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  1. job shuffles
    Controversial Dallas Restaurant Critic Resigns to Join Restaurant GroupLocal meat chef John Tesar once got a group of chefs to ban her from their businesses.
  2. food fight
    Fed-Up Chef Challenges Local Critics to Actually Cook Something for the PublicHe’s inviting them to prepare a three-course meal for a panel of judges.
  3. Interviews
    Daniel Boulud on Twenty Years of Daniel, His New Book, and That Three-Star“Twenty-five years in New York. I keep my course.
  4. Blah Blah Blah
    Everything Ever Written About ABC Cocina’s Spring-Pea GuacamoleRobert Sietsema’s not a fan.
  5. The Other Critics
    Times-Picayune Rehires Brett Anderson As Restaurant CriticThe food critic starts again in September.
  6. Lists
    How the ‘World’s 50 Best’ List Changed the Way EliteTop chefs around the globe now must cater to World’s 50 Best voters as much as anyone else.
  7. Balthazanomics
    Keith McNally Responds After Critic Slams Balthazar LondonOh snap.
  8. Critics
    Skewering the Reviewer Who Reviewed His Tablemates at ElizabethCriticizing the critics.
  9. Burn Sauce
    Weak Sauce: Restaurant Critics Endure Fairly Boring Death Threats“Fieri dumped a 500-seat tourist shakedown apparatus in the middle of Times Square.”
  10. Quote of the Day
    Stiffed Waiters, in More Ways Than OneYour server for the evening will be the first one to be fired after your bad review.
  11. The Other Critics
    James Beard Winner Brad A Johnson Moves to OC Register
  12. Big Wimp’n
    Do American Restaurant Critics Need Bigger Balls?Our critics lack cojones.
  13. Relaunches
    Restaurant Girl Gets a MakeoverDanyelle Freeman’s site relaunches.
  14. Quote of the Day
    Do Bad Restaurant Reviews Really Make Readers Feel Good?Depends on who’s reading.
  15. Critics
    Lupa Loses Some Asimov LoveIt wasn’t so perfect this time around.
  16. Whispers
    John DeLucie Describes Brett Anderson; Other Chefs More CluelessChefs prepare to turn the page.
  17. Food Journalism
    Another Critic Confesses His ‘Love-Hate Relationship’ WithPlus: Adam Platt’s daughter follows in her old man’s footsteps. Aw.
  18. Oh Sherry
    J. Gold on ‘Second-Rate’ Red Medicine and MoreAnonymity is important! And more restaurant-critic musings from Jonathan Gold.
  19. Quote of the Day
    Medicinal MusingsRuss Parsons’ final thoughts on the outing of LAT’s S. Irene Virbila.
  20. Beef
    Platt Responds to McNally’s Response to Platt’s ReviewOur “bald, over-weight reviewer” responds to McNally’s defense of Pulino’s.
  21. Ask Platt
    Adam Platt Bumps Into Himself at AnnisaOur esteemed critic reacts to an all-points bulletin discovered at the new Annisa.
  22. Mediavore
    Food Trucks Feel Heat in Santa Monica; Bill Cosby Will Work at Pink’s Hot DogsPink’s is having a celeb-filled birthday week, while Santa Monica business groups are pushing food trucks away.
  23. Gold Watch
    New Yorker Gets to Know Jonathan GoldJonathan Gold spills the beans on his methods and nicknames.
  24. Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold Reveals HimselfJonathan Gold on the state of L.A.’s food and the state of his employment at L.A. Weekly.
  25. The Other Critics
    Danyelle Freeman Out at Daily NewsThe Restaurant Girl is gone.
  26. Beef
    Chef Joe Doe Speaks Out About the New York Dining CircusThe outspoken chef lets loose about bloggers, critics, PR, and his neighbor across the way, Prune.
  27. Back of the House
    Outed Sun-Times Critic SpeaksChicago critic Pat Bruno says anonymity isn’t a big deal. Oh, and blogs are bad!
  28. Back of the House
    Waiters Eat for Free If They Catch a CriticA Chicago critic blows his anonymity; meanwhile, New York servers and critics are still playing hide-and-seek.
  29. Foodie Kiddie
    12-Year-Old Walks Out of Salumeria Rosi With a Movie DealThat 12-year-old aspiring food critic we read about in the ‘Times’ has hit the big time.
  30. Book Report
    Bourdain Mentor and ‘Dark Prince of Italian Fine Dining’ Pino LuongoA new memoir from the Italian trendsetter has some salty words for the critics.
  31. Beef
    Ducasse FracasAlain Ducasse thinks New Yorkers are like spoiled children.
  32. The Other Critics
    Cuozzo Issues Gag Order to Restaurateurs Who Don’t Dig Their ReviewsSteve Cuozzo tries to shut up restaurateurs, such as Alain Ducasse and Alain Allegretti, who’ve been sniping back at critics.
  33. Cheflebrities
    Scott Conant’s Favorite Restaurant Critic Is … Not a Critic at All!Scott Conant tells how he avoids being blindsided by the likes of Platt.
  34. Back of the House
    Alan Richman Speaks – Sort OfAlan Richman won’t confirm if he quit Bloomberg or was fired, but denies that it was a dispute with his editors that led to the break. “Rumors that I left Bloomberg because of a fight with an editor are obviously untrue. If that were a cause to leave a job, there wouldn’t be an employed writer left in America,” he tells us. Too true! So what’s next? Richman hasn’t announced anything yet, but we bet he won’t be working as a critic for the Times-Picayune. Related: Alan Richman Confirmed Out at Bloomberg
  35. NewsFeed
    British Toff Decries the Coarseness of Modern Food WritingWe’re still scratching our heads over an essay in Slate today, in which a British journalist, fretting over what he considers the unseemliness of today’s food writing, declares himself out of the game. Is it for real? Something about the piece had the whiff of a put-on, like Ernie Kovacs’s poet character, Percy Dovetonsils, or one of those stuffy authority figures who get hit with a pie in a TV commercial appealing to teenagers. “The food writing that’s in vogue today consists chiefly of a bellow of bravado,” writes Paul Levy, formerly of the British newspaper The Observer. Today’s food writers, he says, “thrive on the undertow of violence they detect in the professional kitchen, and like to linger on the unappetizing aspects of food preparation. The gross-out factor trumps tasting good as well as good taste.” Is he kidding?
  36. NewsFeed
    Philadelphia’s Chief Critic Unmasked; Area Restaurants Say, ‘WhoAs a rule, every trend that begins in New York ends up in Philadelphia eventually, from punk rock to New American dining. Now, according to the September issue of Philadelphia magazine, the city has inherited our most inane and pointless debate, one which continues to fester here. Craig LaBan, Philadelphia’s chief restaurant critic, is being sued by the owner of Chops Steakhouse over a review he wrote some months ago. And in the process, he’s threatened with losing his anonymity. But as the critic of record in essentially a one-paper town (with due respect to the Philadelphia Daily News), LaBan is about as mysterious to Philadelphia as cheesesteaks or Legionnaires’s disease.
  37. Neighborhood Watch
    Soho’s Jerry’s May Be Reincarnated in a New SpaceAstoria: The owners of Sai Organics health-food store have opened an organic restaurant in the old Keystone Diner spot on 30th Avenue near 31st Street. [Joey in Astoria] East Village: The prices of Gemma’s rustic fare are shocking “and not in a Kobe/Gilt kind of way.” [Gastro Chic] Meatpacking District: PM may lose its liquor license soon if complaining neighbors sway the community board. [Down by the Hipster] Midtown East: Menchanko-Tei has been closed by the Department of Health. [Midtown Lunch] Soho: Jerry’s diner has closed, but the owner may be looking for a new space. [Eater] Tribeca: Peat Week at Brandy Library starts August 20 bringing a series of public “peated” Scotch tastings and special menu offerings. [Brandy Library] Pomodoro’s II on West Broadway at Murray Street will soon share its space with a Cheesesteak Factory Express. [Grub Street] West Village: Reservations by phone are required if you want to eat the last of the Chianina steak at Maremma only on offer through next Friday. [Grub Street]
  38. NewsFeed
    Vegetables Suggest Liebrandt’s New Restaurant Is a RealityThe mystery and excitement surrounding Paul Liebrandt’s new venture is a testament to … what? Boredom? Curiosity? The shaggy dog story? The cutting-edge chef has never been a big favorite with the public; he’s more of a cook’s cook, much in the same way that A.J. Liebling was a writer’s writer, or Mark Jackson, a point guard’s point guard. But there’s a hint that his long-rumored restaurant might actually be more than just a rumor, thanks to Bret Thorn from Nation’s Restaurant News, who happened to receive a press kit for the Culinary Vegetable Institute. (What, like you’ve never been to a vegetable institute? Just stay with us here.) Liebrandt is named as having taken part in a chefs summit at the institute; more important, he’s actually listed as “Chef Paul Liebrandt, of his signature Restaurant Liebrandt, opening Fall 2007, New York City.” What? Thorn is on the case, and so are we. More as this develops. Restaurant Liebrandt? [Foodservice Blog/Nation’s Restaurant News] Related: Liebrandt and Nieporent, Sitting in a Tree…
  39. Beef
    Restaurant Girl News Makes Commenters DishYesterday’s Eater news of the installation Danyelle “Restaurant Girl” Freeman as the Daily News’ new restaurant critic unleashed a torrent of snarky hostility on the site’s message boards. Sadly, the comments were infinitely more entertaining than anything the victuals vixen is likely to write in the paper. A few choice selections are after the jump.