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Chris Daly

  1. Closings
    Buck Tavern Closing, Daly Loses LeaseThe bar that Chris Daly took over in late 2010 is closing on Halloween.
  2. Funnies
    Mayor Ed Lee Visits Chris Daly’s Bar, Gives Him a Toy AssThe interim mayor bought his loudest opponent a wind-up donkey in China.
  3. Mediavore
    A One-Woman Show About Julia Child; Japanese School Serves Whale Meat
  4. Reopenings
    Chris Daly Takes Over Buck Tavern Today, Launches Hard-Left Gin JointChris Daly takes over Buck Tavern, but won’t be remodeling or changing the name just yet.
  5. Bars
    Updated: Chris Daly’s Bar Back On?The deal that was thought to have fallen through appears to be back on.
  6. Bars
    Chris Daly’s Bar Deal Falls ThroughHe’s now looking for a new location.
  7. Bars
    Chris Daly’s New Bar to Feature Deals for City Employees, Union WorkersWill he be stocking Plumpjack wine? Probably not.
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Chris Daly Buying Buck Tavern, Chile Lindo Protesting the ADA Thing, and MoreAlso, we find out who goes to Little Henry’s in the Tenderloin.
  9. Mediavore
    Fox Closure Threatens Restaurants; Gatorade Yanks Tiger Drink
  10. sweet news
    Daly Crowned in City Hall Bake-OffCity hall tensions eased over dessert competition.