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Climate Change

  1. food science
    What’s the Deal With the World’s First ‘Lab-Grown’ Steak?An Israeli company says it’s two years away from bringing a lab-grown steak to market, which is really good news for the environment.
  2. grub guides
    16 Amazing Vegan Dishes That Just Might Help You Save the PlanetHey, we’ve got to start somewhere.
  3. climate change
    Climate Change Might Force Tabasco to Find a New HomeRising sea levels are coming fast for its 150-year-old home on the Louisiana coast.
  4. shortages
    New Research Says Chocolate Could Be Extinct by 2050A not-so-sweet start to 2018.
  5. news you can booze
    BrewDog Trolls Trump on Climate Change With Beer Made From Melted-Ice-Cap WaterIt will be dispensed from a tap inside of a life-size replica of a polar bear.
  6. climate change
    Climate Change Is Also Making Plants Less NutritiousRising levels of carbon dioxide are to blame.
  7. climate change
    World’s Largest Candy Maker Commits $1 Billion to Fight Climate ChangeIt says, “We’re trying to go all in here.”
  8. food policy
    Obama Just Gave a Big Speech on Food PolicyHis first international talk as a private citizen was on food sustainability.
  9. shortages
    Now, California’s Almonds Are Getting Destroyed by Too Much RainMore than 27 inches have inundated the state’s $5 billion crop this winter.
  10. shortages
    Get Ready for a Maple-Syrup ShortageThat crazy-warm February has harvests down by as much as 75 percent.
  11. bad news
    Now Climate Change Is Destroying California’s Pistachio and Almond TreesWarmer temperatures are “dramatically” reducing their yield.
  12. climate change
    Bad Weather Now Set on Ruining Even Cheap CoffeeProblems with rain in Brazil and Vietnam are raising the price of robusta beans used in instant coffee.
  13. climate change
    Climate Change Could Mean the End of Fish and ChipsCod and other species are fleeing rising temperatures.
  14. Is Kernza the Magic Grain That Will Save Us All?The people who make your favorite fleece — seriously! — think it might be.
  15. climate change
    Maine’s Lobsters Could Be Extinct in 85 Years Because of Global WarmingResearchers say warming waters are already decimating the larvae.
  16. climate change
    France Will Ban Plastic Forks and PlatesThe law goes into effect in 2020.
  17. climate change
    Is the World’s Wheat Crop Doomed?A new study says climate change could have a disastrous effect on the world’s wheat supply.
  18. climate change
    Is Coffee Going Extinct?A new report says climate change has devastated major coffee-growing regions
  19. Shortages
    Add Maine’s Cod to the List of Things Decimated by Global WarmingScientists now blame rising water temperatures more than overfishing.
  20. Giving Back
    Ben & Jerry’s Seeks to Save the Planet Through Ice CreamA new flavor, Save Our Swirled, will bring awareness to climate change.
  21. Cereal Killers
    Global Warming Will Basically Make Breakfast Impossible 15 Years From NowSome not so grrrreat news.
  22. Scary Things
    This Crazy-Hot Summer Is Scaring Chefs and FarmersThe Cleveland-based chef says we can no longer deny climate change.
  23. Mediavore
    Politicians Line Up to Blast Corbett Over Food Stamp Assets Tests; Don’tPlus: USDA’s gardeners’ guide shows warm zones have drifted North; and Burger King’s latest concoction packs more than 1,000 calories, all in our morning news roundup.
  24. Mediavore
    Police Take Pizza Delivery Ambush Suspects into Custody; Deadly Food AllergiesPlus: Starbucks expands its boozier concepts; and where to eat at Sundance, all in our morning news roundup.