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  1. scoundrels
    The New Way Restaurants Are Fighting Back Against ThievesRestaurant owners are turning to social media to track down stolen property. It works surprisingly well.
  2. crime scenes
    Has a Famous Sommelier Been Setting Fire to NYC Streeteries?Caleb Ganzer was arrested and charged with two counts of felony arson.
  3. beef
    Two Customers Were Shot at Peter Luger Last NightBoth, thankfully, are expected to survive.
  4. crime scenes
    Man Sets Fire to Restaurant Called IgnitedAuthorities accuse the Astoria lounge’s owner of starting the blaze.
  5. crime scenes
    Staten Island Bar Manager Who Flouted COVID Rules Hits Sheriff’s Deputy With CarDaniel Presti reportedly attempted to flee arrest after once again opening Mac’s Public House and ignoring COVID restrictions.
  6. crime scenes
    What We Now Know About the Trader Joe’s Anti-Mask AssaultOne employee was sent to the hospital, according to someone who witnessed the attack.
  7. worst of new york
    ’Twas Another Horrible SantaCon in NYCWith the exception of a surprise Gucci Mane appearance.
  8. crime scenes
    An Arrest Was Made in the Popeyes Stabbing CaseThe fatal stabbing took place just a few days after the return of the viral menu item.
  9. crime scenes
    Man Reportedly Stabbed to Death After Popeyes Chicken Sandwich ArgumentPolice say the victim and assailant fought while waiting in line.
  10. chains
    The Threat of Violence Remains All Too Real for Fast-Food WorkersDo chains like McDonald’s and Burger King do enough to protect their employees?
  11. crime scenes
    A Bomb Was Sent to Robert De Niro’s Tribeca GrillLaw-enforcement officials say it was similar to those sent to CNN, George Soros, and prominent Democrats.
  12. crime scenes
    A Pizza Deliveryman Saved a Woman Who Mouthed ‘Help Me’Police say she was being held hostage in her own home.
  13. crime scenes
    One of the Country’s Most Acclaimed Bartenders Was Accused of Sexual AssaultAdam Seger was booked on one count of third-degree rape.
  14. crime scenes
    Brooklyn Chef Arrested for Attempted Tree MurderNeighbors caught the former Top Chef contestant in the act.
  15. crime scenes
    15 People Hurt in a Restaurant Bombing Near TorontoTwo suspects were caught on video, but have yet to be identified.
  16. crime scenes
    White Restaurant Manager Accused of Enslaving Black CookHe endured five years of forced labor, violence and threats of violence, coercion, and being made to live in squalid conditions.
  17. crime scenes
    Cops Are Hunting for Barbecue Bandits Who Stole a 1,700-Pound SmokerWhy? The owner blames the “meat smell.”
  18. Who Stole the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Lovingly Grown Ramps?It took Uli Lorimer the better part of a decade to cultivate his own ramps. It only took a few moments for them to be stolen.
  19. nightlife
    Can the Cocktail Industry Fix Its Sexual-Assault Problem?“There’s enormous pressure not to ruin the mood, not to ruin the party.”
  20. crime scenes
    Former Da Silvano Owner Recovering After Late-Night AttackThey fractured his trachea and made off with $1,800 in cash and foreign currency.
  21. Man Being Chased by Police Cannot Resist Stopping at In-N-OutHe took a drive-through detour.
  22. crime scenes
    Brooklyn’s ‘Pizza Nazi’ Was ArrestedThe owner of Rockaway pizzeria Whit End’s was charged with growing unlicensed cannabis.
  23. crime scenes
    Cops Say a Legendary Bakery Owner Also Trafficked MarijuanaProbably helped them sell even more prosciutto sandwiches.
  24. Crime Scenese
    Man Accidentally Shoots Himself at Restaurant“Some idiot felt the need to bring a gun into my restaurant, and shot himself.”
  25. Booked
    Fugitive Raw-Food-Restaurant Owner Caught After Ordering Domino’s PizzaPure Food & Wine’s Sarma Melngailis has been missing since last August.
  26. Crime Scenes
    Four Seasons Co-owner Julian Niccolini Pleads Guilty to Sexual-Abuse ChargesThe restaurateur was charged with third-degree assault but won’t face any jail time.
  27. Sticky Fingers
    Meet the Kleptogastromaniacs, Customers Hooked on High-End-Food Theft“They definitely know what they’re looking for.”
  28. Crime Scenes
    World’s Worst Mister Softee Driver Slams Into Multiple Cars BeforeThe ice-cream truck hit seven vehicles and drove through four fences.
  29. Justice
    Police Uncovered a Massive ‘Bourbon Theft Ring’ Connected to Stolen“This is probably the tip of the iceberg.”
  30. Crime Scenes
    Restaurant Will Pay $28K Fine After Knowingly Serving Whale MeatThe makers of The Cove helped undercover agents order the sushi back in 2010.
  31. Crime Scenes
    Man Who Makes Your Mom’s Favorite Wine Charged for Involved in Drug RingThe charges are part of an operation called Strike Force Oceanic.
  32. Crime Scenes
    Police Still Don’t Know Who Smoke-Bombed Bar Pitti This WeekendHere’s a new terrifying thing to worry about.
  33. Long Weekends
    Here’s Todd English’s Mug ShotThe celebrity chef was pulled over in the Hamptons and charged with a DWI.
  34. Bad Behavior
    ‘Profane’ Customer Launches Ketchup-Throwing ‘Rampage’“We’re used to loud, but the cursing was very heavy.”
  35. Video Feed
    Watch Max Wade Steal Guy Fieri’s LamborghiniWade was tried for the theft and the attempted murder of two people.
  36. Crime
    Teen Who Stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini Sentenced to LifeMax Wade tried to kill two teenagers, prosecutors argued.
  37. Hangry
    McDonald’s Employee and Customer Call Cops on Each Other Over Hash BrownsSomeone needs to switch to decaf.
  38. Crime Scenes
    Restaurant Owner Thwarts Robbery With Sushi KnifeIt was the third time the robber had targeted the sushi restaurant.
  39. Oops
    BBQ-Scented Heroin Leads Police to Restaurant Owner’s DoorAnd he would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for that pesky slow-cooked smell.
  40. Oops
    Instagram-Happy Robbers Nabbed After Posting Fast-Food Porn to InstagramBecause if it’s not on Instagram, you didn’t actually steal it.
  41. Fro-No
    Pinkberry Co-founder Convicted of Beating Homeless ManThe former fro-yo titan tried to argue he wasn’t the main attacker.
  42. Crime Scenes
    ‘Devil’s Fruits’: The 12 Most Heinous Truffle AtrocitiesSome of the most abhorrent truffle-related misdeeds, ranked from least egregious to most.
  43. Crime Scenes
    Red-Handed: Meat Thieves Steal Over 2,000 Pounds of BeefThese thieves only steal locally raised beef.
  44. Crime Scenes
    Someone Stole 140,000 Pounds of Walnuts From a California FarmAuthorities are now looking for a giant squirrel.
  45. Crime Scenes,
    Not Kewl: Teen Found Guilty of Stealing Guy Fieri’s LamborghiniMax Wade faces up to 30 years in prison.
  46. Crime Scenes
    Man Steals 384 Pounds of Meat From Chicago RestaurantSurveillance video shows a clumsy getaway, which is natural when 400 pounds of meat are involved.
  47. C Is for Crime
    Man Arrested for Selling Fake DOH Letter GradesThe restaurants reportedly had no idea they were getting fake letter grades.
  48. Crime Scenes
    McDonald’s ‘Massacre’ Narrowly Avoided in TexasA gun malfunction prevented a robbery from turning into something much more tragic.
  49. Crime Scenes
    Fruitcake-Bakery Accountant Charged With $16 Million TheftIf you work at a fruitcake bakery and you buy 43 luxury cars, you’re going to arouse some suspicion.
  50. Crime Scenes
    Masked Gunman Carjacks Ice-Cream TruckNo Chipwiches were reported missing.
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