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  1. food tv
    What to Know Before Watching Bad VeganThe new Netflix documentary tracks the spectacular rise and fall of Pure Food and Wine.
  2. crime
    Who’s Stealing Delivery Workers’ Bikes?Two dozen e-bikes have been targeted since the fall, and workers are worried.
  3. crime
    A Man Has Been Convicted in the Murder of an L&B Spumoni Gardens OwnerLou Barbati was killed outside his Dyker Heights home in 2016.
  4. crime scenes
    An Arrest Was Made in the Popeyes Stabbing CaseThe fatal stabbing took place just a few days after the return of the viral menu item.
  5. mass shootings
    Everything We Know About the Garlic Festival Shooting in Gilroy, CaliforniaThree people were killed and at least 11 were wounded when a gunman opened fire at the Gilroy Garlic Festival south of San Jose, California.
  6. crime scenes
    Cops Are Hunting for Barbecue Bandits Who Stole a 1,700-Pound SmokerWhy? The owner blames the “meat smell.”
  7. Crime Scene
    New Zealand Facing Spike in High-Volume Avocado HeistsThere have been nearly 40 reported incidents of thieves raiding orchards since January.
  8. The Future
    Man Claims He Literally Traveled Through Time to Steal Meat From Arby’sThings are apparently pretty bleak in 2020.
  9. Food Fight
    Customers Trash Pizzeria After Receiving Cheesy Garlic KnotsWho even wants garlic knots sans cheese?
  10. Food Fight
    A Totally Chill Deli Customer Punched an Employee for Making His Sandwich WrongIt’s unclear if the lettuce, tomato, and onion were incorrectly layered.
  11. The Feeding Tube
    Boston Teamsters Finally Got Indicted for Threatening Top Chef JudgesA U.S. Attorney called the intimidation “old school thug tactics.”
  12. Crime
    Owners of Brooklyn Cherry Factory/Pot Farm Plead Guilty to Several CrimesThey will also cough up $1.2 million, partly by selling the former owner’s Rolls-Royce.
  13. Crime
    A Cop Fired His Gun After a Waitress Told Him to Stop Groping HerIt was in a hotel hosting a law-enforcement event.
  14. Food Bandits
    Brooklyn Popsicle Bandit Steals $1,300 Worth of Frozen TreatsProtect your ice cream.
  15. Lawsuits
    Neighboring Restaurant Sues Twin Peaks for $1 Million in Biker-Brawl DamagesIt says the franchisee was “grossly negligent.”
  16. Crime
    After Biker-Gang Shooting, That Twin Peaks Outpost Will Never ReopenThe corporate office has terminated the location’s franchise agreement.
  17. Crime
    Waitress Caught Pencilling In Extra Tips on Hundreds of BillsShe allegedly scammed just a few bucks at a time.
  18. Crime
    A Con Artist Is Accused of Selling $4 Million Worth of Fake In-N-Out FranchisesHis prison nickname will probably be “Animal Style.”
  19. Video Feed
    Watch a Fed-Up McDonald’s Worker Knock an Unruly Customer’s LightsThe employee reportedly lost it after the man spit at him.
  20. Crime
    Bees and a Dog Revealed Maraschino Cherry Mogul’s Secret Pot FarmPet detectives!
  21. Bowls Of Cherries
    Maraschino Cherry Mogul’s Secret Pot Farm Continues to Be CompletelyVintage cars, Bat Cave entrances, irrigation systems, and more details.
  22. Crime
    A U.S. Beef Supplier Allegedly Sold Fake Halal Meat to MuslimsWorkers scrubbed off non-halal labels and put new ones on, an indictment says.
  23. Crime
    Argument Over Tim Hortons’ Onion Policy Somehow Escalates to Snake“There was quite a lot of screaming going on.”
  24. Crime
    Con Man Has Tricked Restaurants Into Giving Him $60,000-Worth of WineThe bandit is drawn to Michelin stars, loves Pétrus, and is still on the loose.
  25. Crime Scenes
    Man Who Makes Your Mom’s Favorite Wine Charged for Involved in Drug RingThe charges are part of an operation called Strike Force Oceanic.
  26. Everyone’s A Critic
    The NYPD Thinks a Yelper May Have Smoke-Bombed Bar Pitti“They’re looking for stuff like, ‘This place sucks and I’m going to blow this f–king place up.’”
  27. Crime
    Dairy Queen Is the Latest Company to Suffer a Massive Security BreachHackers may have customer credit-card info from 395 stores.
  28. News
    The Restaurant From Mystic Pizza Apparently Owes $100K in Back WagesThe now-famous pizza spot paid employees as little as $5.69 an hour.
  29. Crime
    A Coffee Stand Made Millions Selling Sex on the SideIts bikini-clad baristas were pulling in $15,000 a month.
  30. Crime
    Slaughterhouse Owners Allegedly Ordered Employees to Process Meat FromThey allegedly put healthy heads on diseased cattle to fool inspectors.
  31. Crime
    Restaurant Owner Says He Got a Death Threat for Flying Israel’s Flag“We are going to kill all the Jews, including you.”
  32. Crime
    Someone Stole 300,000 Liters of Beer in GermanyThe evidence is likely long gone.
  33. Crime
    Restaurant Security Guard Shot While Trying to Break Up FightThe victim is in stable condition.
  34. Crime
    ReBar Owner Banned From Restaurant Industry for LifeThe attorney general also expects the restitution owed to wedding couples will grow to $1.8 million.
  35. On the Rise
    People Are Sending Pizzerias Around the Country Extortion Letters DemandingThe group says failure to pay up will result in bad Yelp reviews.
  36. Payback
    Defrauded Couples Call ReBar Owner’s Payback Pledge a ‘Sham’“I don’t think we’re getting a penny back from this man.”
  37. Crime
    ReBar Owner Promises $1 Million Restitution for Defrauded CouplesIt’s not a happy ending, but it’s a start.
  38. Crime
    ReBar Owner Will Go to Prison for Tax EvasionHe’ll get between 40 months and ten years for his guilty plea.
  39. Burger Chef
    Tampa Burger King Robbed by Guy in a Comically Large Chef’s HatLike a true chef, the robber also wore rubber gloves.
  40. Crime
    Owners of Kentucky Chinese Restaurant Charged With Human TraffickingInvestigators say the man and his wife made employees live in their basement.
  41. Video Feed
    Watch Defrauded ReBar Customers Confront Jason Stevens Outside CourtThe accused wedding-deposit thief had a welcome party for his second visit.
  42. Crime
    ReBar Owner Found and Charged With Grand Larceny, Tax FraudHe didn’t seem to have trouble making his $130,000 bail.
  43. Crime
    Brooklyn DA’s Office Investigating ReBar in DumboEven more local bars and restaurants have offered to help couples who planned to hold events at the venue.
  44. Crime
    Restaurant Managers Allegedly Stole $109K From Il Mulino at Trump CasinoThe prosecutor says the pair spent four years cashing checks made out to ex-employees.
  45. Aluminum Foiled Again
    City Changes Rules to Crack Down on Food Vendors Who Owe FinesOf the $4.8 million in fines issued last year, the agency collected $1.2 million.
  46. Crime
    Food Network Star’s Viet Pham Was Punched Outside ScoresThe attacker broke his glasses.
  47. Date Night
    Couple Ends Worst Pizza Date Ever With Moonshine Molotov CocktailsThey should have opted for delivery.
  48. Crime
    Woman Loses Sight After Bottle Attack at GreenhouseThat place is the worst.
  49. Miscreants
    Couple Faces Assault Charges for Shooting Drive-Through Worker With Nerf DartThey didn’t even order anything first.
  50. Crime
    Trucker on Trial for Smuggling Vodka in Water BottlesSome $3.3 million worth of vodka was stopped at the border.
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