
  22. Celebrity Settings
    Curtis Stone Tries Nick’s Crispy Tacos; The Fabulous Beekman Boys Drop InAlso, Tatum O’Neal was at Boulevard.
  23. Stone Love
    Curtis Stone Gets a Hollywood HomeThe chef and TV personality drops 3.1 million on a home in the Hollywood Hills.
  24. Celebrity Settings
    Curtis Stone is Coming!The host of TV’s ‘Top Chef Masters’ and ‘America’s Next Great Restaurant’ is cooking a special dinner for Penfolds.
  25. Imports
    Curtis Stone Searching For An L.A. Restaurant SpaceThe Australian chef is ready to get back into the kitchen in between shoots.
  26. TV Land
    Curtis Stone on His Guilty Pleasures, Plus a Top Chef MastersGrub Street’s own Alan Sytsma debuts on the show tonight!
  27. TV Land
    ‘Page Six’ Can’t Tell the Difference Between Curtis Stone andPlus: The Naked Chef educates Letterman in the ways of beaver anal gland.
  28. Interviews
    Ruth Reichl Hearts Curtis Stone — and Her New Job!And she says she’s almost finished with her novel!
  29. Marketing Gimmicks
    The Automat Makes a Comeback, But Only for Eight HoursAutomatic for the people! Free snacks from an automat in Grand Central.
  30. TV Land
    Curtis Stone Replaces Kelly Choi As Host of Top Chef MastersAnd the Aussie chef will appear in NBC’s upcoming reality series, ‘America’s Next Great Restaurant.’
  31. Mediavore
    Steven Fretz Joins Curtis Stone; Valley Village Massacre Victim Survives ElevenThe former XIV chef might also have future restaurant plans with the T.V. chef.
  32. Mediavore
    Jersey Shore Has its Own Top Chef; 513-Lb. Tuna Sells for $177,000An MTV reality star knows how to cook and a Bluefin Tuna fetched a record price in Tokyo.
  33. Mediavore
    Stabbing Outside Sagra; Domino’s CEO Tries the Sporting LifePlus: R.W. Apple’s wine collection goes up for auction, and The Situation’s food situation, all in our morning news roundup.
  34. Mediavore
    Art Smith’s Weight Loss Secrets; Jersey Shore’s Culinary SignificancePlus: Taiwan cracks down on U.S. beef imports, and Domino’s CEO moves on to sports, all in our morning news roundup.
  35. Mediavore
    Domino’s CEO Leaves for the Sporting Life; R.W. Apple’s WinePlus: the city’s ever-multiplying bowling alleys, and the Situation’s food situation, all in our morning news roundup.