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  1. Crime Scenes
    Man Sentenced to Three-Year Prison Stint After Refusing to Pay Restaurant BillHe forgot the “dash” part of dine and dash.
  2. Crime Scenes
    Japanese Chef Killed in Germany Over Apparent Noodle DisputeGerman police are seeking two suspects who may have committed murder after refusing to pay for their meal.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Suspect Charged In DJ’s Fatal Shooting at a South Street Ice Cream Shop;Blackbird Pizzeria’s owners need help in finding their employee who went missing.
  4. Crime Scenes
    Ventura Man Breaks Into Restaurant…To Cook Dinner37-year-old Lance Conley was detained by employees of Pizza Chief.
  5. Crime Scenes
    Staph Meal Blogger Sprung From JailAnd so concludes the long, drawn-out drama that was Staph Meal.
  6. Crime Scenes
    DJ’s Fatal Shooting at South Street Ice Cream Shop Now Linked to ‘Large Amount’At first reports indicated his DJ gear was the motive in the fatal shooting.
  7. Crime Scenes
    Thief Steals $153,000 Worth of BluePrint JuiceCriminal cleansing.
  8. Grease Is The Word
    Grease Bandits Foiled at Burbank Carl’s Jr.The crime typically yields three dollars per gallon of grease.
  9. Air Traffic
    In-Flight Ramen Fight Leads to Passenger’s Arrest at LAXThe Korean business class traveler struck a flight attendant in the face after deeming his ramen “too salty half-cooked.”
  10. Crime Scenes
    Joe’s Crab Shack Gets Accidental Marijuana Windfall
  11. Haters
    Even Worse Than Yelp: In Pennsyltucky Dissatisfied Customers Throw Dead AnimalsIt’s customary to express disfavor with an animal’s carcass.
  12. Crime Scenes
    Hooters Bomb Scare Shutters Stretch of Hollywood BoulevardOnce in police custody, the suspect claimed he was “just joking.”
  13. Crime Scenes
    CFO Currently Being Held Hostage at Popcornopolis Corporate HeadquartersAn armed woman entered the building this morning and demanded everyone leave except her and the executive.
  14. Crime Scenes
    Stupid Stealer Stuck at Steak & Stein24-year-old Fernando Castillo’s attempted robbery of a computer monitor quickly went from dumb to dumber.
  15. Crime Scenes
    More Than $100K in Frozen Beef Stolen in New Jersey Hamburger HeistUnless these guys are planning a colossal cookout, they’re going to have a tough time unloading the purloined patties.
  16. Pot Cookery
    Yet Another Costa Mesa Seventh Grader Arrested For Smuggling Pot-Laced BrowniesLiterally the exact same thing happened last month.
  17. Crime Scenes
    Tick Tock Diner Manager Hires Hit Man to Seize Control of Family BusinessHe’s no Tony Soprano.
  18. Leftovers
    Josef Centeno Opening Orsa & Winston; Brooklyn Water Bagel Debuts in WestchesterThe Baco Mercat chef sets his sights on a third Downtown restaurant.
  19. Crime Scenes
    Florida Man Steals Truck With $75,000 Worth of Campbell’s SoupNot as successful as the Nutella thieves.
  20. Crime Scenes
    German Thieves Steal $20,710 Worth of NutellaFive tons of chocolate-hazelnut heaven.
  21. Lawsuits
    The Abbey Sued Over Allegations of Sexual AssaultTwo women claim to have been drugged and raped by staff members at “The World’s Best Gay Bar” in 2011.
  22. Reopenings
    Port Richmond Pour House Reopening TonightAfter a shooting last fall, the bar went dark, but now it’s back.
  23. Crime Scenes
    Are Party Buses Really at the Root of Old City’s Problems?The police captain is urging bars in Old City to stop busing in rowdy, college-aged kids.
  24. Crime Scenes
    Man Accused of Drinking $100K Worth of Rare Whiskey That Belonged to His BossYou can’t dust for vomit, but you can test backwash for DNA.
  25. Oeno-File
    Brunello Killer Sentenced to Four Years For Wine CrimeThe guy who destroyed six vintages of pricey Brunello wine will get prison time.
  26. Crime Scenes
    Chef Who Boiled His Wife Gets Fifteen Years to LifeDavid Viens was denied a request for a retrial, along with the heinous crime he previously confessed to.
  27. Crime Scenes
    Smith & Wollensky Waiter Gets Off Easy After Credit-Card Skimming ScamSomeone turn this into a movie.
  28. Crime Scenes
    20 Suspected Members of MS-13 Arrested For Shaking Down Hollywood LoncherosLunch trucks were threatened with violence and death if they refused to pay “rent.”
  29. Crime Scenes
    Two Killed at George’s in DowneyReports indicate one of the victims was a relative of the owner’s.
  30. Crime Scenes
    MS13 Members Arrested in Food Truck ShakedownRoughly two dozen gang members were taken down in a plot to extort loncheros.
  31. Crime Scenes
    Curry Up Now’s New Location Vandalized By Mission Hooligans
  32. Crime Scenes
    Two Lose Legs at Topless BarA grisly fight at Sam’s Hofbraus ended when a man slammed his car into two patrons.
  33. Crime Scenes
    Front-End Loader Plows Through a South Jersey DinerPolice are now dusting empty booze bottles found in the rig’s cab for fingerprints in an attempt to identify the driver.
  34. Crime Scenes
    Woman Who Stole Two Police Cars and Led Cops on a High-Speed Multi-State ChaseWas the Piazza built on top of a lodestone that attracts those prone to high crimes and controversy?
  35. Leftovers
    Guy Fieri Invades The Golden State; Nobu Malibu Now Serving LunchAlso, there’s a Chinese restaurant called “Face” coming to Santa Monica.
  36. Crime Scenes
    Rotten Tomato Kingpin Gets Six Years In The SlammerScott Frederick Salyer’s widespread scams boosted his profits while embroiling companies like Frito-Lay and Kraft in his downfall.
  37. Crime Scenes
    LAPD Pursuit Ends In Crash at Wurstkuche VeniceThe driver hit a cyclist and injured two customers.
  38. Crime Scenes
    Ex-LAPD Cop and Alleged Triple Murderer Enjoys Chick-Fil-A, Loves BourdainWhistleblower and Ex-LAPD Cop Chris Dorners most likely frequented Chick-Fil-A in Cerritos
  39. Crime Scenes
    Massive Meat Robbery Foiled in GlendaleThe 44-year-old would-be thief was busted with 21 cuts and eleven bottles of detergent.
  40. School Lunches
    SoCal School Districts Cited For Misusing Millions in School Lunch FundsLAUSD is so far the biggest offender, being forced to pay back over $158 million in funds intended for poor students.
  41. Competitive Eating
    Out-of-Towner Crowned Wing Bowl Champ; El Wingador Indicted on Drug ChargesThis year’s champion chowed down 287 wings to cinch the win.
  42. Crime Scenes
    Ex-49er Kwame Harris Charged in Domestic Violence Incident at Menlo ParkThe lawsuit has inadvertently outed Harris.
  43. Closings
    Craft & Claw’s Closing Puts a Pinch on Undouching Efforts in Old CityFor a brief moment, it seemed like the promise of cheap crabs, and a good selection of craft beers would help the Old City neighborhood rise above its current state.
  44. Crime Scenes
    Masked Gunman Robs Papa Murphy’s in Alameda, Injures Two EmployeesOne employee suffered a broken cheekbone.
  45. Crime Scenes
    Man Fatally Shot at El Sereno Taco Truck; Silver Lake Deliveryman Killer Gets 77There was crime, and even a little punishment, in the past-paced world of L.A.’s food scene this weekend.
  46. Crime Scenes
    Accused Guy Fieri Lambo Thief Seeks Change of Venue for TrialThe attorney says that any jury pool for accused attempted killer and thief eighteen-year-old Max Wade has already been poisoned by the media coverage.
  47. Crime Scenes
    Reward Posted For Baby Cow Stolen From Hope’s CookiesLast time the little heifer went missing, it turned up at fraternity house.
  48. Competitive Eating
    Coke Bust Shuts El Wingador Out of Wing BowlThe annual binge, purge, and stripper-ogling extravaganza’s organizers fear El Wingador’s presence will only hurt its reputation.
  49. Crime Scenes
    Drunken Brawling Dumbasses Prompt Police to Step Up Their Presence in Old CityWhat exactly are “resources you might not see”?
  50. Crime Scenes
    Sunday Stabbing Outside of Church & StateA chef was taking out the trash when he was assaulted by three suspects.
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