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  1. Quote Of The Day
    Drew Nieporent Had a Very Particular Set of Skills at McDonald’sHe’s moved on from the golden arches now.
  2. Quote of the Day
    Drew Nieporent’s Bâtard Won’t Be ‘New American’The restaurant opens sometime this spring.
  3. Coming Soon
    Drew Nieporent Opening Bâtard in Former Corton SpaceThe restaurateur put together an all-star team for the new project.
  4. Restaurant Review
    Platt: The Elm Is Liebrandt’s Fairy-Tale ForestCorton’s former auteur heads to Williamsburg.
  5. Interviews
    Paul Liebrandt on Leaving Corton and the Future of the Elm“I’m looking at people who are going to be dining at my restaurants in the next ten and fifteen years.”
  6. Chef Shuffle
    Paul Liebrandt Leaves Corton in TribecaThe chef will focus on the Elm in Williamsburg and is working on a new high-end project in Manhattan.
  7. How French
    Corton Announces It Will Close for the Month of JulyPaul Liebrandt’s modernist restaurant shuts down.
  8. Coming Soon
    A Reading of the Times’ Paul Liebrandt ProfileBut check out that foie gras dish.
  9. The Pass
    Where the Ramps Are: Restaurants Serving Spring Vegetables Right NowMorels, fiddlehead ferns, stinging nettles, and more foraged sticks than you can shake a stick at.
  10. Coffee Talk
    Pod People: Nespresso’s Push to Become High-End Restaurants’ Go-ToGreat Restaurants like Corton and the Fat Duck in the U.K. turn to Nespresso pods for their coffee service.
  11. Coming Soon
    Corton Chef Paul Liebrandt Is Getting Back to His Classic RootsExpect some casual food from the fine-dining chef, who says he’s cooking more traditional dishes.
  12. Interview
    Paul Liebrandt on Fine Dining and Corton, the Greatness of Mission Chinese Food,The 36-year-old chef opens up about his new project (a little) and talks about his time on the line when he was a “young man.”
  13. Coming Soon
    Paul Liebrandt Opening New Restaurant, the Elm, in WilliamsburgThe restaurant will open in the King & Grove hotel this spring.
  14. Two for Eight
    Tables Available at Oceana; Later Tonight at Jean Georges, L’Atelier deIt’s 4 p.m., and that means it’s time to play Two for Eight. Today: Splurge.
  15. Awards
    Shawn Gawle of Corton, Best New Pastry ChefTribeca represent.
  16. Film Buffs
    Harry Potter Makes Paul Liebrandt Happy, SadBut Frank Bruni is removed from the whole phenomenon.
  17. What to Eat
    Duck, It Turns Out, Really Is the New PorkThe Underground Gourmet takes a look at the sudden explosion of duck dishes around the city.
  18. Interviews
    Paul Liebrandt: Not a Big Fan of Small Talk“I’m not cool. I don’t hang out in Brooklyn. I don’t know about the trends.”
  19. FYI
    Drew Nieporent’s Fantasy Dinner Party Involves Sean Penn and RobinThomas Keller’s would involve Daniel Boulud.
  20. Video Feed
    Watch a Clip From Paul Liebrandt’s ‘A Matter of Taste’The film follows Liebrandt from a post-9/11 New York through the opening of Corton.
  21. At the Movies
    Watch the Rise, Fall, and Rise of Paul Liebrandt in A MouthfulA documentary on the Corton chef, eight years in the making.
  22. Chef Shuffle
    Chris Cannon Gets Pastry Chef Heather Bertinetti in the Michael White DivorceThe pastry chef at Morini and Marea is decamping for Alto and Convivio.
  23. New York Culinary Experience
    Let Paul Liebrandt Teach You How to Blowtorch ScallopsAt the New York Culinary Experience, the Corton chef teaches a crowd how to blast raw scallops until they’re just barely cooked.
  24. Party Chat
    Times Stars, Michelin Stars, and Culinary Stars at Last Night’sDrew Nieporent, for one, really hopes that Del Posto gets their lost Michelin star back.
  25. Lists
    SHO Shaun Hergatt Follows Michelin Star With Esquire HonorsA look at the magazine’s annual list of best new restaurants.
  26. Lists
    Premature Zagatulation: Minetta, Aureole, and Corton Ratings Leaked
  27. Beef
    Journalistic ExploitsPaul Liebrandt is a difficult interview.
  28. Presidential Eats
    What Other Date Spots Did the Obamas Consider?A look at the presidential pros and cons.
  29. Food Tour
    Paul Liebrandt Picks the Best Downtown Lobster RollYou can get any of the choices during lunch.
  30. Mediavore
    Shake Shack Could Go National; Mezcal on the RisePlus: Sandra Lee talks about her past, and Paul Liebrandt loves New York, all in our morning news roundup.
  31. Lists
    Déjà ChewThe latest list of “hot tables” seems awful familiar.
  32. Side Projects
    Liebrandt Planning Value Project?“The next project may or may not be smaller, more accessible, [with] great, simple, well-cooked, beautiful, well-priced food.”
  33. The Other Critics
    Bouley Succeeds With Bruni, Cuozzo; Fatty Crab Too Hot for Gael GreenePlus: ‘The New Yorker’ on Corton and a French bistro in Harlem, all in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  34. Polemics
    Question: ‘Should Fine Dining Die?’A look at the pros and cons of the disappearing haute establishment.
  35. The Other Critics
    Bruni’s L’Artusi Improvement Plan; La Superior Delights SietsemaPlus: Kefi vs. Anthos, Cuozzo checks in on Corton, and more in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  36. Mediavore
    Will Damon Wise Leave Craft? Starbucks Baristas Allege Union-BustingPlus: Breakfast for dessert and calorie counts in court, all in our morning news roundup.
  37. The Other Critics
    Bruni Wants More From Cabrito; Cuozzo Defends At VermilionPlus: Gael Greene reconsiders Corton, Ryan Sutton could do without Macao Trading Co., and more in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  38. Fun with Facebook
    Fine Dining on Facebook!You HAVE to see Marco Maccioni’s profile photo.
  39. Foodienomics
    Will Economy Drown New Restaurants?Restaurant owners who opened amid dismal financial times have even more to worry about.
  40. The Other Critics
    Time Out’s Favorite 100 Foods of the Year Are a Celebration ofBacon! Sausage! Pig tails!
  41. The Other Critics
    Bruni Finds Three Stars at Corton; All Aboard the John DoryPlus: Ryan Sutton on At Vermilion, Jay Cheshes on Braeburn, and Robert Sietsema on Flushing Food Courts in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  42. The Other Critics
    Double Crown Entertains Bruni; Center Cut DicedPlus: Corton’s perfect score, Mr. Jones more sexy than savory, and the loneliness of the Libertine, in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  43. In the Magazine
    Corton, Cookbooks, Cookies, Cabbage SoupAdam Platt on Corton, Gael Greene on 10 Downing, openings from Rob and Robin, and more in this week’s magazine.
  44. Slideshow
    Photo Plates: Corton’s Menu, IllustratedA visual tour of nearly everything served at Drew Nieporent’s latest venture.
  45. The Other Critics
    Market Table Perfect for Winter; Corton Praise Piles OnOur weekly review roundup includes Allegretti, Irving Mill, Secession, and more.
  46. The Other Critics
    Changes at Bobo Still Don’t Cut It; Love for Corton BuildsPlus: Cuozzo on Allegretti, Sietsema on No. 7, and Richman on Double Crown, in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  47. Eat More Cheese
    Let Them Eat Cheese PuffsFrench gougères can be found in several new restaurants this season.
  48. Top Chef
    ‘Top Chef’ Truck Report: Richard on Burgers, and Andrew’sRichard Blais and Andrew D’Ambrosi talk to Grub Street about their plans for the future.
  49. Other Critics
    Nice Getaway at Allegretti; Everything at Corton Is GoodRyan Sutton on Colicchio’s new venture; Danyelle Freeman pans the Libertine; and more opinions, in our weekly roundup of restaurant reviews.
  50. By the Glass
    What to Drink With Corton’s $110, Seven-Course Tasting Menu: Root BeerThe suddenly trendy beverage makes its way into one of Corton’s cocktails.
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