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  1. nightlife
    56 Places We’ll Be Drinking, Dancing, and Hanging Out Too Late This SummerA sprawling sidewalk cocktail resort on the Lower East Side, a techno-heavy, clothing-light party in East Williamsburg, and more.
  2. The Grub Street Diet
    Gary Shteyngart Tries and Tries Again to Eat at Ess-a-Bagel“I wish I were a frat boy here just eating wings all day long and majoring in organizational psychology or whatever it takes these days.”
  3. Pop-Up Restaurants
    Moto, iNG Chefs Team With Clandestino For Backwards Pop-Up April 22A dinner that starts with coffee and ends with soup.
  4. Events
    Beat Cop’s Guide Author To Talk Saturday, Cook Final Meal Monday, Trying Not toChristopher Garlington’s journey to become a cook ends its first stage.