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Chuck E. Cheese’s

  1. video feed
    SNL Made Chuck E. Cheese’s Terrifying Animatronics Into a Crime DeterrentWatch Aziz Ansari spook a criminal mastermind as the creepy robot Peppy Ronnie.
  2. Chuck E. Cheese’s Is Working on a $1 Billion IPOWe’ve all taken a few too many ball-pit balls to the head.
  3. Nightmares
    Chuck E. Cheese’s Tries to Be Less Horrible by Serving Lattes andThe company wants to appeal to adults.
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    Hollywood’s Noir Wine Bar Goes Back To Shabu Shabu; Susan Feniger Cooks atA wine bar doesn’t work on LaBrea, so owners go back to the original barely-working concept, while Susan Feniger’s Street team holds a demo and tasting in Santa Monica.