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  1. video feed
    Someone Made a Very, Very Tiny Cup of Coffee Out of a Single BeanYou might need to order two.
  2. openings
    Why Did New York’s Most Innovative Chef Swap Fine Dining for Doughnuts?At Du’s Donuts and Coffee, a modernist chef is focusing all of his creative energy on doughnuts that are both familiar and totally new.
  3. gimmicks
    Someone Has Invented Clear Coffee That Won’t Stain TeethBut is it actually any good?
  4. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Lattes in New YorkThese are the shops that pull the sharpest shots — expertly mixed with hot, frothy milk — for some of the best coffee drinks in the entire city.
  5. death by caffeine
    Bonkers New Coffee Has 300 Percent More Caffeine Than Your Morning StarbucksBlack Insomnia is your new “world’s strongest coffee.”
  6. People Aren’t Happy That Dunkin’ Donuts Is Eliminating the Coffee CoolattaThey don’t seem to care that a more “coffee-forward” frozen drink is replacing it.
  7. coffee talk
    BuzzFeed Is Now Selling Its Own Line of CoffeesComplete with a quiz to tell you which beans suit you, of course.
  8. refugees
    This New Coffee Shop Is Staffed Entirely by RefugeesThe aim is to give job training to people who’d otherwise have nothing.
  9. innovation
    Japan Finally Invents Spreadable Coffee for ToastIt’s like the Frappuccino version of Nutella.
  10. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Is About to Make Its Coffee Even CheaperIt’s trying a new strategy to defeat Starbucks.
  11. good causes
    Over 400 Cafés Nationwide Will Donate Some of Their Weekend Sales to the ACLUIncluding Blue Bottle, La Colombe, Joe, and many more.
  12. the machines
    Get Ready for the Robo-Barista RevolutionAutomated coffee maker Cafe X has landed in San Francisco.
  13. climate change
    Bad Weather Now Set on Ruining Even Cheap CoffeeProblems with rain in Brazil and Vietnam are raising the price of robusta beans used in instant coffee.
  14. coffee
    La Colombe’s Draft Latte Will Soon Be Available NationwideDelicious, affordable, and widely accessible.
  15. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Will Make McCafé Coffee All Fancy NowProbably better steel yourself now for single-origin McCafé cortados.
  16. coffee talk
    Single-Origin, 3rd-Wave Coffee Finally Arrives at 7-ElevenWhat’s next — Big Gulps made with craft soda?
  17. the chain gang
    Starbucks Says Its New Cups Are a ‘Symbol of Unity’It’s just what America needs in these contentious times.
  18. marketing gimmicks
    Roastery Introduces Coffee So Hard-core, You Have to Buy It on the DarknetGet your Bitcoins ready.
  19. crime scene
    Indonesian Woman Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Poisoning Friend’s CoffeeShe was sentenced to 20 years in prison for lacing her friend’s drink with cyanide.
  20. A Coffee Expert Gets Real About Why You Should Ditch Your KeurigThose little K-Cups make a lot of waste.
  21. the chain gang
    Why Starbucks Is Doubling Down on Fancy CoffeeIt plans to open 1,000 new upscale cafés in an effort to be taken more seriously.
  22. the future
    This New Coffee Shop Charges Customers by How Much Time They Spend in the StoreUnlimited coffee and Wi-Fi are included.
  23. How a Great Cup of Coffee Should Taste, and Why It’s Worth Paying More ForIt’s not quite as obvious as it sounds.
  24. win-wins
    A New App Gives Drivers Free Coffee If They Don’t Touch Their PhonesUsers in Japan get a coupon if their phone stays facedown and flat for 62 miles.
  25. freebies
    Here’s Where to Find Free or Dirt-Cheap Coffee TodayYour one day of the year to caffeinate on the house at basically any chain.
  26. snake oil
    You Probably Shouldn’t Drink This Coffee That Promises to Make Men Better at SexIt’s not the kind of morning pick-me-up you’re looking for.
  27. celebrations
    Dunkin’ Donuts Makes America’s Best Terrible CoffeeIt’s absolutely fantastic in its total mediocrity.
  28. Why This Young Coffee Entrepreneur Focuses Exclusively on Nicaraguan BeansAs César Vega grows Café Integral, he’s able to support farmers in his home country.
  29. things that might kill you
    Someone’s Selling Coffee With Half the Lethal Dose of CaffeineThe “Ass Kicker” is 25 times more potent than normal black coffee.
  30. climate change
    Is Coffee Going Extinct?A new report says climate change has devastated major coffee-growing regions
  31. lawsuits
    Court Declares Starbucks Isn’t Defrauding Anyone by Adding Ice to DrinksThe judge who dismissed the lawsuit ruled “a reasonable consumer would not be deceived.”
  32. This Coffeemaker Supposedly Makes Cold Brew in 10 SecondsThe cold-brew process usually takes 12-plus hours.
  33. the chain gang
    Almond Milk Finally Arrives at Starbucks Next MonthIt will cost an extra 60 cents.
  34. caffeine headache
    Someone Invented Water Specifically Meant to Be Used for CoffeeThird-wave pretension reaches new heights with Aquiem.
  35. This Collapsible Coffee Cup Might Fix One of the Worst Things About Travel MugsGenius or messy?
  36. jet lag
    Broken Coffeemakers Are Causing an ‘Inordinate Number’ of Flight DelaysCan it get worse than arriving late and not getting coffee?
  37. cheap eats 2016
    The Best (New) Cheap Eats in New YorkOur yearly rundown of delicious things to eat that are new and exciting and shockingly affordable.
  38. pod people
    Fully Compostable Coffee Pods Finally ExistThe PurPod100 is made from coffee-bean shells.
  39. video feed
    Watch a Hilarious ‘Honest’ Commercial for Coffee“Yeah, there’s nothing quite like a steaming cup full of an addictive drug in the morning.”
  40. Original Video
    Here’s a Tiny Coffee Press That Can Brew AnywhereOkay, so, it may not be a perfect pour-over, but it’s still coffee.
  41. Lawsuits
    Judge Says Customers Can Sue Starbucks for ‘Underfilling’ Its LattesThe suit accuses the chain of selling drinks that are 25 percent smaller than advertised.
  42. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Iced Coffee in New YorkWhen it’s made right, cold coffee is a wonderfully smooth, subtly aromatic staple of summer.
  43. The Chain Gang
    Dairy Queen Gives America ‘Ultimate Frappé’ Coffee DrinksBecause there aren’t already enough places to get mediocre coffee.
  44. This Machine Prints Beautiful Images of Whatever You Want on Your CoffeeYou probably didn’t even know you needed a latte-art printer.
  45. This Video Explains Why Iced Coffee Is So Much More Expensive Than Hot CoffeeCaffeine: it’s pretty much always worth it.
  46. Coffee Talk
    Why Gourmet Coffee Roasters Are Racing to Perfect Canned Drinks“The fourth wave is different. It’s cold and portable coffee … It will be the biggest one of all.”
  47. Science
    Yep, Coffee Probably Lowers Your Cholesterol Now, TooA new study says six cups a day could prevent liver damage.
  48. Gone To Pot
    Coffee Pot: Feds Say Family Laundered $1 Million of Marijuana Through Java StandThe business was “rarely open” and had “little to no coffee bean purchases.”
  49. The Chain Gang
    Starbucks’s New Rewards Program Is Off to a Terrible StartCustomers can’t load the app or log in online.
  50. The Chain Gang
    World’s Largest Starbucks Will Open in ManhattanThe company will open a Reserve Roastery in a brand-new, 20,000-square-foot space.
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