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  1. Pay to Play
    Supper Club Offers Costly Super-Exclusive VIP Access to HamburgersDinner clubs may have reached a new low.
  2. Menus
    Supper Club Offers a Taste of Charles’ MenuA look at the menu that Waverly Inn’s John DeLucie helped create.
  3. Foodievents
    Dishwashers, Culinary Elite Being Allowed Into Peter Luger’s KitchenUsually, an outfit with a name like Culinary Insiders is bound to be just the opposite. And yet a group calling itself exactly that has some of the city’s most promising restaurant events scheduled, starting with a behind-the-scenes tour of Peter Luger on Sunday the 21st. Also upcoming*: a truffle party at Alain Ducasse, a trip to Stone Barns with Dan Barber, and in February, a Chinese New Year extravaganza at 66. And though membership may have its privileges, accredited Insiders get only $25 off the $150 Luger tour ticket. And, yes, that does come with a steak meal. Behind-the-Scenes at Peter Luger [Culinary Insiders] * Correction, Jan. 5: The Stone Barns and Alain Ducasse events have already taken place.