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Cupcake Wars

  1. cupcake wars
    A Blogger Is Suing Food Network for Allegedly Stealing Her Viral Cupcake IdeaElizabeth LaBau says the company stole her snow-globe-cupcake recipe.
  2. L.A. Diet
    Goodie Girls’ Annette Starbuck Drinks Christmas in a Cup and Ate 50 Cupcakes on“Usually, I just get ice cream at the grocery store and take it home, but when that truck comes around, aaaagh, I die.”
  3. Food TV
    Unique Eats Takes on the Whiskey King; Sweet Freedom Takes Gluten FreeIs it just us, or does Unique Eats feel kind of like a thinking person’s Best Thing I Ever Ate?
  4. TV Land
    Letterman Thinks Food TV Is TastelessHe’s the latest to frown on Man v. Food.
  5. Cupmudgeonism
    Bay Ridge Cupcake Diaspora: Robicellis Court TV Fame, Little Cupcake BakeshopBilly’s Bakery isn’t the only cupcake shop headed for Nolita.
  6. Cupcake Wars
    Cupcake Battle: Bleeding Heart Bakery’s New Book vs. Magnolia Bakery’s NewNew cupcake book helps us realize why we love Chicago.