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Citizen Cake

  1. Bookshelf
    Regarding Elizabeth Falkner’s Upcoming Book, Cooking Off theThere’s a section of home-style desserts that includes her addictive take on the Oreo.
  2. Coming Soon
    Elizabeth Falkner Eyeing Spaces for Brooklyn Pizza JointShe and her team have narrowed it down to two spots.
  3. Rumor Mill
    Elizabeth Falkner Decamps to New YorkChef Falkner shall be missed, but will likely be popping up in a NY kitchen soon.
  4. Real Estate
    Former Citizen Cake Space to Become Turkish-Influenced Troya FillmoreIt didn’t stay empty long!
  5. TV Land
    Elizabeth Falkner Moves on to Finale of Next Iron ChefMeanwhile, her S.F. businesses have been struggling and she’s closing both of them.
  6. Menu Changes
    Citizen Cake to Become More Ice Cream Parlor–LikeThe place is getting a new menu, liquid nitrogen ice cream, and a new name.
  7. Chef Shuffles
    Elizabeth Falkner Hires a New Chef de Cuisine for Citizen CakeOnly a few months in, and after a lackluster review, Amy Glaze has been replaced.
  8. The San Francisco Diet
    Jonathan Kauffman: ‘It’s a Wonder I Don’t Have Gout.’“I think I snack the way some people doodle.”
  9. The Other Critics
    Kauffman’s Not In Love With the New Citizen Cake; Reidinger Revisits Limon
  10. The Other Critics
    Patti U. Thinks the New Citizen Cake Is Better Than EverShe says that Glaze and Falkner have a light hand that “always leaves room for dessert.”
  11. Previews
    Pac Heights to Get a New Sweet Shop Called Sweet Jane’sAnd it’s right next door to Citizen Cake!
  12. Culinary Twitterings
    Michelin Inspector Calls New Citizen Cake ‘Better Than Ever’
  13. Openings
    Behold, the Newly Relocated and Re-imagined Citizen CakeSee our slideshow of the remodeled former Vivande Porta Via space.
  14. Neighborhood Watch
    Citizen Cake Opens Friday, Maruya Sushi Closes, and MoreAlso, the new Patxi’s in Noe Valley is due on December 1.
  15. Chef Shuffle
    Citizen Cake Gets a New Chef: Amy Glaze
  16. Reopenings
    At Long Last, the New Citizen Cake ApproachethDelayed since March, the new Citizen Cake Pacific Heights is “a couple weeks” away.
  17. Reopenings
    Citizen Cake Might Still Make It Open This YearThere’s still no opening date, so your guess is as good as ours.
  18. Neighborhood Watch
    Sons & Daughters Opens ‘Accidentally’, Citizen Cake Coming in July,Sons & Daughters opens in the former Cafe Mozart, Namu might have eyes on the Mission, and more.
  19. Neighborhood Watch
    Hog & Rocks On Target for June, Citizen Cake Delayed Until June, and MoreHogs & Rocks still aiming for June; Citizen Cake hits some snags; Laurine Wickett serves up a prix fixe dinner; and more.
  20. Reopenings
    Citizen Cake Delayed Until May
  21. Empire Building
    UPDATED: Absinthe Offshoot Gets a Name
  22. Empire Building
    Rumor Confirmed: Absinthe Taking Over Citizen Cake SpaceThe Absinthe team is swooping in to remake Citizen Cake’s former digs into a casual neighborhood eatery with a nice bar program.
  23. Rumor Mill
    Is Absinthe Eying the Citizen Cake Space?Absinthe’s owners are among several restaurateurs eying the prime location at Gough and Grove.
  24. What to Eat
    What to Eat at the New Citizen Cake, Opening Really SoonThe move to upper Fillmore is almost complete, but still two weeks away.
  25. Neighborhood Watch
    Two New Places to Get Your Craft Beer On: Social Kitchen and Public House
  26. Temporary Closings
    Citizen Cake Closes Tonight, Makes Its Move UphillThe self-proclaimed “cake bitch” at Citizen Cake is becoming the pastry chef at Orson as the older restaurant downsizes.
  27. Mediavore
    Good Wines Under $20; Worst Cooks Show Casting in L.A.
  28. Reopenings
    Citizen Cake Closing, Moving to Vivande SpaceThe pastry-focused restaurant on Grove Street will move Pac-Heights-ward.
  29. Chef Shuffles
    Chef Shuffles Churn the CityThree different chef shuffles may ruffle the neighborhood’s dining scene.
  30. Neighborhood Watch
    Giant Pho Spotted in Richmond; Mom’s Filipino Food in Mission