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  1. Video Feed
    Watch Chris Cosentino’s Truly Excellent Talk on the Perils of the“‘You’ve got really good sound bites.’ I f–king hate that word.”
  2. Planned Service Changes
    Chris Cosentino’s Incanto Will Close and Reopen as PorcellinoThe new format “won’t be as ambitious as Incanto’s current menu,” says partner Mark Pastore.
  3. Vamonos
    Grant Achatz Will Cook at Empellón Cocina Next MonthGet ready to push.
  4. Interviews
    Alex Stupak and Chris Cosentino on Connecting via Twitter, New Restaurants, and“If we can’t learn from each other, we’re just arrogant and ignorant.”
  5. Leftovers
    Tickets Still Available for the Push Project at Empellón Cocina; Fried FrogPlus: A Dr. Oz magazine, and more, in today’s Leftovers.
  6. Bookshelf
    Chris Cosentino’s Offal Cookbook Is OfficialClarkson Potter will publish the book in spring 2015.
  7. Video Feed
    Watch Chris Cosentino Geek Out in a Promo Vid for His Upcoming Wolverine ComicHe’s pretty sure Wolverine likes spaetzle and sashimi.
  8. Awards
    State Bird Provisions and Rich Table Head Up Strong Showing for S.F. in ThisGo S.F.!
  9. Quote Of The Day
    Chris Cosentino Believes In the Circle of LifeAnd it moves us all.
  10. Foodievents
    Chris Cosentino Cooking Pig Parts at Pigg!The chef plans on cooking salt-cured pork liver and pig’s blood soup, among other dishes.
  11. Culinary Twitterings
    Assuming You Use Instagram, Follow These Chefs Who InstagramPretty food pictures… hmm.
  12. Quote of the Day
    The Honors Continue For CosentinoThe San Francisco chef claims victory and new cult Twitter feed after winning Top Chef Masters.
  13. Video Feed
    Listen to Newly Crowned Top Chef Master Chris Cosentino Cuss a Lot’No matter how much parsley you put on a piece of shit, it still doesn’t taste good.’
  14. Overnights
    Top Chef Masters Finale Recap: Playing With HeartBow down to the new Top Chef Master.
  15. TV Land
    Is Chris Cosentino Going to Win Top Chef Masters Tonight?He’s got a pretty good shot!
  16. Video Feed
    Watch San Francisco Offal King Chris Cosentino Hit the Town and Talk Porn, ‘BTs’“How many people have a job this f-in cool?”
  17. Video Feed
    See Chris Cosentino’s Trip to NYC, Featuring ‘Poop Shoot’ andThe ‘Top Chef Masters’ contestant visits Brooklyn for the first time in this video.
  18. TV Land
    Watch Cosentino in the First Five Minutes of Top Chef MastersCHOW has a sneak peek of tonight’s premiere.
  19. TV Land
    Top Chef Masters Contestant Chris Cosentino Says TV Is ‘aAlso, that comic book comes out in the fall!
  20. Cookbooks
    Chris Cosentino: Kohlrabi Is the Offal of VegetablesHe arrives in Boston tomorrow to promote his cookbook and hang with Jamie Bissonnette.
  21. Events
    Here’s The Winner of Our Be Chris Cosentino’s Sous Chef DrawingThe winner of our contest to pick a sous chef for Chris Cosentino’s demo.
  22. Chefs
    Want To Be Chris Cosentino’s Sous Chef at Williams-Sonoma on Friday?See Chris Cosentino this Friday— and maybe help him prepare a couple of dishes.
  23. Events
    Chris Cosentino Coming to The Publican June 8; Farm Dinner With Louis SlagelUpcoming events at The Publican.
  24. Sing a Song of Sang
    Sang Yoon Unveils Private Kitchen Series, Cosentino First Up to the PlateThe series will be held on a fire-pit patio at the Lukshon and Father’s Office chef’s test kitchen.
  25. Foodievents
    Cosentino Debuts ‘Pigg Penn’ Family Dinner This Thursday at UmamicatessenThe chef is preparing a family-style meal with a centerpiece pork roast for one-night only.
  26. Bookshelf
    Chris Cosentino Unveils His First Cookbook, and It’s Not Offal!It’s not so offal-centric as he usual is.
  27. The Other White Meat
    Chris Cosentino Messes With Texas Toast and PigtailsThe chef calls his newest creation at Pigg, “a play on the classic BBQ pulled pork sandwich served on white bread.”
  28. Other Cities
    Behold Cosentino’s L.A. Tower of Pork
  29. Foodies With Benefits
    5x5 Chefs Becoming 6x6, With Guest Chefs Ludo, Cosentino, Tusk, and Jeremy FoxThe collaboration dinner series also now includes Michael Voltaggio and Rory Herrmann.
  30. Mediavore
    Gallagher Survives Heart Attack to Smash Another Melon; Horny Flies Drawn toThe comedian collapsed at a Texas bar shortly before his show.
  31. Other Magazines
    Oenotri, Comstock Saloon, and Michael Mina All Featured in Food & WineAlso, Chris Cosentino has a recipe in there too.
  32. So Offal
    Cosentino Drops His ‘Brainaise’ on Downtown L.A.That’s aioli with blended pig brains, naturally.
  33. Openings
    Umamicatessen Opening March 3rd with Back Bar, The Cure, Spring for Coffee, andThe Incanto chef’s latest project will debut in Adam Fleischman’s modern mega-deli Umamicatessen.
  34. Coming Soon
    Chris Cosentino Will Teach Classes at MoksaMoksa gets meaty.
  35. Mise en Scene
    Pig: A Restaurant Coming to UCB, Before Pigg Gets to UmamicatessenThe new play skewers everything in food culture that is still yet to be parodied.
  36. Tony! Tony! Tony!
    And Here’s the Entire S.F. Episode of Anthony Bourdain’s TheNot just the drunk clips this time!
  37. Empire Building
    Double-Decker Umami Burger Location Coming to Hermosa BeachAnd another will land on Laguna Beach early next year.
  38. Chef Shuffles
    Chris Cosentino Opening Pigg in Downtown L.A.’s UmamicatessenThe San Francisco offal devotee tempts L.A. with Sicilian pig ear sandwiches and Iberico crudo.
  39. TV Land
    Cosentino Takes Cooking Channel to Ferry BuildingAlso, the host makes General Tso’s Chicken with ketchup.
  40. Trends
    Chefs Are Giving Pig Skin the High-End TreatmentFrom Boston to S.F., the football-making material is trending on menus.
  41. TV Land
    Chris Cosentino: The Week In PressWe’ve kidded him for being overexposed, but he was everywhere this week!
  42. The Other Critics
    Following on Alan Richman, Bruce Palling Lauds S.F. CuisineNot to be outdone by Alan Richman, Bruce Palling takes an S.F. refresher tour.
  43. Video Feed
    Watch Chris Cosentino’s Bloody Unaired Pilot for Chef UnleashedThe offal-loving chef might have gone a little far with the blood and guts.
  44. Fashion Statements
    In a Way, Aren’t We All Ruth Bourdain?Chris Cosentino’s got a new shirt.
  45. Video Feed
    Cosentino Makes Brains & Eggs, Dances, and One Ring Zero Raps the RecipeThis actually might make recipes harder to follow, but anyway…
  46. Funnies
    Cosentino to Be Further Overexposed Via Comic BookA new issue of ‘Wolverine’ will be set in San Francisco, and will feature chef Chris Cosentino as a character.
  47. TV Land
    Andrew Zimmern Loves S.F.’s Dumpsters BestSee two clips from last night’s S.F. episode of ‘Bizarre Foods.’
  48. Empire Building
    Aaron Sanchez Does K.C.Plus, a look inside the Centrico chef and ‘Chopped’ judge’s apartment.
  49. Yikes!
    Updated: Cosentino to Serve Horse NeckIs horse meat going to become a thing now?
  50. Funnies
    Cosentino Designs Tripe-Print ShoesThey’re chef’s clogs actually.
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