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Create Your Taste

  1. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Put Its Make-Your-Own-Burger Program Out of Its MiseryThose fancy $10 sandwiches somehow weren’t a hit.
  2. bad ideas
    McDonald’s Online Create-a-Burger Contest Got Out of Hand Very QuicklyGive the public a chance to name things, and you know it’s going to get gross fast.
  3. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Already Rethinking Its Make-Your-Own-Burger KiosksThe super-slow system is now being tested in the drive-through.
  4. Video Feed
    Watch This Patriot Order a Two-Foot-Tall Big Mac at McDonald’s NewHe maxed out on every single topping option.
  5. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Will Start Selling Build-Your-Own Big Macs Across the U.S.Soon, kiosks in 2,000 stores will let you put tortilla chips on a sandwich.