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  1. Flu Fighters
    Here’s How New York Chefs Beat the FluMurder your sniffles.
  2. Quote of the Day
    Chris Santos Starts 50 Days of ‘Clean Living’Chef detoxes.
  3. Excessive
    Beauty & Essex Just Got Naughtier’Chopped,’ and maybe stoned.
  4. The Grub Street Diet
    Beauty & Essex’s Chris Santos Dines at 4 A.M., Watches BoogieOn Tate’s Cookies: “Cracktastic. Another reason I’m a fat-ass.”
  5. Flavor Ammo
    Flavor Ammo: The Real Reason Chefs Love Kewpie MayonnaiseEverything you ever wanted to know about Kewpie mayo. Plus: a recipe for dynamite mussels.
  6. Personalities
    Chris Santos Is a Dork for PorkThe Beauty & Essex chef has some telling tattoos.
  7. Slideshow
    First Look at Beauty & Essex, Opening This WeekendChris Santos’s new one is a little bit ‘Mad Men.’
  8. Openings
    Stanton Social Team Will Open Beauty & Essex Next WeekHere’s what to expect from Chris Santos’s menu and AvroKO’s design.
  9. TV Land
    Roblé Ali on His Bravo Show, Avenue’s ‘Hot-LookingPlus, a preview of Chris Santos’s Beauty & Essex.
  10. Openings
    Chris Santos’s Restaurant Is Called Beauty & EssexThe furniture store turned restaurant gets a name.
  11. Openings
    Chris Santos Eyes Furniture Store for Future Hypemachine169 Essex Street is most likely the home of Chris Santos’s latest venture.
  12. Neighborhood Watch
    More on Chris Santos’s Next Restaurant; a Whisky-Tapas Dinner at HighlandsPlus: weekend jazz at SD26, and a wine tasting at Zengo, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  13. Marketing Gimmicks
    Cook-offs As Publicity Stunts: Please Try HarderA ‘Man vs. Wild’–themed cook-off is great, but why not let Tim Love shoot ducks in Central Park?
  14. TV Land
    Did You Know the New Season of Chopped Premieres Tonight?A look at the New York personalities. Plus: Who is Kelly Choi?
  15. Mediavore
    Bacon Cures Hangovers; Thomas Keller Will Tie the KnotPlus: Chris Santos’s next project, and the French government’s party fund, all in our morning news roundup.
  16. Foodievents
    ‘Top Chef’ Parties at South Beach Wine and Food FestOur first night at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival made it pretty clear why this event is such a success. For one thing, it’s warm down here. And the two parties we attended were as carefree as hayrides. The full moon shone down on the Versace mansion, and we gained some useful knowledge. Such as…
  17. The Annotated Dish
    Stanton Social’s Reinvented Chicken and WafflesThough the menu at Stanton Social is immense, there are always a few dominant dishes Lower East Side patrons order again and again. Recently it was the crab corn dogs, which Starchefs had chef Chris Santos prepare for the Rising Star Chef gala. Now it’s a postmodern “Chicken and Waffles” created by Santos and his soon-to-depart chef de cuisine Ryan Angulo. We spoke to Angulo about the dish. As always, mouse over the different elements to hear it described in the chef’s own words.
  18. NewsFeed
    Carroll Gardens to Get ‘Fine Dining Without Being Fine Dining’Ryan Angulo, the talented chef de cuisine who has helped Chris Santos make Stanton Social such a hit, is taking his knives and heading off to make his own show in Carroll Gardens. The as-yet-unnamed restaurant will be going in to 458 Court Street, down the street* from Frankies 457 Spuntino, and aims to serve “upscale, well-developed food that’s still kind of casual…fine dining without being fine dining,” Angulo tells us, mentioning Prune, Frankies, and San Francisco’s Zuni Café as models for the kind of thing he wants to do. “We don’t want to price anybody out. We want to make sure to get the neighborhood clientele included.” The place is looking at a possible mid-March/early-April opening. *Correction: The original version of this item said Angulo’s restaurant would be across the street from Frankie’s 457.
  19. Mediavore
    Win a Date With Thomas Keller; Year-end Lists AboundMix up your holiday charitable giving by entering a raffle for a coffee date with Per Se’s Thomas Keller or Ferran Adrià of Spain’s El Bulli. [NYT] Related: Ferran Adrià, Molecular Gastronomist—Who, Me? [NYM] On his No Reservations holiday special, Anthony Bourdain spoke with a veterinarian who explained that foie gras production is not the demonic act it has been portrayed as by animal-rights groups, so eat up! [Eat for Victory/VV] If Amy Sacco didn’t convince you of the growing synergy between restaurants and real estate, consider that Centovini has just struck a deal with luxe condo Soho Mews that offers not only delivery to the building but also the option to have executive chef Patti Jackson provide in-home cooking. [NYP]