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Crif Dogs

  1. Grub Guides
    35 Next-Level Holiday Delivery Options That Throw Your Party for YouSimply pick up the phone.
  2. Coming Soon
    Crif Dogs Plans to Open in Dogmatic SpaceIf all goes as planned, the outpost near NYU will be its third.
  3. Crif Walk
    Crif Dogs Won’t Open in the Billy’s Antique Space After AllThe Crifmobile gets defeated.
  4. Everything Bagels
    What the Iconic New York Everything Bagel Has WroughtThere’s an “Everything” version of everything now.
  5. Crif Walk
    Crif Dogs Looking to Sell Hot Dogs in Old Billy’s Antiques SpaceGood news for people who care about hot dogs.
  6. Damage Report
    TV, Video Games, and Wieners: How Crif Dogs Kept the Lights On After SandyOwner Brian Shebairo is a “doomsday prepper.”
  7. Street Meat
    Crif Dogs Now Has a Food TruckThey’re taking it to the streets.
  8. Festivals
    Roberta’s, Crif Dogs, and Baohaus Headed to BonnarooThe after-parties are bound to be epic.
  9. Oddballs
    Girl in Leopard and Ketchup Looking for Crif Dogs CrushHot-dog fate.
  10. Leftovers
    Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Opening on UES; 7-Eleven Planning 100-Plus NYC StoresPlus: Mile End cookbook details, lobster-roll dog biscuits, and more of today’s leftovers.
  11. Hot-doggy Style
    Wiener Wire: Crif Dogs Unrolls a Line of CondomsThey’re giving away the profanely sloganed suckers on Valentine’s Day.
  12. Neighborhood Watch
    Friedman and Bloomfield Eyeing Oliva Space; Falai Panetteria Back in BusinessPlus: BCD Tofu House in Koreatown closes for good, Chinatown will have its own Restaurant Week this year, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  13. Giveaways
    Hot Dawg! Free (Yes, Free) Crif DogsWe’re unable to find a catch here.
  14. Marketing Gimmicks
    New York Merchants Dish About Working With Google Offers“Our special is only for $10. So, you know, we believe that people will spend more than that.”
  15. Food Tours
    Daniel Boulud Chooses New York’s Best Nouveau Hot DogA tube-steak taste test with the renowned French chef.
  16. The Grub Street Diet
    Big Gay Ice Cream Owner Bryan Petroff Burns His Bagels, Guzzles His Diet Coke“Sitting on a milk crate in the back of an ice cream truck bouncing up First Avenue is not an easy way to eat a lobster roll.”
  17. Empire Building
    Xi’an Famous Foods Looking to Board the Williamsburg BandwagonThe Meatball Shop, ‘intoeca, Crif Dogs, and now this — is every popular Lower Manhattan eatery planning a branch in the ‘burg?
  18. Neighborhood Watch
    DBGB Hosts Beer-Tasting Tuesdays; James Offers Half-Priced BurgersPlus: The Souvlaki GR Truck plans to open a permanent location on the Lower East Side, Crif Dogs opens in Williamsburg, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  19. Empire Building
    Crif and Calexico ExpandVendy favorite Calexico has plans for Greenpoint.
  20. Openings
    Crif Dogs Looking at North 7th and Driggs?Brownstoner thinks so.
  21. Openings
    Crif Dogs Hits WilliamsburgAnd Bar Artisanal gets a Spanish makeover.
  22. Wienerville
    Canadian Fails to Grasp That New York Is Center of Hot-Dog UniverseA new documentary absurdly declares L.A. the “hot-dog capital of the United States.”
  23. Trimmings
    Sit on the Naked LadyOrtine’s new backyard bench is rather risqué.
  24. Foodievents
    Beer Table and Crif Dogs Owners Will Judge Beer Cook-off This SundayThe distinguished judges of the Brooklyn Beer Experiment are announced!
  25. Election Eats
    Crif Dogs Gives Voters Free Combo MealThe hot-dog stand was swarmed with Obamaniacs last night and is giving away free dogs today.
  26. The New York Diet
    Santogold Indulges in a Cookie (or Two or Three) While in the Studio It’s been a happy New Year for Rolling Stone “Artist to Watch” Santogold (née Santi White), who just returned from a British tour with M.I.A. to see herself on the cover of this month’s Fader. What sort of challenges might 2008 bring? “I do these detoxes where for 20 or 30 days I can only eat organic fruits or vegetables,” she says. “It makes you not even really be able to eat greasy food — you can, but it feels disgusting. By the end of the year [after not doing the detox for a while], I tend to crave fried food and chocolate all the time.” That doesn’t mean you’ll find her eating cheesesteaks like she did growing up in Philly (she now lives in Bed Stuy and has been a pescatarian for twelve years), but this week she did hit the vending machine at the Soho studio where she’s recording her debut self-titled album, out in April.
  27. NewsFeed
    PDT’s Winter Menu Blows Our Minds, GI Tracts PDT’s winter cocktail menu debuted last night, and we are still hung-over. Mixologist Jim Meehan consulted his peers for the menu, which includes contributions from Pegu’s Audrey Sanders, Tailor’s Eben Freeman, “International cocktail maven” Charlotte Voisey, and others. There’s even a nod to Adam Platt in the description of PDT bartender Don Lee’s Benton’s Old Fashioned, a combo of bacon-infused bourbon, maple syrup, and angostura bitters: “the crossroad of Haute Barnyard and Barroom.” (If this keeps up, we’re going to have to add Haute Barnyard to the banished-words list soon.)
  28. Restroom Report
    Breaking the Code of Silence about PDT’s WCs We figured the new cocktail speakeasy next to Crif Dogs would have remarkable restrooms. After all, its name is PDT (Please Don’t Tell) and we’ve always had that same policy when it comes to East Village loos — you’ll certainly never hear our stories about the ones at Lit circa 2002. At least, not until you buy us a few El Diablos at this decidedly more civilized boîte. In which case, like the Strokes song goes, meet us in the bathroom.
  29. In the Magazine
    Summer Brings Hot Dogs, Barbecue, and Department-Store Salads Summer is upon us at last, and with it come the inevitable summer foods: hot dogs, barbecue, snap peas, salad … and pappardelle with truffles and butter. Well, not every food consumed in the hot months is inevitable. But this issue comes packed with hot-weather options. The Underground Gourmet reviews Willie’s Dawgs and PDT, the new chic cocktail lounge attached to Crif Dogs (you’ll have to read to understand). The city’s most ambitious barbecue opening yet happens this week; Gael Greene is very taken with Aurora Soho’s reverse commute; Pichet Ong takes off from the dessert business to create a killer sugar-snap-pea recipe; and Rob and Robin offer both a guide to the city’s top department-store salads and a quiz to determine your green-eats quotient, a test which only the most narrowly focused carnivore could possibly fail.
  30. Mediavore
    Nello Buys ‘Page Six’ on the Cheap; Jody Williams Trying Not toNello’s Nello Ballan gives Richard Johnson a $1,000 gift, and fifteen “Page Six” mentions of Ballan’s restaurant later, the embattled gossip column has the devil to pay. [NYT] Jody Williams claims not to have read Frank Bruni’s review of Morandi, though she knows that people are laying odds on the date of her departure. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine] Related: Not So Bene [NYM] Restaurant-industry lobbyists express a not-unexpected disappointment with the federal minimum-wage increase passed by Congress, finding it “entirely out of place” in a war-spending bill. [Nation’s Restaurant News]
  31. Neighborhood Watch
    Maddened Teens Attack Clinton Hill’s Locanda Vini e OliiClinton Hill: Teens getting more than frisky this spring: Two hooligans terrorized Locanda Vini e Olii by attempting to crash outdoor metal chairs through the glass façade during Friday’s dinner service. [Brooklyn Record] Dumbo: Foragers Market has an inspired banana display. [Dumbo NYC] East Village: The new bar entered through Crif Dogs and known as PDT does not take its name from ”Please Don’t Tell.” A pierced girl says it’s Porno Dog Tavern. [Down by the Hipster] Harlem: West 145th Street welcomes a Starbucks. [Uptown Flavor] Long Island City: Fresh Start natural grocer is opening a garden to allow you to enjoy the prepared foods outdoors and, one hopes, to lend out to community groups. [Joey in Astoria] Midtown West: Aureole is moving to One Bryant Park. [NYM] Prospect-Lefferts-Gardens: Papa’s market not only has nice cheese, but Papa wants to ride the wonderful wave that is gentrification and renovate. [Across the Park]
  32. Mediavore
    Yep, 66 Going Soba; Trans Fats on the Run in Long Island66 will become Matsu Gen in “late spring” and specialize in soba noodles. [NYT] Related: Vongerichten May Deep-Six 66, Serve Sushi and Soba Instead [Grub Street] Landmarc, in the Time Warner Center, is wildly inexpensive relative to its location and the restaurants around it, and Steve Cuozzo is predicting boffo business. [NYP] Related: Will Landmarc’s Downtown Cool Play Alongside Its Ritzy New Neighbors? [Grub Street] Think you’ll get your lard fix in Long Island? Not so fast: Nassau County is planning a trans-fat ban. [Newsday]
  33. NewsFeed
    We Can Now Quit Snooping: Dog Spot’s Name RevealedThe mysterious plaster puppy that has been an object of fascination on St. Marks Place is no longer such a mystery — and our original report has been proved incorrect. We were told by neighbors that the establishment would be an icee joint, but now that the awning has been erected, it’s clear this will be a, ahem, hot-dog stand. The pup’s competition, the giant “Eat Me” sign down the road at Crif Dogs, may not stand a chance: Judging from the wiring we noticed coming out of its tail, this dog may just be able to fetch, and smash, bottles in true St. Marks form. Just don’t quote us on that.