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Colin Shearn

  1. Menu Changes
    Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co. Are Bringing It All Back Home For Their ThirdThe bar is rehashing some of its retired cocktails.
  2. Booze You Can Use
    Ground Control to Major Colin: Franklin Mortgage’s Rockist InclinationsColin Shearn’s ‘Always Crashing the Same Car’ lands in the pages of the magazine.
  3. Booze You Can Use
    Franklin Shakes Up a Wintry MixThe bar’s staff likens it to a classic double album.
  4. Booze You Can Use
    This One Goes to Eleven: Supper and Franklin Mortgage Rock Out With a NewThe new cocktails embrace a heavier, harder-rocking sound.
  5. Bars
    Franklin Mortgage Employs ‘Dealer’s Choice’ to CelebrateFranklin bartenders take the guess work out of ordering drinks.
  6. Menu Changes
    Franklin Mortgage Shakes Up a New Autumnal Cocktail ListThe new menu puts forth one of the bar’s most seasonally skewed menus to date.
  7. Booze You Can Use
    Franklin Mortgage Wants to Console the Poor, Under-Tipped Huddled Masses LongingFor the Restaurant Week weary, the Franklin Mortgage crew steps up with late night discounts on cocktails.
  8. Book Shelf
    The Franklin Refills ‘Beta Cocktails’With the vermouth crisis averted, the Franklin Mortgage crew tackles another shortage at the bar.
  9. Booze You Can Use
    Supper’s New Cocktail List Is, Like, a Really Awesome Record CollectionDavid Bowie, the Rolling Stones and the Kinks are the inspiration for Supper’s new cocktails.
  10. Booze You Can Use
    The Franklin Turns Up the Heat on its ‘Extra Credit’ ProgramExtra Credit focuses on hot drinks.
  11. Booze You Can Use
    The Franklin Punches Up New CocktailsThe Franklin’s staff collaborated to update as many as 23 cocktails.
  12. Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding
    What Do Real Foodies Want for Christmas?From chefs to bartenders, industry pros divulge what’s on their wish list.
  13. Bartenders Bible
    Colin Shearn of The Franklin Likes His Customers Curious, Thirsty, Rich andGet to know the people behind the booze