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Cooking School

  1. Mise En Place
    Prestigious Culinary School Offers Tailgating ClassesHut, hut, broccoli rabe.
  2. Mise En Place
    Is Cooking School Really Worth It? Culinary Institute Walkout Renews the DebateStudents start to wonder if it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars to pursue their dreams of becoming the next Thomas Keller.
  3. Maketing Gimmicks
    Learn to Cook a Few Things With Tony MantuanoThe Spiaggia chef
  4. Cooking School
    Felice’s, Student-Run Pizza in Rogers ParkPizzeria… and entrepreneurship training at Loyola.
  5. Cooking School
    Watch Zak Pelaccio Play TeacherAnd no one got detention.
  6. Mediavore
    A Look at Japan’s Cheese Industry; Are We Getting African Food Aid Wrong?According to Howard Buffett, a new approach to farms in Africa is needed.
  7. Cooking School
    Zak Pelaccio Might Teach Your Kid How to CookZak Pelaccio is turning his guest chef appearances at his son’s school into an entire curriculum for K–5 kids in the West Village.
  8. Mediavore
    More Chefs Slag Off Cooking School; The Benefits of Saturated FatBoth Time and The L.A. Times want you to save your money on lessons and get started with a job already.