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  1. Community Boards
    The DL’s Dealing With Liquor-License DramaIs the old Ludlow Manor space haunted?
  2. Golly
    Gee Whiz Diner Spinoff Denied Liquor License by CB1 Tribeca CommitteeThink of the children.
  3. Community Boards
    It’s a No for Second Bar at Café SelectResident neighbors were not into it.
  4. Community Boards
    Nublu Gets Liquor License Approval From Community Board 3; Cheeky SandwichesThe music wont stop at Nublu.
  5. Community Boards
    Hudson Clearwater Owners Face Choppy Community Board ReceptionMurky times for Hudson Clearwater.
  6. Community Boards
    East Village Neighbors Put the Smackdown on Ravi DeRossi’s ProletariatThe beer bar fares poorly, but barbecue clears most hurdles.
  7. Partnerships
    Duane Park’s Bowery Relocation One Step Closer to HappeningExpect poetry readings on Sunday and Monday nights, and Southern food with live entertainment the rest of the week.
  8. Lawsuits
    Brooklyn Restaurant Owners Suing Community Board MembersThat’s a lot of margaritas.
  9. Community Boards
    Jane Hotel’s Neighbors Hate All the Racket, Can’t Do Much to Stop ItThings got heated at last night’s CB2 meeting.
  10. Coming Soon
    Mais Oui: Carmellini’s Noho French Project Sails Through CB2The two-floor project is coming right along.
  11. Reopenings
    CB3 Cautiously Gives Go-ahead to Nevada Smith’s ExpansionAre you ready for some (non-American) football?
  12. Nightlife
    Is the East Village Ready for a Dedicated ‘Nightlife District’?The short answer: probably not.
  13. Community Boards
    Nostalgia As Policy in Lower East ManhattanCan CB3 save the small bars and keep the big ones out of our backyards?
  14. The Great Outdoors
    Further Snafus for Bowery Diner’s Sidewalk CaféHere’s hoping they can make outdoor seating happen before cold weather sets in.
  15. Community Boards
    Paulaner’s Bowery Brewhouse Plans Sail Through CB3The German brewer’s flagship beer hall clears another hurdle.
  16. Community Boards
    Owner of Max in Tribeca Cries ‘No Fair’ in Sidewalk-SeatingCommunity Board 1 unanimously nixed his petition for seven measly outdoor seats.
  17. Community Boards
    CB3 Pops Japadog’s Champagne DreamsThe quirky hot-dog shop will remain dry.
  18. Openings
    June’s CB 2 Lineup Includes Colicchio and the Return of Chumley’sLots of interesting things on the agenda.
  19. Community Boards
    CB2 Nixes Morini Expansion PlansMichael White’s team just cannot convince neighbors that they need more Morini in their lives.
  20. Community Boards
    CB3 Still Not Down With Superdive Makeover PlansAttempts to turn the space into an art gallery are not going well.
  21. Community Boards
    Stephen Starr on CB’s Paris Commune Rejection: ‘Maybe We’llThe mega restaurateur’s plans run into neighborhood opposition.
  22. Score
    Los Feliz Gains More Bar Space, Less DramaUnderage bust was just a glitch.
  23. Community Boards
    CB2 Happy With the Smile’s Liquor PlansEven Zella Jones is onboard!
  24. Community Boards
    Fonda Nolita Gets a No-Go on Booze From CB2The board says the owners’ plans to only serve four different drinks doesn’t warrant a full license. Then again, they also don’t want the place to turn into a bar.
  25. Foot in Mouth
    Note to Liquor-License Seekers: Probably Not a Good Idea to Call Community BoardThe owner of B.A.D. Burger’s words come back to haunt him.
  26. Menu Changes
    Beer Table to Offer Lunch and Brunch in Lieu of Beer (Temporarily, Anyway)The Brooklyn beer destination is revamping its food offerings while it works out a paperwork issue with the SLA.
  27. Nightlife
    Ludlow Manor Busted for Operating Without a Liquor LicenseSounds like trouble in palm-tree-lined paradise.
  28. Community Boards
    Death & Co. Has Uncharacteristically Pleasant CB3 ExperienceThe board’s SLA committee approves the bar’s plans to extend its hours.
  29. Community Boards
    CB2 Split on Village Pourhouse Team’s Proposed Bleecker Street BarbecueWith food from Daisy May’s.
  30. Community Boards
    Mile End Sandwich Hits a Snag at CB2 MeetingZella Jones doesn’t think the upcoming restaurant should have a liquor license.
  31. Community Boards
    CB2 Agrees to Steve Hanson’s Strip House Expansion PlansB.R. Guest’s plans for their latest property are moving along.
  32. Community Boards
    Neighbors Still Not Into Strip House Expansion Plans, CB2 Approves ApplicationProvided soon-to-be-owner Steve Hanson agrees to close at 2 a.m.
  33. Expansions
    Steve Hanson’s Strip House Plans: Late-Night Hours, Casual OffshootHanson hopes to keep the steakhouse open until 4 a.m.
  34. Community Boards
    Things Not So Rosy at Greenhouse’s CB2 AppearanceThe board has rejected the club’s plans to expand twice.
  35. Community Boards
    Heathers Will Live On!The SLA renewed the bar’s liquor license.
  36. Fun-Killers
    Boxers Will Stay On, After AllWhen did Hell’s Kitchen become so prude?
  37. Community Boards
    CB3 Okays Basketball Bar for Pier 36Booze will flow at the East River location of Basketball City.
  38. Community Boards
    CB2 Slams Bowery Poetry Club’s Bar-Relocation PlansBut owner Bob Holman says the move would help his club better comply with the city’s egress code.
  39. Community Boards
    CB2 Uproots Josh Pickard’s Rooftop-Garden PlansThere’s some concern that the project might become a “hot spot.”
  40. Community Boards
    Flaming Hula-Hoop Accusations Ignite Teneleven Liquor License DisputeAn owner calls the Hula-Hoop story a lie, but does admit to some wrongdoing.
  41. Community Boards
    Osteria Morini’s Expansion Plans Clear Another Community-Board HurdleThings are looking good for the restaurant’s plans to take over the space next door.
  42. Community Boards
    Umberto’s Clam House Sails Through CB2 Meeting; Empanada Mama Gets BurnedTwo different restaurants get two very different reactions from the board’s SLA committee.
  43. Community Boards
    CB3 Strikes a Sour Note With U2 Karaoke Expansion PlansThe karaoke bar had planned to expand its offerings, but the community board has other ideas.
  44. Community Boards
    CB2 Pulls a Switcheroo on Pieces DecisionThe iconic gay bar gets the board to make a rare reversal on its earlier decision.
  45. Community Boards
    CB2 Committee Denies Liquor Application for Iconic Gay Bar Over Fears of SmokingPieces will have to rethink their relocation plans.
  46. Community Boards
    Chuck Close Goes to Bat for Il Buco ExpansionThe artist tells CB2 that “bars and restaurants saved our neighborhood.”
  47. Community Boards
    CB3 Squashes Plans for Former Mo Pitkin’s SpacePiney Woods won’t grow in the East Village.
  48. Community Boards
    La Esquina Expects to Prevail in the Fight to Keep Its Liquor LicenseThe restaurant’s still hopping, despite efforts to run it dry.
  49. Community Boards
    Neighbors Accuse La Esquina of ‘Unsavory Conditions,’ Try to BlockCommunity Board 2’s licensing committee wants La Esquina to go dry.
  50. Community Boards
    No Bull: Matt Levine Gets Full CB Approval for Mason Dixon SpaceThe former Eldridge operator will be allowed to open till 4 a.m. on weekends.
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