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  1. comebacks
    Max Brenner and a Return From Chocolate ExileOne of the most famous names in chocolate is back — after a half-decade ban — with a new shop dedicated to cacao.
  2. comebacks
    One Simple Stat Explains Why It’s So Hard for Restaurants to Eliminate TipsThe difference in pay for servers at one popular New York restaurant is shocking.
  3. comebacks
    Why Escargot Is Crawling Back Onto Restaurant MenusThe once-forgotten French delicacy has found new life at some of the city’s most exciting restaurants.
  4. comebacks
    Saltie’s Caroline Fidanza Has Rejoined Andrew Tarlow’s Restaurant GroupLook for her “Big Italian” sandwich at Roman’s new brunch.
  5. comebacks
    Slice, Everyone’s Sixth-Favorite Soda From the ’90s, Is Back — Sort OfGet ready for another LaCroix competitor.
  6. comebacks
    Jolt Cola, Energy-Drink Pioneer From the ’80s, Is Coming BackIt still has “all the sugar and twice the caffeine.”
  7. reopenings
    Mas (Farmhouse) Returns to NYC With a New Menu and Renovated Dining RoomThe restaurant closed for nearly a year after an electrical fire.
  8. comebacks
    Sara Jenkins Is Bringing Porchetta Sandwiches Back to the East VillageThe roast-pork-sandwich shop is popping up for six weeks at Porsena Extra Bar.
  9. interviews
    Why a Legendary Chef Has Returned to New York — With an Upstate Steakhouse“I think there’s a tremendous amount, still, that can be brought to the table when it comes to steak, and the steakhouse.”
  10. comebacks
    Crystal Pepsi Actually Coming Back This SummerAs hard as it is to believe, the ’90s soda will begin hitting North American stores in July.
  11. openings
    Acclaimed Restaurant Aska Is Set to Reopen in WilliamsburgThe Nordic restaurant will have 12- to 15-course tasting menus, a downstairs bar, and a large garden.
  12. The Chain Gang
    Chipotle Will Roll Out Its First-Ever Loyalty ProgramIt thinks that will finally lure back customers.
  13. Comebacks
    Hi-C’s Ecto Cooler Officially Coming Back Just in Time for GhostbustersThe ‘90s juice-box favorite returns May 30.
  14. Comebacks
    Clearly Canadian’s Triumphant Comeback Hits a Snag, and Fans Are UpsetThe first shipments finally went out this month, but tens of thousands of orders have remained unfulfilled.
  15. Comebacks
    Hallelujah: Carnegie Deli Is Open AgainDon’t call it a comeback.
  16. Comebacks
    Subway Is Trying Really, Really Hard to Change the ConversationThe chain’s new advertisements play up the ideas of freshness and nostalgia.
  17. Comebacks
    Crystal Pepsi Is Back — Sort OfYou’ll have to enter a contest to get some.
  18. Comebacks
    Park Slope Favorite City Subs Will Officially Reopen TodayThe sandwich shop is ready to go in its new location.
  19. Comebacks
    Celebrated Chef Laurent Gras Will Return to a New York Restaurant Kitchen ThisHe’s cooking at Chef’s Club by ‘Food & Wine’ from October 18 to 24.
  20. Comebacks
    You Can Finally Buy the Ingredient Southern Chefs Have Been Psyched About forBenne oil is being produced commercially for what is likely the first time since the 19th century.
  21. Comebacks
    Hydrox Cookies Will Return to Stores This MonthThe “original Oreo” is coming back very soon.
  22. Comebacks
    Hallelujah: Blue Bell Ice Cream Is Back in StoresThe first half-gallons arrived in some Texas and Alabama stores this morning.
  23. Comebacks
    Paula Deen’s Going to Be on Dancing With the StarsThis will be fun.
  24. Comebacks
    Blue Bell Is Back in Stores on August 31 — Here’s Where to Find ItTexas and Alabama will be the first to get the ice cream back.
  25. Comebacks
    Blue Bell Is Officially Delivering Ice Cream Once AgainJust in time for the last stretch of summer.
  26. Comebacks
    Blue Bell Cleared to Officially Resume Ice-Cream ProductionFive months, $10 million, and 1,500 fired employees later.
  27. Comebacks
    Bronx Cheap Eats Sensation El Atoradero Is Relocating to BrooklynComing this fall, owner Denisse Lina Chavez will get a full bar, a trompo for spit-grilling, and may even make her own masa.
  28. Comebacks
    Prepare Yourself for Crystal Pepsi’s ComebackIt’s a full-on ‘90s-soda revival.
  29. Interviews
    How Clearly Canadian’s Surprising Comeback Actually HappenedThe transparent soft-drink will launch a second round of crowdfunding before hitting store shelves next year.
  30. Comebacks
    Original NY Seltzer and Clearly Canadian ReturnCan a Crystal Pepsi revamp be far behind?
  31. Comebacks
    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Resumes Production, Will Open Shops Next FridayThe listeria nightmare will soon be in the past.
  32. Comebacks
    New Amsterdam Market Will Return Next YearIt’s just not heading back to its old Fulton Fish Market site.
  33. Comebacks
    Lucky Cheng’s Lives On As a Cabaret Pop-upIt’s now a three-course dinner and a show.
  34. Comebacks
    Max Fish Makes a Triumphant Return to the Lower East Side This WeekendIt’s back after 24 years, and one year on hiatus.
  35. Coming Soon
    Paula Deen Opening $20 Million Restaurant Next to DollywoodIt opens this summer.
  36. Comebacks
    Wonder Bread Is Back!It’s returning to store shelves.
  37. Comebacks
    Yodels, Ring Dings, and Devil Dogs Return on MondayDrake’s cakes resume sales on September 23.
  38. Comebacks
    Red Hook Lobster Pound Is Back in Action on March 1The Sandy-damaged business has come back from the storm.
  39. We All Scream
    Three Twins Ice Cream Hopefully Reopening By Summer in Lower HaightSit tight!
  40. Comebacks
    Rainbow Room Now Officially a LandmarkPour some bubbly!
  41. Comebacks
    Chumley’s Reportedly Reopening in OctoberWe’ve been down this road before, but this sounds promising.
  42. Comebacks
    Ousted P.J. Clarke’s Bartender Doug Quinn Planning a ‘New YorkAs soon as people come in, it’s going to become their home,” Quinn promises. “There aren’t so many New York joints left.”
  43. Comebacks
    First Look at Alison Eighteen, Opening TomorrowAlison Price Becker returns to NYC after nearly a ten-year hiatus.
  44. Comebacks
    Legendary South Side Pie Company Makes A ComebackGood news for old school Chicagoans: legendary pie company Fasano’s Pies is making a comeback.
  45. Health Concerns
    Red Rooster Back on Its A-GameThe restaurant has redeemed its score with the DOH.
  46. Openings
    Nate Smith Will Open Alls Well in WilliamsburgThe Spotted Pig and Dean Street alum gets his own place.
  47. The Other Critics
    Welcome Back, Psilakis?More praise for MP Taverna.
  48. Comebacks
    Bagatelle and Its Boozy Brunches to Live AgainRemi Laba and Aymeric Clemente will reopen their clubby St. Tropez concept somewhere below 14th Street, sometime in the fall.
  49. Truckin’
    Cambodian Cuisine Food Truck Is ‘On the Street Looking to Survive’The beloved, and beleaguered, restaurant is back — in truck form.
  50. Comebacks
    Reintroducing the Grub Street New & Notable MapYour handy tool for finding out what’s new, what’s coming up, and what our critics recently sank their teeth into.
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