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  1. crime scene
    Extremely Florida Woman Attempts to Steal Live Lobster From RestaurantConsider the lobster bandit.
  2. booze bandits
    ‘Pappygate’ Bourbon Bandit Sentenced to 15 Years in PrisonThat’s just enough time to start aging some really nice whiskey to have ready for his release.
  3. food crimes
    A Starbucks Bandit Keeps Targeting the Same Location in ChelseaCan anyone stop him?
  4. crime scene
    Hawaiian Grocery Stores Reportedly Overrun With Spam BanditsStores have started putting the mystery meat into locked cases.
  5. crimes
    A Brooklyn Waitress Allegedly Stole $500,000 From an Elderly RegularShe could face 15 years in prison.
  6. video feed
    IHOP Robbery Thwarted by Waiter Who Is a Frickin’ Black Belt“It was my IHOP’s money in the register, and I’m not gonna let anybody take that.”
  7. the chain gang
    Bronx McDonald’s Manager Ran Thriving Cocaine Side Business From Store’s CounterNYPD called it “so blatant, it would be comical” if it weren’t a serious narcotics crime.
  8. crime scene
    A Fired Dishwasher Killed the Chef at a Charleston RestaurantThe suspect was shot by police, but reportedly no other individuals were harmed.
  9. crime scene
    ‘Pizzagate’ Shooter Is Sentenced to 4 Years in PrisonThe judge told him that she’s “never heard anything like the conduct that brings us here today.”
  10. crime scene
    This Failed Dunkin’ Donuts Robbery Is Very BostonAn off-duty cop was sitting inside.
  11. food thefts
    Truck Driver Sells $20,000 Worth of Bootleg McDonald’s Ingredients in HarlemA bodega there bought bacon, cheese, pancakes, and more.
  12. crime scene
    Cookie Monster Steals $15,000 Worth of Girl Scout CookiesPolice say a troop leader picked them all up, then just “disappeared.”
  13. crime scene
    Comet Ping Pong Gunman Pleads Guilty to Weapons PossessionHis attempt to “self-investigate” #PizzaGate could put him away for 20 years.
  14. crime scene
    Italian Restaurant Gets Flooded With Business After Elderly Chef Shoots IntruderEvery table was booked by locals after he killed a burglar.
  15. crime scene
    Mysterious Clam Bandit Still at LargeWhere will he strike next?
  16. crime scene
    Police Are After a Man Who Thew a Bomb into a Crowded L.A. Cheesecake FactoryLuckily no injuries have been reported.
  17. video feed
    Restaurant Workers Fight Off Knife-Wielding Robber With Soup Ladle“We don’t only have knives, but we have hot oil,” the owner warns.
  18. crime scene
    Some Grinch Stole $21,000 Worth of Christmas Seafood From a RestaurantPolice are still looking for him.
  19. A U.S. Marshal Pulled His Gun on a McDonald’s CashierPolice say he thought the food was taking too long, so he involved his service weapon.
  20. crime scene
    Truly Horrible Saboteurs Destroy 400,000 Bottles of Italian WineNot the Riesling!
  21. terrible customers
    Man Tries Using Gun to Lower His Starbucks Refill by 75 CentsAnd now he’s in jail.
  22. crime scene
    A Trump Supporter Reportedly Attacked a Woman at a Popular Brooklyn BistroWitnesses say that it started with an argument about the election.
  23. crime scene
    Celeb Chef Michael Chiarello Booked on Suspicion of DUI and Drug PossessionHe says he intends to “vigorously challenge” the misdemeanor charges.
  24. crime scene
    Armed Robber Killed by Pizza Hut Employee Who Brought His Gun to WorkThe worker has been placed on leave.
  25. crime scene
    Indonesian Woman Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Poisoning Friend’s CoffeeShe was sentenced to 20 years in prison for lacing her friend’s drink with cyanide.
  26. dangerously cheesy
    Man Caught Stealing Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Tries to Burn Down the StoreJoshua Crook brings new meaning to getting “dangerously cheesy.”
  27. crime scene
    $5,000 Reward Offered for NYC Ice-Cream BanditsWon’t someone help catch the “Bonnie and Clyde” duo?
  28. crime scene
    How One Wine Dealer Defrauded His Customers Out of $45 MillionHe had been ripping customers off since the early ’90s.
  29. crime scene
    Subway Employee Arrested for Spiking Cop’s Drink With Meth and THCThe officer was hospitalized after nearly running a red light.
  30. crime scene
    Cops Arrest Florida Man After Mistaking Doughnut Glaze for Crystal MethHe was driving while under the influence … of Krispy Kreme.
  31. crime scene
    NYPD Thinks They’ve Identified the L&B Spumoni Gardens Co-owner’s KillerSurveillance footage shows a man pacing suspiciously in front of Lou Barbati’s home.
  32. crime scene
    Robber Carrying AK-47 Promptly Gets Shot by Waffle House CustomerPretty much only in Texas.
  33. food fight
    Chill Couple Arrested for Assaulting Each Other With Pizza RollsSeems like Hot Pockets would have been more effective.
  34. crime scene
    Family of Slain L&B Co-owner Offers $50,000 Reward for Help Capturing KillerLouis Barbati was shot outside his home last Thursday.
  35. crime scene
    Real-Life Ronald McDonald Shot Outside a SonicHe was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.
  36. Crime Scene
    A Man Accidentally Shot Himself While Buying Breakfast at Zabar’sThe poorly timed incident shut the café down for hours.
  37. Crime Scene
    Taco Bell Employees Attack Littering Customers With a Knife and Boiling GreaseAn errant bottle turned into a brawl that gave a teen severe third-degree burns.
  38. Crime Scene
    ‘Butcher Knife Bandit’ Robs His 7th Fast-Food Joint in QueensPolice say he’s hit multiple Subway, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Carvel stores.
  39. Crime Scene
    Robbers Hold Up McDonald’s Full of French Special ForcesThe two-bit criminals picked a store where 11 of France’s most elite police were dining.
  40. Crime Scene
    Restaurateur Jailed for Serving Cheap Curry That Killed a CustomerMohammed Zaman got six years for his cost-saving peanut substitution.
  41. Horrible Things
    Food-Truck Owner Claims Devil Made Him Barbecue the Family DogPolice suspect it may have been the drugs he used.
  42. Crime Scene
    New York’s Drugstores Are Being Targeted by an Ice-Cream Crime RingOfficials say ten CVS and Duane Reade stores have been hit in the last year.
  43. Crime Scene
    Restaurateur Accused of Killing Customer With Cheap CurryHe allegedly tried saving a few bucks by substituting peanuts.
  44. Crime Scene
    Whole Foods Poisoner May Have Mental IllnessThis saga gets sadder.
  45. Crime Scene
    Ben & Jerry’s Co-founders ArrestedThe Bernie Sanders supporters stood up to the Man.
  46. Crime Scene
    6 People Got Slashed at New York Restaurants This WeekendThe horrible trend is getting worse.
  47. Crime Scene
    An IHOP Worker Got Arrested for Giving Away $3,000 Worth of Free DrinksThe self-described “modern-day Robin Hood” is facing felony charges.
  48. Crime Scene
    Boston Chef Busted With a Ton of Drugs at Canadian BorderThings don’t look great for Tim Maslow or his well-regarded Ribelle.
  49. Crime Scene
    Some Dude Threw an Alligator Into a Wendy’s Drive-ThroughIn Florida, of course.
  50. Crime Scene
    If You Wanted Another Reason to Hate Dallas BBQ, This Is Probably ItA transgender customer has accused management of doing nothing after strangers sexually harassed her.
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