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    Incanto, Absinthe, and Range All Dropped From the Top 100Also, longtime Berkeley favorites Rivoli and Corso get dropped as well.
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    Rich Table, Trick Dog, and Central Kitchen Added to the Chron Top 100Also, we’re guessing Bistro Aix and Va de Vi are getting dropped.
  3. The Other Critics
    Kauffman Weighs In on the Top 100, Notes How Very White It All IsThe ‘Weekly’ critic thinks the ‘Chron’ could be a little less Cal-Euro-centric.
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    The Five Restaurants That Should Be in the 2011 Top 100, But Aren’tWe went there last year; we’ll go there again.
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    Spruce, Bix, Dining Room at the Ritz All Dropped from the Chron Top 100Bauer calls the last year “the most exciting” for restaurants “in more than a quarter century,” meaning his entire tenure at the Chronicle. Thus a bunch of restaurants had to fall off the list.
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    Saison, Mission Chinese, Zero Zero All Added to the Chron Top 100;Mr. Bauer reveals the 26 new additions to the list, a few days ahead of publication.
  7. Quote of the Day
    Precocious Young Bauer Reader Demands Quiet
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    Five Restaurants That Should Be in the Top 100 But Aren’tIf we were the ones writing this list, there are five or six more newer places that would be knocking off some of the old.
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    Aqua, Gitane, and Ubuntu Drop Off Chron’s Top 100; Adesso, Frances, andSome familiar notables of 2009 like Beard nominees Frances, RN74, and Flour + Water are predictable additions; new deletions include Fonda, Kokkari, and Ton Kiang.
  10. Mediavore
    The Top 100 Restaurants Gets an Update; Starbucks Introduces the