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  1. shortages
    Tab Shortage Sparks Nationwide Diet-Soda Freak-outAfter the largest independent bottler of Coke products stopped canning Tab, people are losing it.
  2. weed drinks
    Coke Eyes PotLike Fanta, but for getting high.
  3. news you can booze
    Coca-Cola Will Finally Start Adding Alcohol to Its SodaThe company will roll out its version of chuhai in Japan.
  4. the feeding tube
    All of the Super Bowl Food and Drink Ads, RankedIt was a big year for celebrity-endorsed junk food.
  5. health concerns
    America’s Top Public-Health Official Has Shady Ties to Coca-ColaShe partnered with Coke on an anti-obesity initiative that ignored soda entirely.
  6. twitter fails
    Coke Gets Roasted for Confusing Pittsburgh and Philadelphia on TwitterDoubtful it could’ve confused two cities with a more hostile relationship.
  7. stupid ideas
    People Are Now Using Coke As a Self-tanner Instead of Drinking ItSurprise: It’s probably not the best idea in the world.
  8. America’s President Has a Button He Pushes So a Butler Brings Him a CokeCall it Donald Trump’s addition to the 137-year-old Resolute Desk.
  9. it’ll rough you up
    Coca-Cola Insists It Made Coke ‘Healthy’ by Putting Fiber in ItIt boasts “five grams of indigestible dextrin.”
  10. gimmicks
    Coca-Cola Put Warren Buffett’s Face on Chinese Coke CansThe company went with its “best-known fan” to launch Cherry Coke in China.
  11. health concerns
    Nigerian Court Declares That Sprite and Fanta Are ‘Poisonous’A judge has mandated a label, warning benzoic-acid levels are too high.
  12. probably not
    New Coke Ads Suggest Pairing Your Soda With Sushi and Lobster“It’s an Amateur Move to Limit Coca-Cola to Fast-Food.”
  13. video feed
    Forget Mentos — Start Mixing Your Cola With Liquid NitrogenThis is undoubtedly the most important development in food science this year.
  14. dumb ideas
    World One Step Closer to the Brink As Coke Introduces ‘Selfie Bottle’Who actually wants this?
  15. health concerns
    Coca-Cola Caught ‘Monitoring’ Its CriticsAfter funding pro-soda research, this is a bad look.
  16. let’s roll … back prices
    Walmart Horrifies Shoppers With 9/11-Themed Soda Display“We will never forget” is about right.
  17. coffee talk
    Coca-Cola Now Desperate Enough to Enter the Ready-to-Drink-Coffee MarketIts Gold Peak bottled-tea brand is “future-proofing” by adding another caffeinated beverage.
  18. coke business
    Police Found $56 Million Worth of Actual Coke at Coca-Cola FactoryLet the conspiracy theories begin.
  19. Health Concerns
    Big Soda’s New Trick Is Charging Lazy Americans More for Smaller CansThe industry actually sold less by volume last year, but profits stayed the same.
  20. Health Concerns
    Coca-Cola Is Still Funding Pro-Soda ‘Studies’Journalists debunked a recent report that Diet Coke helps people lose weight.
  21. Health Concerns
    Coca-Cola’s Sham Health-Research Group Is Officially DeadThe nonprofit is “discontinuing operations due to resource limitations.”
  22. Health Concerns
    Health Researchers Sent Coke Incriminating Emails“I want to help your company avoid the image of being a problem in peoples’ lives.”
  23. Let’s Make A Deal
    Coke and Pepsi Are Both Trying to Purchase Part of Chobani YogurtEither deal will reportedly value the company at $3 billion.
  24. Health Concerns
    Everyone Officially Figures Out Soda Is TerribleBig Soda is winning policy battles, but it’s losing the war with consumers.
  25. Health Concerns
    Coca-Cola Spent More Than $100 Million on Its Sham ‘Health Research’The company listed the scientists and groups it has funded over the past five years.
  26. Tax Havens
    IRS Says Coca-Cola Owes $3.3 Billion in TaxesThe company is the latest to get in trouble over foreign profits.
  27. Resurgence
    The Surge Soda Comeback Takes Its Next Major StepThe Amazon “exclusive” just hit store shelves.
  28. Health Concerns
    CEO Says Coca-Cola Will Now Tell You If It Funds Fake Studies“We are determined to get this right.”
  29. Health Concerns
    Coca-Cola to America: You’re Just Fat Because You Don’t ExerciseA new blockbuster report says the company has provided millions of dollars in funding for studies that downplay the role of caloric intake in weight gain.
  30. Trigger Happy
    Coca-Cola Bought a Whole Bunch of Emoji Web AddressesThey’re going next-level happy with all these smiley faces.
  31. Vitamin D
    Coke Vows Its New Premium Milk Will ‘Rain Money’That’s why it’s got a horrifically sexist ad campaign.
  32. Sweetened Deals
    Walmart Told Customers a Fake ‘Sugar Tax’ Was Making Their Coke CostThe “tax” equaled the amount discounted by an ad.
  33. Resurgence
    Surge — the World’s Most Nineties Soda — Is Coming BackThe revived brand will be sold in 12-packs available only on Amazon.
  34. Bans
    Coca-Cola Agrees to Remove Brominated Vegetable Oil From PoweradeThe controversial ingredient can lead to early-onset puberty.
  35. The Chain Gang
    15 Food Petitions of Incredible Significance You Should Probably Sign Now“I used to treat my kids to Starbucks scones once a month, now there is nothing they like.”
  36. Can’t Believe It’s Not Sugar!
    Coming Soon to America: Stevia-Sweetened Coca-Cola LifeConsumers don’t trust aspartame.
  37. Mexicoke
    Soda Tax May Signal Death Knell for Mexican CokeAnd it’s all Bloomberg’s fault.
  38. No Deposit No Return
    Twenty-Year-Old Can of Coke Tastes ‘Insanely Great’Next up: The Ancient Pepsi Challenge.
  39. Soda Wars
    Nobody Wants to Buy SodaStreamPepsi and Coke aren’t interested.
  40. 4-Mel
    Pepsi Unhelpfully Still Filled With Pesky CarcinogenThe news is particularly bad for those who drink 1,000 cans of soda a day (or more).
  41. The Fakeness
    Pizza Drones and Hands-Free Whopper Holders: How Fast-Food Giants Make Big MoneyIt’s incredibly cheap and extremely effective for soda companies and fast-food giants to market products that are never actually made.
  42. Video Feed
    Coca-Cola Introduces Dazzling Bottle Made Entirely of IceIt’s getting the opposite of a chilly reception.
  43. New Soda Wars
    PepsiCo Denies $2 Billion Offer to Buy SodaStreamA report indicates the two soft-drink giants have been meeting with the seltzer upstart.
  44. Marketing Gimmicks
    Can Coca-Cola Repair Indian-Pakistani Relations?Forget about Kashmir and grab a Coke!
  45. The Fizz
    Marin County Announces Summer-Long Soda BanThe driest county in the world.
  46. Blasphemy
    Obesity Caused by Chicken Dishes and Grains, Says Coca-ColaBut not soda. Never soda.
  47. Trends
    Soda Consumption Lowest It’s Been in Two Decades; Companies Respond byPer capita soda consumption in the U.S. is now down to 1987 levels.
  48. Soda Stream
    Coca-Cola Introduces Something Called Fruitwater, Which Is Definitely Not JuiceWash down your McDonald’s egg-white McMuffin and Burger King turkey burger.
  49. Sodastream
    Coca-Cola Changes Sprite Formula in U.K.; the U.S. Could Be NextThe new version’s made with stevia. Ew.
  50. Sued
    Mother and Daughter Crack Coca-Cola’s Bottle Cap ContestThey scammed the company out of over $200,000.
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