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  1. interviews
    A Cronut Superfan Has Eaten Every Flavor for a Decade RunningThe original viral pastry is celebrating its tenth anniversary.
  2. the 2010s
    How This Decade Made Restaurants BetterThe New York food world became more thoughtful, more vibrant, and far more enjoyable.
  3. anniversaries
    It’s Been 5 Years Since the Cronut Debuted — Here’s Every Flavor EverTime flies for pastry hybrids!
  4. Expansions
    Dominique Ansel Bakery Will Open in London This SummerThis is a smart expansion plan — slow and steady.
  5. Lines
    Cronut Hysteria Is Reaching Its Peak in TokyoDominique Ansel opens his newest bakery today.
  6. The Chain Gang
    Dunkin’ Donuts Has Already Sold 8.5 Million Fake CronutsPlus, get ready for a new flavor: “Boston Kreme.”
  7. Coming Soon
    Dominique Ansel Won’t Serve Cronuts at His New BakeryThe chef plans to make up for this in mille-feuilles.
  8. The Chain Gang
    Red Robin Serves an Entire Tower of Fake Cronuts“Doh! Why didn’t we think of it before?” the chain asks.
  9. Video Feed
    Watch a 14-Year-Old Chef Make the Official Cronut RecipeIt doesn’t hurt things that the kid chef could make macarons in less than an hour when he was 12, but still.
  10. Beef
    Cronut King Dominique Ansel Defends His CroissantsIn fact, he doesn’t seem too concerned at all with the haters.
  11. Video Feed
    City Bakery’s Maury Rubin Trashes Dominique Ansel’s“Most people don’t know anything about good pastry anymore,” he says.
  12. Secret Recipes
    The Official Cronut Recipe Is OutTime to make the Cronuts. (And the ganache, and the flavored sugar, and glaze.)
  13. Big in Japan
    Dominique Ansel Will Open in Tokyo in 2015“There will be something created just for Tokyo, and I will personally see every aspect of development,” the chef says.
  14. Snack Time
    Dominique Ansel’s Latest Creation: Peanut-Butter-Stuffed Pretzels ShapedIt goes on sale Saturday.
  15. Interviews
    Floyd Cardoz on His New Restaurant, The Hundred-Foot Journey, and Moving“I’m not a big Shake Shack fan, so Shake Shack is not for me. I’m not a big burger fan.”
  16. Jaws
    Can Someone Please Get Steven Spielberg a Cronut?“I would be onboard to try anything.”
  17. Canned Sundae Saturday
    Dominique Ansel Will Sell These Canned Sundaes in the Hamptons This WeekendThe creator of Cronuts is at it again.
  18. Knockoffs
    Café Behind Cronut Knockoff Was ‘Thrilled’ to Get Cease and Desist“To think that the original creator of the cronut that is so popular cares what I’m doing in Shreveport baffles me.”
  19. Frosted Over
    Cupcake Specialist Crumbs Shuts Down All of Its StoresThe company was founded in 2003 and grew to an empire of 65 stores nationwide.
  20. The Chain Gang
    Carl’s Jr. Testing Biscuit-Doughnut Hybrid With Unfortunate Name ofIt does have sprinkles going for it.
  21. Orange Is the New Cronut
    Watch Orange Is the New Black Take On Cronuts“We finally tried a bagnut.”
  22. Puck Fairs
    Limited-Edition Rangers Cronut Debuts Next WeekThis is how the hybrid pastry celebrates the Stanley Cup Final.
  23. Quote of the Day
    Michael Alig Ate a Cronut and Burst Into TearsTears of joy, flaky dough.
  24. Cronuts
    Here’s the Scene at Today’s Nutella Cronut Hole Debut“Waiting in line for the Nutella Cronut because I hate myself.”
  25. Foodievents
    Nutella-Stuffed Cronut Holes Will Debut Next WeekDid we mention they’re free?
  26. Frenching
    Year of the Cronut: How Dominique Ansel’s Pastry Icon Actually Came to BeLooking back at the actual creation of the enduring culinary creation.
  27. Waffogatogate
    OC Weekly Calls Dominique Ansel’s Waffogato a Copycat of SomeSomeone in California is very angry at the Cronut inventor.
  28. Waffogato
    Dominique Ansel Introduces the ‘Waffogato’The special dessert, created for a fund-raiser, will be served at the bakery starting May 9.
  29. Bookshelf
    Here’s the Cover for Dominique Ansel’s Cookbook (Plus: Free Cronuts)It’s equal parts flour and magic.
  30. Video Feed
    Watch a Ridiculous Commercial for Mister Donut’s Cronut KnockoffsGet ready for maple and “angel” whipped cream pastries.
  31. All That Crumbles
    Crumbs Bake Shop’s Cronut Knockoffs Headed to BJ’s Wholesale ClubsNext week, you’ll be able to buy a box of 72, or something.
  32. Cronuts
    Cronut Line Makes Triumphant Return to SohoAfter the DOH temporarily closed Dominique Ansel Bakery, the shop reopened this morning to an even larger crowd than usual.
  33. Reopenings
    The Comeback: Dominique Ansel Bakery Reopens Tomorrow at 8 a.m. WithAfter a DOH closure, the bakery reopens Tuesday morning at 8.am. with ‘Rocky’-themed pastries.
  34. Health Concerns
    DOH Speaks Out on Dominique Ansel Closing [Updated]“What made the infestation severe was that the health inspector found several hundred mouse droppings.”
  35. Temporary Closings
    DOH Closes Dominique Ansel Bakery, Ansel Aims to Reopen MondayIt started after a customer posted video to YouTube of a mouse running in the bakery.
  36. Lists
    Dominique Ansel, Jason Wang Named Crain’s ‘40 UnderThis year’s bumper crop of achievers includes the Cronut man himself.
  37. Knockoffs
    11 Customer Reactions to Williams-Sonoma’s New Cronut KnockoffThe copycat market for Dominique Ansel’s cronut expands to the high-end retailer.
  38. The Waiting Game
    Dominique Ansel Cookie Shots, Day 1: The GIF RecapWe braved the line and have the semi-animated photos to prove it.
  39. Cronut Crush
    Dominique Ansel Bringing Cronuts to Los Angeles This WeekendMash-up pastries and expensive handbags, together at last, for charity.
  40. Cronut Crush
    Dominique Ansel Handed Out Roses to the Cronut LineNeither snow nor slush nor carbohydrates stays these people from the swift completion of their appointed Cronuts.
  41. Video Feed
    Watch Dominique Ansel Serve Cronuts to Jerry Seinfeld and Tina FeyIn the newest installment of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.
  42. It’s Official
    Dominique Ansel’s Cronut Is Now TrademarkedSeven months after its debut, the baker’s doughnut-croissant hybrid is now protected by law.
  43. The Year In Cronuts
    Cronuts: Year-End EditionNext up: Monkeys in space with Cronuts.
  44. Time to Make the Cronuts
    What Dominique Ansel’s (Extremely, Absurdly) Early Mornings Look Like“The best time in a city is when everyone’s asleep. You have the whole city to yourself.”
  45. Leftovers
    Cronut Giveaway at Hester Holiday Market; Gramercy Tavern and Num PangPlus: Melvin’s Juice Box cleanses, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  46. Cronut Crash
    Online Cronut Reservations System Melts Down; Cronuts Reportedly UnharmedYou know it’s hard out there for a cronut.
  47. Opening Bid
    Cronut Box Wears a Wig for a Good CauseExcuse me, but there are several hairs on my cronut.
  48. Leftovers
    Thanksgiving-Themed Cronut Auction; Cookbook Signings at SmorgasburgPlus: Gradisca’s new chef, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  49. Cronuts
    Cosmo Answers a Very Serious Question About CronutsA.k.a. “how to lose a Cronut in 10 days.”
  50. Cronuts
    Dominique Ansel Bakery Introduces Hot Chocolate Cart for Cronut-Line WaitersHeaded your way.
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