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  1. sports
    Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest May Go High-tech Next Year“I doubt we can put the microchip on the tongue or in the esophagus,” says Major League Eating president Rich Shea.
  2. New York Restaurant Quickly Cancels NRA Fundraiser After BacklashThe event at Gargiulo’s was announced just two weeks after the Parkland school shooting.
  3. controversies
    A Coney Island Restaurant Will Host an NRA Fundraiser Next MonthRaffles are planned for at least seven different firearms.
  4. the chain gang
    Carl’s Jr. Will Finally Open a New York City LocationIt’s located down in Coney Island.
  5. lawsuits
    Coney Island’s Year-Old Wahlburgers Already Sued for Wage TheftFive employees claim the restaurant stole tips and ran an illegal tip pool.
  6. Hot Dog Hustle
    Coney Island Superfan Reviving NYC’s Original Hot-Dog BrandFeltman’s is back, sort of.
  7. Interviews
    Wahlberg Brothers Just So Honored to Open a Wahlburgers in New York“…to me, you can’t have enough burgers.”
  8. Coney Island
    Restaurateur Wants to Open Culinary School in Coney Island’s AbandonedPlans also include putting a restaurant on the top two floors.
  9. Lawsuits
    White Castle Customers Who Were Arrested Win $32,500 From CityThat’s a lot of burgers.
  10. Redevelopments
    City Secretly Bulldozes Huge Community Garden Near Coney Island ChildsTwenty chickens out there need a new place to roost.
  11. Coming Soon
    Plan for Historic Childs Restaurant in Coney Island Moves ForwardA summer concert hall and restaurant are coming to the boardwalk.
  12. Leftovers
    Dueling Cocktails at Donna; Ice-Cream Social and Boozy Gummy Bears at WhiskeyPlus: fake cronuts dispensed by people dressed like mimes, Pepsi wins over Coke at CUNY, and more in today’s leftovers.
  13. Fiesta Lime Mermaids
    Applebee’s Now Promoting Coney Island’s Alt-Culture Mermaid ParadeThe family-friendly chain may or may not have a contingency plan for six-foot lobster penises.
  14. Hot Dog!
    Coney Island Nathan’s Famous Damaged by FireThe Coney Island institution is scheduled to reopen this summer.
  15. Coming Soon
    Coney Island’s Historic Childs Will Become a New RestaurantThe once-mighty Childs restaurant is coming back, sorta.
  16. Reopenings
    Coney Island Totonno’s ReopensThe pizza temple, which struggled to open after Hurricane Sandy, reopened yesterday.
  17. Dog Eat Dog Eat Dog Eat Dog
    Nathan’s Famous Will Hold Hot Dog Contest Qualifier on March 23Everything will be back to normal, meaning bonkers and crazy, by July 4.
  18. Pizza Heroes
    San Francisco Chefs Will Donate $5,000 to Totonno’s in Coney IslandMoney intended for Governor in Dumbo, which will not reopen, will instead be routed to the historic pizzeria.
  19. Reopenings
    Original Nathan’s Famous Will Not Reopen Until SpringIt’ll take some time, but the hot dogs are coming back.
  20. Boardwalk Empires
    Cha Cha’s in Coney Island Has Had Enough“The place is an awful wreck.”
  21. Whopper
    Mama Burger’s Burger Is Missing in Coney IslandHave you seen this hamburger?
  22. Warriors Come Out to Play
    Tensions Erupt Between Regulars and the Homeless at Coney Island Bar“It was insane, they were trying to get inside.”
  23. Empire Building
    Grimaldi’s Expanding to Coney IslandThe space will open in the Luna Park development.
  24. Casinos
    Want a Hot Dog With That Gambling Problem?Don’t bet on it.
  25. Perspective
    Secret Restaurant Collects Dust in Coney IslandAn old man calls out Coney Island.
  26. Hi Again
    Coney Island Welcomes Back Ruby’s and Paul’s DaughtersConey Island loves a comeback.
  27. Openings
    Tom’s Restaurant Branching Out to Coney Island BoardwalkOne mom-and-pop place will go up where another mom-and-pop place was pushed out.
  28. Change
    Ruby’s Bar & Grill Says Official Good-bye to Coney IslandWe knew it was coming, but it’s still a bummer.
  29. Send-Offs
    No More Summers: The End of the Coney Island Mom-and-PopsAs her family’s shop closes forever, Valerie Georgoulakos writes about what it’s like to lose the store that’s been her whole life.
  30. Foodievents
    Vintage Enoteca Pairs Cali Wines with Coney Island Cuisine This WeekendInstead of a controversial hot dog eating contest, they’ll offer lobster corn dogs and beef dogs with bacon jam.
  31. Marketing Gimmicks
    Important Nathan’s Update!Lui Ming Kui has successfully secured a visa.
  32. Marketing Gimmicks
    Of Course This Year’s Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest MightOne Chinese competitor may be stuck without a visa.
  33. Foodievents
    Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest Achieves Gender EqualityThe men and women will now receive comparable prizes.
  34. The Great Outdoors
    Greenpoint Loses Night Bazaar While Times Square May Gain Alfresco Food ServicePlus: The Aqueduct Racetrack flea market (with its empanada truck and more) may relocate to Coney.
  35. Trimmings
    Coney Doesn’t Have a Cow, ManThe beer-dispensing “Inexhaustible Cow.”
  36. Reopenings
    Coney Island 8 Back on the Boardwalk?!? Agreement Is ‘Really Close’The immediate future of Coney Island is bright.
  37. Closings
    Coney Island Loses Another Grub SpotBye-bye, Classic Heros.
  38. Coney Baloney
    Ugh: Even the AP Is Worried We’re Losing Our EdgePlus, the latest from Phony Island.
  39. Coney Baloney
    Booze Runs Dry at Ruby’s — But Hey, Coney May Get Its Popeye’sThe latest sad news from Phony Island.
  40. Coney Baloney
    Coney Island Eight Are Finally Dragged Into CourtApparently they’re creating a “hardship” for amusement giant Zamperla.
  41. Temporary Closings
    Health Department Shuts Down ‘Unofficial Mayor of Little Italy’It ain’t enough that Cha Cha’s Coney Island dive is in peril?
  42. Coney Baloney
    Ruby’s Returns for an Encore Before the ‘Biggest Battle Ever’Plus, a former “freak” talks.
  43. Empire Building
    Danny Meyer on Shake Shack Coney: ‘Don’t Know Anything AboutPlus, more on the Shack’s new Brooklyn location, and the latest from Coney.
  44. Closings
    Last Call at Ruby’s: “SHAME ON YOU, ZAMPERLA”Taxidermists, sideshow performers, and burlesque performers turn out for the Coney boardwalk bar’s last hurrah.
  45. Endangered
    Coney’s Oldest Operator: ‘I Should Get the Respect Due’The owner of Paul’s Daughter speaks out.
  46. Empire Building
    Shake Shack Said to Be Coming to Fulton Street; No Comment on ConeyIs the Fulton Street Mall in for some gentrification?
  47. Endangered
    Ruby’s Owner Is ‘75 Percent Resolved That It’s Over, 25The latest regarding the beloved dive’s fight for its life.
  48. Openings
    Coming to Coney Next Summer: ‘The World’s Smallest Brewery’Here’s something to look forward to: Cotton-candy beer!
  49. Endangered
    Marty Markowitz: Keep Coney Businesses, and Bring in Brooklyn Flea TooThe Brooklyn borough president’s vision for Coney.
  50. Endangered
    Ruby’s of Coney Island: ‘We Will Not Go Down Quietly’The endangered dive says, “Now it’s time to yell.”
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