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Coffee Wars

  1. coffee wars
    Companies Are Locked in a Heated Battle to Produce the Best So-so CoffeeWalmart has partnered with a third-wave roaster.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Dunkin’ Donuts Takes Aim at Starbucks With Its New Coffee StrategyThe chain announced three big changes today targeting the rival.
  3. Brewing
    Coffee News: Stumptown Expands, Starbucks InflatesStumptown is opening a stand-alone coffee shop in the Village, and Starbucks says it’s raising its prices.
  4. Coffee Wars
    Stumptown Beans Should Be 100 Percent Local Within Two WeeksThe Red Hook roastery is up and running.
  5. Coffee Wars
    Café Grumpy Will Start Roasting Their OwnSoon, Abraço won’t be the only coffee bar roasting in Greenpoint.
  6. Order Fast Food on Your iPhoneThe pizza tracker is officially yesterday’s news.
  7. Coffee Wars
    Coffee Talk: Counter Culture Opens Training Center, Think Coffee ExpandsWeekly cuppings at the new Counter Culture HQ.
  8. Coffee Wars
    Has the Stumptown Backlash Begun?A Portland refugee speaks out against the coffee roaster du jour.
  9. Coffee Wars
    Battle of the Java: McDonald’s, Starbucks, Dunkin’, and Home BrewersPlus: Are you drinking cockroach bits right now?