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  1. kind of creepy
    Totally Stand-up Craigslist Guy Seeks Foodie to ‘Cruise’ City’s Restaurant SceneSomehow, this guy is “between girlfriends these days.”
  2. Recalls
    There’s a Black Market for Recalled Blue Bell Ice CreamContraband pints are priced at thousands of dollars.
  3. Yelp Wanted
    This Craigslist Ad Is Looking for People Who Will Post Fake Yelp Reviews for“All you have to do is copy the comments and place a 5 star review.”
  4. Now Hiring
    Wanted: Ice-Cream WomenPlus, a Craigslist ad calls for ““attrective [sic] busty females.”
  5. Craigslist
    Sex Diaries, Grub Street Edition: The Businessman in the Brasserie BathroomA Craigslist missed connection: “HOT Biz guy in bthrm at Restaurant.”
  6. Gordo
    Gordon Ramsay Trolls Craigslist for the Passionate and 21+Come on, you know you want to be a contestant on the next season of ‘Hell’s Kitchen.’
  7. NewsFeed
    Food Network Wants You(!) to Be Schooled by Celeb Chefs“The FOOD NETWORK in Search of Hopeless Home Cooks!” reads an ad.
  8. Mediavore
    Vertical Farms Coming to New York?; Manhattan Immune to Starbucks Closings (forPlus Spike Mendelsohn’s creepy admirer, Aamos goes west, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  9. NewsFeed
    David Chang Rescues Ko Girls From Totally Lame DatesThey came, they saw, they blogged.
  10. NewsFeed
    Were the Latest Craigslisters a No-Ko Last Night?There were plenty of empty seats at Ko last night.
  11. Back of the House
    East Village Burger Joint Seeks Conflicted Burger ManIt takes a lot to cook an East Village burger.
  12. NewsFeed
    Ko-thario Ends Up ‘Eating Dirty Sex’ on DateThe saga of the Momofuku Ko-thario — the man who used Craigslist to leverage his extra seat at Ko into a date with Dominique of Dominique Eats Out — has come to an end
  13. NewsFeed
    Ko-thario Picks Food Blogger Over Atheist CarnivoreAccording to one of his potential Ko dates, he’s “funny, charming, lots in common, cute. Looks like a tall dark Jewish Michael Cera.”
  14. NewsFeed
    Ko Now Slightly Easier to Get IntoMomofuku Ko is now taking Tuesday reservations, meaning it’s open seven days a week.
  15. NewsFeed
    Craiglist Ko-thario Reveals Himself As Creator of $12,000 KnishThe author of a Craigslist ad gloating about his Ko reservations and offering a seat up to any takers (preferably Brazilian porn stars or Padma Lakshmi) has come forward.
  16. NewsFeed
    Craigslister Offers a Seat at Ko to Hot FoodiesA reader sends us a Craigslist posting from a Momo-freako who is really hard up to go to Ko with a Brazilian porn star.
  17. The In-box
    Gael Greene’s Ko Conspirator Goes on the DefensiveBy now you might be almost as sick of hearing about Gael Greene’s and Tom Dobrowski’s Ko reservation debacle as you are of, say, trying to get a reservation at the place — but we thought we’d post Dobrowski’s latest e-mail to us by way of a coda.
  18. NewsFeed
    Gael Greene Takes David Chang to SchoolGael Greene finally weighs in on her date with Tom Dobrowski, the Craigslister who was accused of canceling his reservation at Momofuku Ko only to show up playing dumb.
  19. NewsFeed
    Ko Controversy: A Witness Emerges From the ShadowsA man who says he dined at Ko beside Gael and her Craigslist date offers his account of events.
  20. NewsFeed
    Gael Greene’s Craigslist Ko Date Speaks Out!After accusations that he may have reserved seats at Ko and canceled them after his Craigslist ad didn’t get any responses, Thomas Dobrowski, who doesn’t appreciate being called a “weird guy” by Frank Bruni, tell us about his date with Gael Greene.
  21. NewsFeed
    Gael Greene Goes on a Craigslist Date at Ko, Stirs ControversyThe guy who posted a Craiglist ad asking for someone to pay for his dinner at Momofuku Ko actually got some takers — and some high-profile ones, at that. He told our own Gael Greene, his ultimate choice, that he turned down Frank Bruni for her.
  22. NewsFeed
    Craigslister Will Take You to Ko — If You PayA reservation for you at Craigslist — all you have to do is pay for Tom.
  23. NewsFeed
    You Too Can Slave for an Established Food Personality! A certain “well-known food writer/personality” is looking for an intern on Craigslist. Before we can even start to guess who it is (clue: he or she is based in Brooklyn), we have to ask: What exactly is a food personality? Are we talking about Andrea Strong or, like, Cap’n Crunch? Also, there are perks! You’ll “get to work with an established food communications professional.” Potentially exciting, but — food communications? Why does this make us think of the guy from Close Encounters who plays with his mashed potatoes? While we’re scratching our heads, why don’t you read the ad and help us figure out who this well-known food writer/personality/communications professional might actually be? Comments are below; we eagerly await the reveal on this one. Intern to Food Writer/Personality [Craigslist]
  24. The Launch
    Sam Mason Ogles Waitresses, Buys Tiles Welcome to the latest installment of the Launch, where Sam Mason, former pastry chef at wd-50, relates the ups and downs of preparing to open Tailor, the swanky restaurant and lounge coming together at 525 Broome Street.
  25. NewsFeed
    Picket Fence Not Long for This WorldThe era of Ditmas Park boasting two good New American restaurants may be coming to a close. According to a Craigslist ad posted today, picket fence, the neighborhood’s pioneering New American restaurant, is for sale. (The other favorite is the Farm on Adderley.) It was with great sadness that we read the following line: “Visit picketfencebrooklyn.com and see for yourself what a great opportunity this is.” (We’re easily moved.) The restaurant helped spark the Ditmas Park revival; we’re sorry to see it go, but curious as to what will come in its place. Cozy Restaurant for Sale [Craigslist]
  26. NewsFeed
    Gordon Ramsay Would Like the Honor of Humiliating YouGordon Ramsay has a problem or two of his own — neighbors outraged over his noise and stink, namely — but that’s not stopping him from lending a helping hand to restaurateurs in need. In the name of middling-to-bad television, that is. The producers of his new show in the U.S., Kitchen Nightmares (the series originated in England), have put out a call for hapless reality subjects seeking scorn and humiliation. Ramsay’s people even manage to produce an exceptionally obnoxious Craigslist ad: “LOOKING FOR RESTAURANTS THAT ARE HAVING problems & NEED GORDON RAMSAY to help turn their restaurants into an overnight success.” Can you speak up, Gordo? We can’t hear you above these exhaust fans. Fox TV-New Gordon Ramsay Show-Looking 4 Restaurants That Need Help! [Craigslist]