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  1. coffee wire
    What Went Wrong at Brooklyn Roasting Company?The local coffee chain has filed for bankruptcy protection and closed its biggest shops. Can it chart a new path forward?
  2. Coffee Buzz
    Grady’s Cold Brew Rolls Out a Coffee CartIced java for Greenpointers at “factory outlet” prices.
  3. Change of Plans
    Handsome Coffee Roasters Pulls Out of Demi MondeThe L.A. import will stage a series of pop-ups instead.
  4. Coffee Buzz
    LIC’s Sweetleaf Coffee Expands to WilliamsburgIt opens Monday in a caffeine-saturated corner of the ‘burg.
  5. Coffee Buzz
    Don’t Stop … Till You Perfect Your MJ Latte ArtSome flexible-wristed barista certainly didn’t.
  6. Empire Building
    Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Takeover Appears ImminentBarely six months after landing in New York, a third shop is on the way.
  7. Openings
    What to Eat at Pie Face, Now Open in MidtownThe 24-hour carb dispensary offers savory and sweet pies, sausage rolls, and coffee.
  8. Trade Secrets
    Caffeinate Like the Cool KidsCoffee ordering goes off-menu.
  9. Coffee Buzz
    First Look at Toby’s Estate Coffee, Upping Williamsburg’s Java GameBetter watch out, Blue Bottle.
  10. Coffee Wire
    Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s Brick-and-Mortar UWS Location Is OpenAnd Joe will roll out a UES store December 23.
  11. Ch-ch-ch-changes
    Tillie’s Is on the BlockIf you’ve got $189K, you could own the coffee shop.
  12. Coffee Wire
    And Now, a Handy Brooklyn Coffee MapYour favorite java haunts, in watercolor.
  13. Coffee Wire
    The Buzz You Get From Coffee Might Be All in Your HeadRegular? Decaf? Pish, it’s all the same!
  14. Empire Building
    Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on the Up-and-UpLiterally: The coffee shop is headed to the Upper West Side.
  15. Coffee Buzz
    Signage Up at Times Square Coffee Bean, Opening This MonthThe Southern California–based chain is opening its first New York store.
  16. Trouble Brewing
    Starbucks: Now With Less JoltThe coffee chain is said to be cutting off electricity bandits and laptop users.
  17. Coffee Wire
    How About Some ‘Meaty,’ ‘Masculine’ Coffee, Dude?La Colombe’s new Pure Black cold brew even has bourbon flavors. Rawk.
  18. Openings
    Sneak Peek at Café Grumpy, Opening Tomorrow at 13 EssexIt’s the mini-chain’s fourth location.
  19. Coffee Wire
    Seersucker Seeks BaristaCould that “failed attempt at a latte leaf” mentioned in ‘The New Yorker’ have anything to do with this?
  20. Coffee Wire
    More Blue Bottle for ManhattanAt Flatiron co-working space General Assembly.
  21. Coffee Wire
    Colicchio Does DallisCoffee, that is. But didn’t he just make a stink about using Stumptown and La Colombe?
  22. Expansion
    Grumpy’s Growing; Xiao Ye Turns Into TaqueriaChanges are afoot on the Lower East Side.
  23. Empire Building
    LAMill Not Coming to New York (at Least Not Yet)Was it wrong of us to think that its “East Coast” expansion meant New York? Maybe.
  24. Coffee Wire
    Lively Up YourselfYeah, Marley coffee is made by that Marley.
  25. Coffee Wire
    RBC Debuts Pimped-Out ‘Pour-Over Bar’; Stumptown Hits the WhitneyAnd Stumptown heads uptown to the Whitney.