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  1. Coney Baloney
    Ugh: Even the AP Is Worried We’re Losing Our EdgePlus, the latest from Phony Island.
  2. Coney Baloney
    Coney Eight Get Another MonthToday’s court date was postponed, while a politician comes out against the booted Coney businesses.
  3. Coney Baloney
    Presenting the AndrewAndrew of Coney IslandOld-timers get down at Cha Cha’s.
  4. Coney Baloney
    Booze Runs Dry at Ruby’s — But Hey, Coney May Get Its Popeye’sThe latest sad news from Phony Island.
  5. Coney Baloney
    Ruby’s Will Open for New Year’s Boardwalk BashThe Coney 8’s court date was postponed till next year.
  6. Coney Baloney
    Coney Island Eight Are Finally Dragged Into CourtApparently they’re creating a “hardship” for amusement giant Zamperla.
  7. Coney Baloney
    Could a 40-Year-Old Coney Institution Be Replaced By a Corporate CafeteriaA controversial French food-service provider is said to be taking over the Paul’s Daughter space.
  8. Coney Baloney
    Greetings From Phony Island: Politicians Finally Paying AttentionThe Coney Island Eight finally get the ear of a senator, and the city considers a compromise.
  9. Coney Baloney
    Ruby’s Digs Nails Into Boardwalk, Opens Past Move-Out DateOut by November 19? Fuhgedaboutit.
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    Rats! Is This the Last Time We’ll See Anything Like This on the Boardwalk?The latest from Coney Island.
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    Ruby’s Returns for an Encore Before the ‘Biggest Battle Ever’Plus, a former “freak” talks.
  12. Coney Baloney
    City Rendering Imagines the Worst: Ruby’s Replaced by Ruby TuesdayCould it really happen?
  13. Coney Baloney
    Coney Lawyer: ‘There Is No Way These Businesses Will Be Leaving’Plus, Zamperla’s president speaks up, and there’s a party at Paul’s Daughter.