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Cocktail Comedy

  1. Booze You Can Use
    Regarding Tiki Tom’s, and Oakland’s Role in Tiki HistoryHinky Dink’s, which became Trader Vic’s, was on San Pablo.
  2. Cocktail Comedy
    Today In Cocktail Comedy: Protein-Infused Vodka and Cotton Candy VodkaA Russian River bar is shilling some hilariously gross things.
  3. Funnies
    Today in Cocktail Comedy: The Tipsy TarmacRuth Bourdain offers up a cocktail recipe for what we hope will be an ongoing series.
  4. What to Drink
    Today in Cocktail Comedy: Twilight Specials at the Kabuki, and aThe Jacob and The Edward both sound disgusting, but the ‘Marina Manhattan’ we can get behind, even though it’s not a Manhattan.