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  1. Crumbs
    Americans Eat 24 Percent Fewer Cookies Than They Did a Decade AgoCakes, pies, doughnuts, and all kinds of other pastries, too.
  2. Re-crumbled
    Crumbs Reopens Next Tuesday With a Brand-New Pastry Mash-UpIt’s a bagel-croissant hybrid, of course.
  3. All That Crumbles
    Bakery That Supplied Crumbs Laid Off 75 Workers After Cupcake-Bubble BustStanding orders for 225,000 cupcakes per week suddenly dropped 100,000 just below the closure.
  4. All That Crumbles
    Nearly Half of Crumbs Locations Won’t Be ReopeningPour some frosting out.
  5. All That Crumbles
    Crumbs Will Indeed Rise From the DeadFrosting and all.
  6. Bad Investments
    Crumbs Has Already Found a SaviorAn investor group is close to taking the first step toward buying the chain.
  7. Death Knells
    Great Moments From the Now-Dead Era of the CupcakeAs the world decides its officially done with cupcakes, Grub Street looks back on the dessert’s short, glorious run.
  8. Frosted Over
    Cupcake Specialist Crumbs Shuts Down All of Its StoresThe company was founded in 2003 and grew to an empire of 65 stores nationwide.
  9. Bottoming Out
    Crumbs Opens Gluten-Free Store in Greenwich VillageThis is the end.
  10. R.I.P.
    Gourmet Cupcakes Are Bottoming OutAt last, the market is crashing.
  11. Mediavore
    Food Crisis Grows in Africa and North Korea; Eating Out Makes You FatThe rapper plans a U.K.version of 40/40 with soccer player Ashley Cole.
  12. Openings
    Potbelly Opens Prime Michigan Ave Location; Tzatziki Grill Brings Fast-CasualPlus: It’s going to get a lot easier to get a cupcake very soon.
  13. Passover
    Grub Street’s Guide to New York’s Sweetest Passover DessertsFrom towering cakes to delicate truffles, flourless dessert options that go far beyond the supermarket macaroon.
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Brad Pitt Hits Akasha; Christina Aguilera Switches ItaliansNo wonder Brad’s glowing like he just stepped out of the rain and into Geena Davis’ bed all over again.
  15. Trends That Refuse to Die
    Crumbs Launches New Stores — and Yes, an AppThe latest place cupcakes have invaded is your iPhone.
  16. Spot Check
    No Crowds Storming NobuBecause of the snow, sales are off 50 percent.
  17. The Chain Gang
    Sprinkles and Crumbs All Over the PlaceThere’s no stopping the cupcake trend.
  18. Openings
    Crumbs Bake Shop Opens in the LoopA bakery opens in the Loop.
  19. Freebies
    1,000 Free Cupcakes at New Crumbs Hollywood TomorrowServed on a first-come, first-served basis to people who don’t mind eating gobs of sugar at 9:00 A.M.
  20. Coming Soon
    Crumbs Bake Shop Coming to ChicagoCrumbs Bake Shop is planning on opening a Loop location by the end of the year.
  21. Neighborhood Watch
    Crumbs Gives Away 1,000 Cupcakes; Bazar Bistro Opens in FlatironPlus: a new Latin bistro in Park Slope, and a pie competition in Prospect Park, all in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  22. Taste Tests
    The ‘Best’ Cupcake in the CitySerious Eats goes on an epic taste test.
  23. Cupmudgeonism
    Cupcakes, New York’s Unlikely Economic SaviorThere are lots of cupcake shops, therefore lots of people employed in cupcake shops, therefore the solution to the economic crisis is … cupcakes?
  24. Cupmudgeonism
    Catfight: Magnolia’s Carrie Cupcake vs. Crumbs’ Cosmo CupcakePlus, more on the Beverly Hills cupcake shop that will replace Gino.
  25. Neighborhood Watch
    Mohammed Falafel Star Under New Management; Pulino’s Officially Open forPlus: Sheepshead Bay will host BBQ competition tomorrow, and Crumbs is offering specialty holiday cupcakes, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  26. Neighborhood Watch
    A Cooking Class at ‘21’ Club; Teany Reopening on the Lower East SidePlus: A vodka taste test tonight in the Financial District, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  27. Neighborhood Watch
    Crumbs Coming to Brooklyn Heights; Rosa Mexicano to Host Passover Cooking DemoPlus: Linda’s Place wants to change its name, and Two Boots’ anniversary pizza, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  28. Celebrity Settings
    Madonna Spazz Attack Rumored at Soho HouseDid Madonna have a cow at a new club?
  29. Celebrity Settings
    Cast of Jersey Shore Mugs at STK; Halle Berry is a RockSugar RegularMTV’s controversial cast runs rampant in L.A. while Century City gets recurring visits from a hot actress.
  30. Neighborhood Watch
    Harlem Gets a Salad Bar; Crumbs Discount TomorrowPlus: Southern Hospitality loses its barbecue maestro, and a new Mexican grill is coming to midtown, in our regular roundup of neighborhood food news.
  31. Neighborhood Watch
    Le Cirque Gives Away Fried Chicken; Crumbs Opens (Another) Shop in MidtownPlus: Artisanal kimchee at Marlow & Sons, and a meet-and-greet tonight for the Bay Ridge Co-op, in our regular roundup of neighborhood food news.
  32. Mediavore
    Beatrice Inn Can’t Reopen Yet; Seamless Web Goes MobilePlus: A crackdown on sugary drinks in schools and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  33. TV Land
    Celebrity Apprentice Imagines the Inevitable: Cupcake TrucksAndrew Dice Clay: “I don’t wanna make cupcakes! I hate making cupcakes!”
  34. Cupmudgeonism
    Down With CupcakesA cookbook author is the latest to come out against the confection.
  35. Cupmudgeonism
    The King’s CupcakeCrumbs unveils an Elvis-inspired treat.
  36. Cupmudgeonism
    Freebie Week ContinuesCrumbs is giving away 1,000 free cupcakes on Friday.
  37. Cupmudgeonism
    Free Cupcake Alert: Kyotofu Today, Crumbs Likely TomorrowCrumbs will open an Upper East Side location.
  38. Cupmudgeonism
    Everyone Remain Calm: Crumbs on the MoveA ‘For Rent’ sign is spotted on the UES — this cannot be, right?
  39. Cupmudgeonism
    Is Cupcake ‘Cupmudgeonism’ Spreading?Will the cupcake boom lead to a bust?
  40. Neighborhood Watch
    Brooklyn’s Top Bed-and-Breakfasts; Free Cupcakes in the Financial DistrictBedford-Stuyvesant: Akwaaba Mansion at 34 Macdonough Street made it to the top of this list of Brooklyn bed-and-breakfasts. [Gridskipper] Financial District: Crumbs has opened a bakery at 87 Beaver Street between Hanover Street and Wall Street, and to celebrate the shop will give away 1,000 cupcakes this Friday starting at 7 a.m. [Snack] Harlem: Among its other delicacies, Fairway sells flagels, which are “to the bagel what nuggets are to fried chicken. When toasted, they are delightfully crunchy, but the inside still has the chewiness a bagel should — “just less of it” — because they’re flattened, of course. [Eat for Victory/VV] Jackson Heights: The city’s first Tibetan street-food cart is up and running near the 74th Street stop. [Gothamist] Lower East Side: Six Point Ales debuted a new flavor called 8 Days of Wheat at the Whole Foods Beer Room last night, and the first impression is that “it’s pretty darn good.” [Down by the Hipster] Upper West Side: Senor Swanky’s has put its space on Columbus Avenue between 84th and 85th up for rent. So line up, if you just happen to have a business plan that incorporates giant chile peppers and underage drinking. [Eater]
  41. Back of the House
    Patsy’s, Le Madeleine Fight Turf Wars; Danny Meyer Takes TokyoA food co-op opens, but can East New Yorkers swing it? [NYT] Joe, home of the $14,000 espresso machine, looks for a fourth location despite high rents. [NYT] Danny Meyer takes Union Square Cafe to Tokyo. [Snack] Related: Danny Meyer Walks Into a Pub