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  1. openings
    Why Beer Geeks Are So Excited About the Massive New Brewery Inside Citi FieldMikkeller is revered by beer fans, and now there’s finally a brewery on the East Coast.
  2. Home Runs
    Danny Meyer Wins AgainIn other news, Ryne Sandberg sure has some weird eating habits.
  3. Health Concerns
    Danny Meyer Says Shack Burgers Probably Didn’t Make Coach and Player SickShackBurger loyalists were undaunted at Citi Field.
  4. Health Concerns
    MLB Player, Manager Blame Citi Field Shake Shack for Food PoisoningGrub Street suspects it was probably something else.
  5. Stadium Food
    Subway Series: Battle of the Baseball-Stadium ConcessionsTo determine who dominates the culinary zone, we pitted the Yankees against the Mets in four matchups of burgeoning categories of ballpark grub.
  6. Leftovers
    The Spotted Pig’s Filipino Menu; Ramp Fest Hudson 2013Plus: new food at Citi Field, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  7. Coming Soon
    One of Citi-Field’s Three LaFrieda Spots Will Sell an Intense-SoundingThe famed meat purveyor does some brand-building at the ballfields.
  8. Fired
    Citi Field Chef Fired for Taking Sick DaysHe took ten days off work to recover from heart problems.
  9. Food Allergies
    Baseball Stadiums’ Peanut-Free Seating Perturbs Some Fans“It’s as much part of the fabric of baseball as the seventh-inning stretch,” one longtime ball-game-goer told the ‘Post.’
  10. Slideshow
    First Look at Gabbana, the Latest Nuevo Latino NewcomerThe forces behind Sofrito and Mamajuana Cafe combine to bring a sprawling “Modern Dominican” menu.
  11. The Great Outdoors
    Gluten-Free Hot Dogs and Beer at Citi FieldA look at this year’s Citi Field food-vendor lineup.
  12. The Other Critics
    Bruni Loves Ippudo’s Ramen; Pho Sure Is a ‘Little Gem’Plus: Danyelle Freeman on Bubby’s, and Alan Richman on three pizza newcomers, in our roundup of this week’s reviews.
  13. Stadium Eats
    Shake Shack Advice: Go After the FifthHow to beat the line at Citi Field.
  14. Stadium Eats
    Stadium PreviewsWhat to do, besides eat, at the new ballparks.
  15. Stadium Eats
    Where to Eat at Citi Field: The Crucial Culinary MapKnow your options! The lay of the land, from steak to sushi.
  16. Stadium Eats
    What to Eat at Citi FieldNot peanuts and Cracker Jack, but artisanal cheese!
  17. Stadium Eats
    Citi Field Watch: Shack, Blue Smoke Done; El Verano, DeltaSky CloseA progress report from Danny Meyer’s man David Swinghamer.
  18. Stadium Eats
    Scouting Report: Shake Shack at Citi FieldThe burgers are great, but there’s no place to sit.
  19. Fan Food
    Move Over, Mets: Yankee Stadium Gets Lobel’s Sandwiches and Johnny RocketsThe Yankees try to get into the better-food game.
  20. Foodievents
    Queens Cuisine“Queens … A Taste of the World” will allow foodies a first glimpse of Citi Field.
  21. Openings
    Not Exactly Surprising: Nieporent May Join Danny Meyer at Citi FieldWhy do these guys sometimes seem to be the only restaurateurs in the game?
  22. Trends
    Marlow & Daughters [sic] Is a Total TrendsetterChefs who butcher — just one trend identified by ‘Food & Wine.’
  23. Foodienomics
    Danny Meyer’s Cost-Cutting MeasuresUnion Square Hospitality Group chefs, it’s time to pool your resources.
  24. NewsFeed
    Confirmed: Danny Meyer Group in at Citi FieldSure, there’s a Shake Shack. But that’s just the start.
  25. The New York Diet
    Danny Meyer Has One Last Feast at FlorentHis restaurants range from Eleven Madison Park to Shake Shack, and his diet ranges from pâté de campagne to protein shakes.
  26. NewsFeed
    Meyer Makes a Move on Citi FieldDanny Meyer hints at a new menu for the Mets.
  27. NewsFeed
    Shake Shack Coming to Upper West Side, Plus More Shake Shack News“Page Six” drops a bombshell on us today, with the news that a new Shake Shack is coming to the Upper West Side: “Danny Meyer just signed a lease to open its first branch at 366 Columbus Ave. (at 77th Street), which formerly housed Cajun eatery Jacques-Imo’s NYC.” The new venue is enclosed, so you can wait in line in relative comfort. Meanwhile, also on the Shake Shack front, we hear that there will be not just one (as we reported previously) but two Shake Shacks at Citi Field. And not only those outposts, but also a more formal, Union Square Cafe–style restaurant. Danny Meyer hinted at at least one Citi Field location recently, but this is enticing news indeed. West Side Shake [NYP] Earlier: Danny Meyer Finds Manhattan Prohibitive, But a Shake Shack in a Sports Stadium? That He Could See
  28. NewsFeed
    Danny Meyer Finds Manhattan Prohibitive, But a Shake Shack in a Sports Stadium?Considering that only banks can afford to rent ground-floor spaces in Manhattan these days, Danny Meyer has a bold suggestion: the waterfront! Discussing the future of public life with New Yorker architecture critic Paul Goldberger at a forum of the Design Trust for Public Space, Meyer noted that rent pressures had grown absurd in the island’s heart. (Starting rent for Union Square Café in 1985: $8 per square foot. Asking rent for the Zen Palate space on Park Avenue South: $300 per square foot.) His solution? “We have all these appendages to Manhattan called piers, and if the city took the opportunity to rent those spaces only to small businesses, that would be a vigorous signal,” he said. Meyer said he’d learned that restaurants must echo their surroundings, which we realize means a new Union Square operation would have to carry themes from Whole Foods and Max Brenner. “If we ever do another Shake Shack, we’d want it to look like where it is. The fascination of doing something in a sports stadium jazzes me.” Oh, yeah? Citi Field is looking better and better. —Alec Appelbaum Related: Hark! New Shake Shack to Open at Shea Stadium
  29. NewsFeed
    Esca’s Pasternack to Pitch Fish-and-Chips at Citi Field We’re not Mets fans or anything, but Gael Greene’s (Web-only!) scoop that David Pasternack of Esca was planning a Fish Shack for Citi Field has really got us in a Flushing frame of mind. Pasternack told us the new Fish Shack would feature “simple stuff” like fish-and-chips, fried clam sandwiches, and lobster rolls. As at other Citi Field concessions, you’ll be able to see the game while you wait. So what makes Pasternack’s menu special? “I don’t know yet,” the chef told us. “But it’s going to be really good.” Pasternack also hears that there will be a Shake Shack at Citi Field, the same rumor we told you about in August. Is this going to be the greatest stadium food court ever or what? Related: Hark! New Shake Shack to Open at Shea Stadium
  30. Mediavore
    Esca Chef to Work for Mets; Bourdain Back on Food NetworkEsca chef David Pasternack will be right at home in the new Mets stadium come 2010, running a place called the Fish Shack. [Insatiable Critic] Related: Hark! New Shake Shack to Open at Shea Stadium Kim Severson just ruined our breakfast with a look at PETA’s “Got Pus?” campaign and the question of whether or not milk contains pus. Let’s all share the nausea, shall we? [Diner’s Journal/NYT] A Brooklyn pizza maker accused of gunning down a mobster was acquitted yesterday, but the case still reinforces those old mafia-in-cahoots-with-Italian-joints stereotypes. [NYDN]
  31. Neighborhood Watch
    Crispy Pig’s Ears Land at Spotted PigClinton Hill: Bittersweet has tasty coffee and Balthazar pastries, but there’s no guarantee you’ll pass Keri Russell while you’re there. [Clinton Hill Blog] East Village: Gemma to diners: no I.D., no liquor. [Down by the Hipster] Flushing: Aramark denies that Shake Shack is in the works for Citi Field. [Food Writer’s Diary] We stand by our story. Upper East Side: Greek diner Gardenia Cafe has been open since 1977, but the lure of real-estate cash-money has finally led its owners to close. [NYT] West Village: Crispy Pig’s Ears! Blueberry & Banana French Toast with Crème Fraîche! We have Spotted Pig’s new menus. [Grub Street] Williamsburg: Kitchen Delight on North 8th Street offers the standard burgers and fries alongside a questionable menu item: “Lap Dances.” [Newyorkshitty]
  32. NewsFeed
    Hark! New Shake Shack to Open at Shea StadiumThe greatest hamburger mystery of our time has been solved: We have it from a high-level source near the situation that the location of the long-awaited sequel to Shake Shack is Citi Field, better known as the new Shea Stadium. (Citi Field is currently under construction; it will be finished in April 2009, in time for opening day.) And that most definitely is not all: The Union Square Hospitality Group also plans a Danny Meyer sit-down restaurant there. (We’re waiting to hear back from Meyer on both of these reports.) As for the new Shake Shack, well, if you thought ball games resulted in long lines to the bathroom … Update, August 10: Danny Meyer conveyed the following message to us yesterday evening: “We think it’s a great idea and would love to do it. If you can help us figure out how to make that deal happen, Shack burgers are on the house!” Awesome. Since nowhere in the statement do we see the words “the report is 100 percent untrue” or “there will not be a Shake Shack at Citi Field,” we’re looking forward to some potato-bun frolics on Opening Day.