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Christian Gaal

  1. Cocktails
    Emmanuelle Now Serving… Pho?The pho-inflected gimlet is just one of a dozen or so new cocktails being served.
  2. Foodies With Benefits
    Jen Carroll Cooks for a Good Cause Tonight at EmmanuelleThe Top Chef alum is serving snacks for the bar’s fundraiser for Wine to Water.
  3. Booze You Can Use
    Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal Want You to Drink Like Ernest Hemingway ThisGreat American literature meets great American cocktails at this boozy-revisionist look at Hemmy’s works.
  4. Booze You Can Use
    ‘New Sh-t’ Comes to Light at EmmanuelleThe new selection of cocktails includes classics, and all new originals.
  5. Bars
    Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal Both Out at Farmers’ CabinetThere’s no word yet where the two will turn up next.
  6. Menus
    Noble’s Bounty Gives Way to Roof-to-Table DinnersThe monthly dinners are limited to just 10 guests.