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  1. Stiff Drinks
    Europe’s Most Celebrated Bartender Will Mix Drinks in New York Next WeekIf you’re going to pay $17 for a cocktail, why not pay $17 for one made by one of the best?
  2. News
    Milk & Honey Will Close October 25, But Will Relocate (Again)Petraske says he’s headed back downtown, and downsizing.
  3. Bloody Hell
    It Only Took America 80 Years to Turn Bloody Marys Into a Complete JokeCongratulations, everyone.
  4. Reboots
    Golden Cadillac Will Reopen As Boilermaker Next MonthThe on-tap Zombie made with three kinds of rum is classified as “cool & refreshing” on the menu. This is going to be fun.
  5. Bloody Hell
    This Colossal Bloody Mary’s Whole-Chicken ‘Garnish’ Needs toSobelman’s Pub & Grill is donating $5 from each $40 drink to a hunger charity.
  6. The Dish
    This 8-Drink Megacocktail Takes 2 Bartenders 7 Minutes to MakeIt’s the NoMad Bar’s Madison Park Smash “cocktail explosion.”
  7. Rum and Red Bull
    Cocktails Made With Energy Drinks Make You Want to Drink MoreCaffeine makes the alcohol intoxication grow stronger.
  8. Openings
    What to Drink at the Torrisi Team’s New Bar Inside the Ludlow HotelPunch for two.
  9. Medium Raw
    This Whisky Cocktail Comes With Dry-Aged Steak for DunkingThey’re also serving a rosemary-gin “Steaktini.”
  10. Planned Service Changes
    Golden Cadillac Will Close ThursdaySo long, Disco Daiquiris, Rockettes, Tequila Sunrises, Hot Buttery Nipples, Harvey Wallbangers, and Pink Chihuahuas.
  11. Openings
    Torrisi Guys Debut the Ludlow’s Lobby Bar Tonight With Intense-SoundingGet ready for chai in your bourbon and mole in your bitters.
  12. Closings
    Broome Street Bar Will CloseIt will be renovated and reopen as a “fabulous new Soho restaurant and bar in the spirit of the Soho institution.”
  13. Neat
    15-Year-Old Kid Opens Craft Gin Distillery With SiblingsDigby Elliott Berry is still a student at an academy school.
  14. Corn Sizzurp
    Sugar Factory Will Open at Barclays CenterExpect “another five to seven locations” for New York City.
  15. Interviews
    Thomas Waugh on Dirty French, Short Shorts, and Bars That Prevent You From“They were all laughing at me and making fun of me for wearing these short shorts.”
  16. The Dish
    The Dish: ZZ’s Clam Bar’s Cilantro CocktailThe latest from Thomas Waugh, beverage director of Major Food Group.
  17. Bookshelf
    Cocktail Experts Robert Simonson and Martin Cate Land Boozy Book DealsA new tiki guide and a behind-the-scenes history of the “craft cocktail renaissance” are coming right up.
  18. Coming Soon
    The NoMad Plans Expanded BarDrinks maker Leo Robitschek is extending his base of operations.
  19. Mean-Spirited
    Las Vegas Writer Refused Tip to Bartender Who Shook Old-Fashioned — Or DidMaybe it’s time for everyone to go paperless, after all.
  20. Bookshelf
    Cocktail Books Covering Amaro, Mezcal, and Jerry Thomas on the WayDrink up.
  21. Rumors
    PDT Not Opening Vegas Outpost“We’ve never considered it.”
  22. Bookshelf
    Dead Rabbit Partners Sean Muldoon and Jack McGarry Are Writing a Cocktail BookGet your Mulled Bishop on.
  23. Closings
    Naked Lunch Closes After 20 Years, Will Become Regent Cocktail ClubA nod to William Burroughs gives way to mojitos.
  24. Openings
    Diamond Horseshoe Reopens in the Paramount Hotel, Torched-Rosemary Cocktails andWe know why the caged fried chicken crunches.
  25. Neat
    Maker’s Mark Doesn’t Know How to Make Classic Cocktails“If you shake a Manhattan, you should be macerated.”
  26. Openings
    What to Drink at Golden Cadillac, a Seventies-Themed Bar on the Lower East SideBecause you missed drinking Buttery Nipples.
  27. Bad Ideas
    Pharma Company Not Too Excited About Chicago Distillery’sDrink two and call me in the morning (if you don’t get arrested first).
  28. No Maraschino
    Blue Hill at Stone Barns Infusing Cocktails With Raw Cherry WoodThey call it the Olmsted.
  29. Monks In Bars
    Andy Ricker’s Whiskey Soda Lounge Officially Opening Next MonthLook for the Pok Pok companion bar to open sometime next month.
  30. Closings
    The End Is Near for PKNYIt’s the last days of tiki.
  31. Openings
    What to Eat and Drink at the Butterfly, Michael White and Eben Freeman’sMai tais and patty melts.
  32. Getting Caught in the Rain
    Rachel Maddow Improved the Piña ColadaHere’s a summer-cocktail intervention.
  33. Closings
    Richard Boccato’s PKNY Is ClosingThe lease ends on July 31.
  34. Grub Guides
    Beyond Angostura: 14 Small-Batch Bitters You Need to TryIncluding Bittercube, Scrappy’s, and Hella.
  35. News You Can Booze
    ‘Skinny’ Cocktails Are Taking Over the WorldBe afraid. Be very afraid.
  36. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    Meritage Rolls Out New Happy Hour DealageNew cocktails, cheap beers, and Korean tacos.
  37. Boozy Marshmallows
    Eben Freeman’s Cocktails for the Butterfly Include Some Greatest HitsI’d know that White Russian Breakfast Cereal anywhere!
  38. Cocktails
    Emmanuelle Now Serving… Pho?The pho-inflected gimlet is just one of a dozen or so new cocktails being served.
  39. Video Feed
    Watch an Exclusive Clip From Hey Bartender, Which Delves Into the MindsBartenders are sustained by cigarettes and tater tots, which help make them some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.
  40. Grub Guides
    Spring Drinking: 13 Spots Where You Can Order a Great Gin and TonicCata, Alder, and ABC Cocina are doing exotic riffs on the classic cocktail.
  41. Coming Soon
    New Police-Themed Times Square Restaurant Will Not Have Stop-and-Frisk BuffetScaring the nation with their guns and prix fixe deals for Broadway ticket-holders.
  42. Candy Land
    14 Things to Know About Sugar Factory, Taking Over the Ryu Space in theIt may make you rue the day when Ryu closed down.
  43. Grub Guide
    Drink Up: 10 Incredible New Cocktails from Some of Philly’s Finest BarsCheck out these new and innovative drinks from some of the city’s best barkeeps.
  44. Coming Soon
    Steve Hanson Converting Bunker Club Into HiloNotes from the underground.
  45. Reopenings
    ESquared Hospitality’s Jimmy Haber Approved for Double Seven TakeoverThe swanky spot gives it another go with a new co-owner.
  46. Hudson Malone
    Former P.J. Clarke’s Bartender Doug Quinn Opening New Bar Hudson MaloneQuinn’s “real New York Saloon” will open near his old workplace.
  47. Bars
    Now Open: Rosewood, Serving Crafty Cocktails in the GayborhoodThe new cocktail joint was brought to life by the owners of Woody’s.
  48. Hoppening
    Inside the Dead Rabbit’s Nineteenth-Century Cocktail Culture Time WarpFlips, cobblers, punches, grog, and history on Water Street.
  49. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    More Changes Come to Hop Sing LaundromatLee tweaks the program a little for his “Washy Washy Hours.”
  50. Coming Soon
    Giuseppe Gonzalez, James Tune, and Fran Derby Opening GoldenThree barmen and a talented chef unite on an ambitious new project.
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