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  1. coffee talk
    We Can’t Stop Using This New Coffee Discovery ToolTrade is a new website that’s basically the Zappos of craft coffee.
  2. coffee talk
    This ‘Unapologetically Feminine’ Coffee Brand Sources All Its Beans From WomenCity Girl coffee company.
  3. coffee talk
    America’s Glut of Third-Wave Coffee Shops Is Losing to the Big ChainsGrowth looks especially dismal as America creeps toward peak coffee.
  4. Nestlé Has Purchased Organic Coffee–Maker Chameleon Cold-BrewIt follows Nestlé’s acquisition of Blue Bottle just two months ago.
  5. coffee talk
    Nestlé Buys Majority Stake in Blue BottleThe deal was reportedly worth $500 million.
  6. coffee talk
    It’s Time to Cool It With Cold BrewOf course it’s good, but in a nondistinctive way that might do a disservice to better, more adventurous coffee options.
  7. coffee talk
    Hipster Demand for Fancy Coffee Is Really Helping Africa’s FarmersYour $6 single-origin Yirgacheffe habit is giving the industry new legs.
  8. coffee talk
    Luke From Gilmore Girls Is Launching His Own Coffee LineFor some reason, it’s going to be called Scotty P’s Big Mug Coffee.
  9. Stumptown’s Founder Is Starting a New Coffee CompanyDuane Sorenson will open Puff Coffee in Portland this November.
  10. bubbles
    A New Citrus-Coffee Soda Is a Surprisingly Great Summer Alternative to Cold BrewKeepers Coffee Soda just might be the drink of the season.
  11. coffee talk
    BuzzFeed Is Now Selling Its Own Line of CoffeesComplete with a quiz to tell you which beans suit you, of course.
  12. empire building
    Why Danny Meyer’s Latest Business Venture Is Good News for Coffee LoversThis could mean big things.
  13. the chain gang
    Get Ready for Fruitcake Frappuccinos From StarbucksFor some reason there’s matcha involved.
  14. coffee talk
    Some Trump Supporters Spent the Weekend Feuding With Starbucks BaristasSome people are upset that baristas won’t write “Trump” on their coffee cups.
  15. coffee talk
    Single-Origin, 3rd-Wave Coffee Finally Arrives at 7-ElevenWhat’s next — Big Gulps made with craft soda?
  16. coffee talk
    3rd-Wave Coffee Companies Are Infiltrating War-torn RegionsIn order to source the most exotic beans.
  17. coffee talk
    Coca-Cola Now Desperate Enough to Enter the Ready-to-Drink-Coffee MarketIts Gold Peak bottled-tea brand is “future-proofing” by adding another caffeinated beverage.
  18. Why This Young Coffee Entrepreneur Focuses Exclusively on Nicaraguan BeansAs César Vega grows Café Integral, he’s able to support farmers in his home country.
  19. Coffee Talk
    Starbucks Introduces ‘Nitro’ Cold BrewOf course there’s a vanilla-sweet-cream flavor.
  20. Coffee Talk
    Why Gourmet Coffee Roasters Are Racing to Perfect Canned Drinks“The fourth wave is different. It’s cold and portable coffee … It will be the biggest one of all.”
  21. Coffee Talk
    How a Small NYC Coffee Shop Became a Must-See Attraction for Korean TouristsThink Coffee appeared on a popular TV show.
  22. Science
    Don’t Start Drinking Coffee Because of Health BenefitsOne big plus: Never having to deal with caffeine headaches.
  23. Coffee Talk
    Why You Should Definitely Try Malaysian-Style White CoffeeIt’s served at Kopitiam, a tiny café on Canal Street.
  24. Coffee Talk
    Peet’s Coffee & Tea Has Bought Intelligentsia Coffee, TooThe news comes less then a month after the company purchased Stumptown.
  25. Coffee Talk
    Peet’s Coffee & Tea Has Acquired StumptownIt’s the latest craft-coffee company to go mass.
  26. Coffee Talk
    Stumptown and Stephen Colbert Are a Match Made in HeavenBottles of “Col’ Brew” will be distributed on September 8.
  27. Interviews
    Can Chobani’s Founder Help La Colombe Become the Next Coffee Megachain?“My intention is to work the hardest to become America’s Coffee Roaster.”
  28. Coffee Talk
    Your Starbucks Fix Is Going to Cost More Starting TomorrowAn additional 5 to 20 cents, to be exact.
  29. Coffee Talk
    The Coffee Shop of the Future Offers 3-D PrintingThere are plans to bring the concept to New York.
  30. Coffee Talk
    La Colombe Is Going to Start Selling Canned Lattes“Philadelphia is going to be home base for the next generation of coffee.”
  31. Coffee Talk
    The Martha Stewart Café Is Now Open to Fulfill Your Pinterest DreamsPastries! “Martha’s Blend” coffee! Fancy teas!
  32. Coffee Talk
    Meet America’s Newest Barista ChampionHe co-owns G&B and Go Get Em Tiger.
  33. Coffee Talk
    Introducing Stand, the Nomadic Coffee Shop That Pops Up in New York RestaurantsThe owners set up during hours when restaurants and shops would otherwise be closed.
  34. Coffee Talk
    Here’s a Brooklyn Loft That Has Its Own Industrial-Size Coffee RoasterImpressive.
  35. Coffee Talk
    Nespresso Agrees to Stop Hating on Competitor’s Single-Serve Coffee PodsThey’re no longer allowed to badmouth other companies, too.
  36. Coffee Talk
    Proposed Castro Starbucks at Market and Sanchez Shot DownPeet’s must be glad.
  37. Strange Brew
    International Fugitive John McAfee Apparently Also Owned a Coffee CompanyIts signature brew is bonkers, with a bitter flavor.
  38. Empire Building
    Brenda’s French Soul Food Expands With Libby Jane CaféThere will be coffee and biscuits.
  39. Coffee Talk
    Look Out for Philz Coffee, CaliforniaThey specialize in pour-overs, as the Bay Area knows well.
  40. Coffee Talk
    Peet’s Snaps Up Former Tully’s Coffee Spot in Cole ValleyThey just need Planning approval.
  41. Empire Building
    Blue Bottle Expands In Oakland With New Temescal/Auto Row LocationIt’s in a historic building at 42nd and Broadway.
  42. Coffee Talk
    Reminder: Get Your First La Boulange Croissants, Etc., at Starbucks TodayIt all starts now.
  43. Sweet Beat
    La Boulange Pastries Debut Next Week at Bay Area StarbucksThe new goods will appear starting Tuesday, April 16.
  44. Coffee Talk
    Tierra Mia Coffee Heads to S.F.The SoCal chain comes north.
  45. Coffee Talk
    Noma Won’t Serve You Nespresso Coffee, So ThereFancy a cup or a pod?
  46. Coffee Talk
    Pod People: Nespresso’s Push to Become High-End Restaurants’ Go-ToGreat Restaurants like Corton and the Fat Duck in the U.K. turn to Nespresso pods for their coffee service.
  47. Neighborhood Watch
    Sqwers (?) Coming to the Richmond; Saint Frank Brings More Coffee to RussianAlso, Duende is using their ‘bodega’ for dinner seating.
  48. Coffee Talk
    Linea Caffe Coming to the Former Mission Burger Space at Duc LoiIt’s going to host two new pop-up ventures from Anthony Myint, GreenSalads and Lt. Waffle.
  49. Coffee Talk
    Coffee Bean Looking to Throw Down With Peet’s and Starbucks in the CastroThey’re looking to move in next to Fitness S.F.
  50. Coffee Talk
    Sightglass Opens the Very Coffee-Geeky Top Bar, UpstairsAnd their Mission outpost is now three months out.
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