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Cooking Oil

  1. dirty business
    Bandits Now Make $75 Million a Year Stealing Restaurants’ Used Cooking OilCompanies that collect grease have started hiring private investigators to track bandits.
  2. Science!
    Airplanes Are Now Powered by Cooking OilA smart use of leftovers.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Profits Slip as Grease Thefts RiseIn what bizarro does a down and dirty fried chicken joint hold more sway than Buddakan?
  4. Crime Scenes
    Slimy: Crooks Caught Slipping Off With Stephen Starr’s Used Fryer OilThe Fryolater bandits were nabbed just around the corner from the crime scene.
  5. Reopenings
    Chinatown Change: Two Pho Openings, and Dim Sum Goes GreenWhat’s new in Chinatown, including a new use for dim-sum-palace cooking oil.