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  1. Shortages
    Add Maine’s Cod to the List of Things Decimated by Global WarmingScientists now blame rising water temperatures more than overfishing.
  2. Fried Fish
    Dwindling Cod Supply Casts Doubt on the Future of Fish and ChipsNext thing you know, scientists will be calling for tartar-sauce control.
  3. The Annotated Dish
    There Once Was a Cod From Nantucket…Doug Psaltis at Country is a native of New England with a predictable seafood bent. In his case, however, it’s taken to an extreme: With this dish of cod braised in its own ocean water with local seaweed, he’s done everything except put a raincoat on the diners and blow an angry nor’easter in their face. After the jump, mouse over the different elements of the dish to hear them described in the chef’s own words.