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  1. Video Feed
    Watch Max Wade Steal Guy Fieri’s LamborghiniWade was tried for the theft and the attempted murder of two people.
  2. Crime
    Teen Who Stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini Sentenced to LifeMax Wade tried to kill two teenagers, prosecutors argued.
  3. Tafelschuimer
    Who Killed Belgium’s Most Renowned Restaurant Freeloader?The “terror of the Ghent hospitality industry” met an untimely end.
  4. Crime
    Man in Captain America Shirt Tries, Fails to Rob Chinese RestaurantPathetic.
  5. Oops
    Man Abandons Bar Robbery After He Can’t Pull Open Door MarkedThe bar had an ingenious security system.
  6. Hooch
    Cops Bust Super-Productive Home Moonshine Operation in MississippiIt’s “significant tax fraud” to make your own.
  7. Brain Freeze!
    Some Guy Was Arrested at Dairy Queen Trying to Sell Human BrainsDavid Charles was arrested December 16 with six jars of brains, some weed, and a pipe.
  8. Whiskey Bread
    Gwynnett St. Update: Whiskey Bread Is Back“This entire episode stems from a tragic abuse by someone I have known for years,” McCoy said last month.
  9. Crime
    Dude Casually Lifts — Literally — 250-Pound Safe From MassachusettsMaybe it’s viral marketing for a summer superhero movie?
  10. Crime
    Tom Colicchio’s ’Wichcraft Reveals Details of Two-Month-LongCheck your statements carefully if you love grilled cheese.
  11. Health Concerns
    Someone Mixed in Painkillers With Tesco’s Ice-Cream ConesPills have been found in two ice creams purchased in different towns.
  12. Reopenings
    Gwynnett St. Reopens Tonight With New ‘Casual Direction’The whiskey bread stays on the menu.
  13. Lawsuits
    Nigella Lawson’s Former Assistants Cleared of Fraud ChargesBut what’s the verdict on Nigella?
  14. Temporary Closings
    Chef Owen Clark Leaves Gwynnett St. in Williamsburg With Kitchen Staff“The association with international drug trafficking, Federal informing, and recent financial troubles all made the restaurant unworkable for me.”
  15. Pay It Forward
    Kindest Coffee Shop in the Universe Fights Crime With Holiday Cheer“It’s the holiday season, it gets cold and life can get tough. But don’t give up on people.”
  16. Crime
    Gwynnett St. Owner Responds to Daily News ‘Drug Dealer’“I would like to state for the record this entire episode stems from a tragic abuse by someone I have known for years.”
  17. Crime
    Daily News Fingers Gwynnett St. Owner As Drug Dealer; Gwynnett DeniesWhat someone has here is a failure to communicate, we’re just not sure who.
  18. Crime
    Case Against Wine’s Biggest Counterfeiter Goes to TrialRudy Kurniawan faces criminal charges.
  19. Tortilla Flat
    Texas Man Learns Death Threats and Brandished Swords Don’t Help in ScoringChurros would have been another story altogether.
  20. Quote of the Day
    Now There Are Pappy Van Winkle Conspiracy TheoristsThe greatest trick Old Pappy ever played was convincing the world that someone stole 65 cases, or something.
  21. Good Deeds
    Ohio Coffee Shop Holds Food Drive to Benefit Tip-Jar ThiefThat’s some real holiday spirit.
  22. Rye Bother
    Reward For Missing Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon Surges to $10,000Or, two bottles’ worth.
  23. The Pepperoni Network
    Pizza Thief Busted After Victim Finds Him on FacebookSocial media strikes again.
  24. Unbearable
    Montana Restaurant Owners Kept Secret Stash of Bear PawsThe owners of New Hunan in Helena have been banned from hunting for six years.
  25. Stiff Drinks
    Authorites Closing in on Pappy Van Winkle ThiefExpect a “significant announcement” next Monday afternoon.
  26. Oops
    BBQ-Scented Heroin Leads Police to Restaurant Owner’s DoorAnd he would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for that pesky slow-cooked smell.
  27. Not So Fast Pilgrim
    Worst People in the World Steal Church’s Entire Thanksgiving-Day FoodThere is, however, a happy ending.
  28. Alcohol Problems
    $113,000 Worth of Booze Stolen in Massive British Liquor HeistThat’s one enormous, disgusting cocktail.
  29. Oops
    Instagram-Happy Robbers Nabbed After Posting Fast-Food Porn to InstagramBecause if it’s not on Instagram, you didn’t actually steal it.
  30. Crime
    Former Diner Manager Indicted in Tick Tock Murder SchemeHe’s pleading not guilty to charges of first-degree conspiracy to commit murder, etcetera, etcetera.
  31. Playing Chicken
    Chick-fil-A Customer Shoots Car That Cut in Front of Him in Drive-through LineAnd we thought they stopped feeding chickens steroids a long time ago.
  32. Food Court
    Woman Sues NYPD for Arresting Her After Sprite PurchaseAll she wanted was a soft drink.
  33. Locos Tacos
    Clown Assaults Taco Bell CustomersIt’s not funny.
  34. Crime
    Police Locate Suspected Arby’s Groper Through Trail of Curly FriesThe suspect didn’t exactly make himself hard to find.
  35. Bourbon Bandits
    Pappy ‘Person of Interest’ Is High School Principal, Says He’sHubbard says he’s been wrongly fingered in connection to the theft of many, many fingers of the rare booze.
  36. Bourbon Bandits
    Here’s a Person of Interest in the Case of the Stolen Pappy Van WinklePolice have ruled out Jim Beam and Jack Daniel.
  37. Candy Crush
    City Pays Man $42,500 After Mistaking Peppermints for Crack CocaineThe suspected crack user actually works as a substance-abuse counselor.
  38. Crime
    Violent Things Happen in Seattle RestaurantsAngry customers are acting out.
  39. Hard Cady
    NYPD Sued for Confusing Jolly Ranchers and Crystal MethIt’s easy to see how the two things could be confused.
  40. Dime Bag Menu
    Milwaukee McDonald’s Were a Front for Lucrative Weed DealershipThe DEA got suspicious after the fast-food restaurant rolled out its limited-edition “Kush Burger.”
  41. Cold Justice
    Swedish Millionaire Sabotages Ice-Cream Truck for Greater GoodHe warned them.
  42. Bourbon Bandits
    Someone Stole 65 Cases of Ultra-Rare Pappy Van Winkle WhiskeyThe worst-case scenario has just occurred.
  43. $240 Worth of Pudding
    Man Chainsaws Through Restaurant Door to Reunite With Beloved PuddingNow he’s in jail.
  44. Crime
    Fast-food Drive-through Window Robberies on the RiseIt’s happening in Massachusetts, Texas, and Florida.
  45. The First 48
    Police Have No Leads in Massive Pumpkin CaperCharlie Brown is innocent.
  46. Quote of the Day
    Bostonians Are Taking Dunkin’ Crime Spree PersonallyIt’s just a matter of hometown pride.
  47. Crime
    Woman Dodges Kidnapper by Using Burger King Drive-Thru WindowShe finally saw a chance to have it her way, and she took it.
  48. Casting
    Jason Segel to Star in Film Based on Epic Maple Syrup HeistsNo word on whether Mrs. Butterworth makes a cameo in the script.
  49. Barbaric Yelp
    State Fines Companies $350,000 for Fake Yelp ReviewsTime to take out the trash.
  50. Oops
    Restaurant Customers Chase Down World’s Worst ThiefThe criminal tried to steal the entire cash register.
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