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  1. Community Bored
    Bacon Bacon Forced to Close By Bacon-Hating NIMBYsThe good news is, the truck is back in action.
  2. Nightlife
    Strip Club/Restaurant the Randy Rooster Trying to Move in to Former Diesel StoreThis should get interesting.
  3. Community Bored
    Which ‘Hood Gets Messiest After Midnight: Polk Street, North Beach, or ThePlease give us your opinion, dear readers.
  4. Community Bored
    Café Flore Wins, Neighbors Lose, In Battle Over Off-Site KitchenThe neighbors objected for no good reason.
  5. Community Bored
    Fight Brewing Over McDonald’s Drive-Thru in the HaightA new owner is hoping against hope.
  6. Community Bored
    Bacon Bacon Gets Complaints From Bacon-Hating Ashbury Heights NeighborsSome NIMBYs across the street are challenging their conditional use permit.
  7. Kerfuffles
    Big New Rockridge Safeway Gets ApprovedIt’s been a long, ugly process.
  8. Community Bored
    Nevius: Restaurant Moratoriums Are Not the AnswerThe proposed freeze on new restaurants will only hurt progress, he argues.
  9. Community Bored
    NIMBY Upset About Woodhouse Crab Shack Plan at Marina GreenHe’s worried about fatter, lazier, more aggressive birds, for one.
  10. Groceries
    Rockridge at War Over New Safeway PlanThe thing is looking pretty huge…
  11. Community Bored
    Should Restaurants With Wood-Burning Ovens Be Complying With Spare the Air Days?Kokkari, apparently, isn’t.
  12. Kerfuffles
    Fight Is Afoot Over New BevMo on Oakland’s Piedmont AvenueNearby wine stores are freaking out.
  13. Community Bored
    No One Wants Jen Carroll Late-Night, and Other New Resto News… Like Stulman going Asian.
  14. Kerfuffles
    Mill Valley Residents Balk at a Subway in Their MidstSubway wanted to move into a former Baskin-Robbins; the city said, ‘Absolutely not.’
  15. Community Bored
    It Took Two Years to Open The Ice Cream BarTens of thousands of dollars later, the City finally relented and let the poor owner sell some damn ice cream.
  16. Hours of Operation
    Drunk-Friendly Jack in the Box Wins Back Its Late-Night PermitThey can remain open 24 hours. Huzzah.
  17. Community Bored
    Local’s Corner Finds Some NIMBY Opposition“The biggest mistake I made, is that I didn’t realize there would be so much opposition to me turning a derelict liquor store into a beautiful restaurant.”
  18. Hours of Operation
    Drunk-Friendly Richmond Jack in the Box Defends Its HonorThey’re still trying to get their late-night permit re-approved.
  19. Community Bored
    Richmond Residents Protest 24-Hour Jack in the Box Solely Because Drunk PeopleThere was a recent hit-and-run accident nearby which residents say is a byproduct of the drunk gathering spot.
  20. Community Bored
    A Berkeley Neighborhood Doesn’t Look Kindly on a Market Trying to Make aMonterey Market has been carrying stuff like booze and cheese in order to compete with Whole Foods, but a coalition of local merchants and neighbors says they’re being unfairly competitive with other small businesses.
  21. Community Bored
    Occupy Protest in Mission Clashes With Restaurateur Jack Knowles, Wrongly BlamesTacolicious, not the landlord, got the brunt of the blame from protesters.
  22. Closings
    Cala Foods to Close December 3; Trader Joe’s to Replace It Next YearUnless the community goes crazy for some reason, Trader Joe’s should be opening there in 2012.
  23. Community Bored
    Local News Station Believes Polk Street Bar Scene Is NewAlso, they think the pimps and prostitutes are new to the area too.
  24. Community Bored
    Dolores Park NIMBYs Block a Sausage VendorThe Sausage Slinger will NOT be coming near the park.
  25. Truckin’
    Oakland City Councilman Thinks Food Trucks Are Only Frequented By Thugs, HookersReally?
  26. Community Bored
    Fresh Vegetables Might Get a Michigan Woman Thrown in the CanA woman faces 93 days in jail because she put vegetable beds in her front yard instead of grass.
  27. Truckin’
    Bites On Broadway, Oakland’s Newest Street Food Fest, Shut Down By PoliceTurns out, the food truck gathering didn’t have a permit.
  28. Community Bored
    Koko Cocktails Faces Resistance to Their Planned MoveSome neighbors want to block Koko Cocktails from taking over a former retail space on Polk Street.
  29. Reopenings
    Ike’s Reopens, Starts Filming a Reality Series, NIMBYs Already LosingThey started filming a pilot for a Discovery Channel series this morning, and an irate neighbor already stormed in to blame Ike for the car blocking her driveway.
  30. Community Bored
    Oakland Still Doesn’t Take Kindly to Urban FarmersNovella Carpenter’s been busted for illegal “agricultural activities.”
  31. Mediavore
    Slim’s NIMBY Gets Hers; Air France Launches Food Truck, Sort Of
  32. Community Bored
    Slim’s Temporarily Liquor-Free, In Feud With NeighborA single neighbor made a noise complaint, and they lost their liquor license for 9 days.
  33. Oeno-File
    That Castro Jewelry Store/Wine Bar Still Haggling Over Wine Bar
  34. Community Bored
    Little Bird Tries for Sidewalk Seating, Runs Up Against Familiar NIMBY“Welcome to the tyranny of the few.” - Nevius
  35. Truckin’
    Santa Rosa Hates Street FoodThe Munch Mondays event got a little too popular for the brick-and-mortars.
  36. Groceries
    Trader Joe’s Is Not Giving Up on the CastroThe Market & Noe center is back in play, and Trader’s is making an end run to the Planning Commission in April.
  37. Community Bored
    City Starting to See the Light About Restaurants Vs. RetailThe 1980s-era bans on new converting retail spaces to restaurants feels like an anachronism.
  38. Community Bored
    San Jose Neighborhood Gets Upset, Racist-Sounding About New Lou’s VillagePlans for the new Lou’s Village in Willow Glen has NIMBYs up in arms about a 2 a.m. closing time.
  39. Community Bored
    Remembering an Old, Quiet Battle Against an Inner Sunset Burger King
  40. Video Feed
    It Is Just Not Cool to Be Drunk and Disorderly in Downtown Walnut Creek
  41. Pre-Previews
    It’s Official: Whole Foods to Descend on Safeway Heights
  42. Reopenings
    Ike’s to Be Reborn, Back on 16th Street, With City’s BlessingPlanning approved Ike’s move to 3489 16th Street by a unanimous vote.
  43. Nonstaurants
    Popular Pop-Up Jazz Club in North Berkeley Tries to Go LegitThe City would now like them to get some permits.
  44. Sandwiches
    Ike’s Place (Possibly) Relocating Once Again, Just Up the Street From OldPending approval from the city, Ike’s will move to the former Joseph Schmidt Confections space.
  45. Community Bored
    Singing Waiter Causes Kerfuffle In North Beach
  46. Health Concerns
    No More Happy Meal Toys For You!
  47. Cartography
    Blue Bottle Backs Down From Dolores Park Plan93 signatures later, Blue Bottle loses the stomach for the controversy.
  48. Community Bored
    How Does Dufty Really Feel About Happy Meal Toys?
  49. Booze You Can Use
    Booze Tax Officially Dead In Water
  50. Community Bored
    McDonald’s Uses Alleged Busing Shenanigans to Fight Happy Meal Toy Ban inAfter losing a similar battle to fight a Happy Meal toy ban in San Jose, McDonald’s allegedly buses in Chinese speakers to a public meeting.
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