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Corn Dogs

  1. underground gourmet quick bite
    The Andouille-Sausage Corn Dog at Sidney’s Five Is Bar Food ExtraordinaireThe new East Village restaurant gives the state-fair staple a superb sweet-and-spicy southern flavor.
  2. presidential eats
    Bill de Blasio Really Ate That Corn Dog, Huh?He has to get people to pay attention to him somehow.
  3. Peachy Keen
    Corn Dogs and Peach Pie Concretes Return to Shake Shack This WeekendAlso, it’s your last chance to get a pint of Shack X IPA.
  4. Innovation
    This 18-Inch Corn Dog Costs $25That price includes a generous scoop of French fries.
  5. Fair Food
    14 Terrifyingly Awesome New State-Fair Foods for 2013Sometimes you want to go where everybody’s eating wine-glazed deep-fried meatloaf. On a stick.
  6. Menu Changes
    Korean Short Rib Corn Dogs: Yes, They Are a Thing Now!The dog is the latest cross-cultural franken-snack from Chef Anne Coll.
  7. Openings
    Brooklyn Flea Phenomenon Asiadog Opens Manhattan Storefront TodayKimchee-pancake corn dogs come to Nolita!
  8. Openings
    Swedish-Meatball Truck Launches in WilliamsburgServing “French corn dogs,” too!
  9. Trends
    It’s Official: Corn Dogs Are A Trend And We Couldn’t Be HappierShack Shack will now be serving meat on a stick.
  10. Trends
    Corn Dogs, Wonderful Corn DogsThey’re on PDT’s spring cocktail list and Elettaria’s new brunch menu.