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  1. Mysteries
    Fusilligate: The Mystery of Michael White’s Octopus-and-Bone-Marrow Pasta“After grilling the suspects individually, we’re happy to report that we’ve pretty much cracked the case.”
  2. Mysteries
    Fusilligate: Who Really Created Marea’s Famous Octopus-and-Bone-MarrowNew evidence suggests a chef other than Michael White actually put the famous pasta together.
  3. Openings
    What to Eat at All’onda, Michael White Alumnus Chris Jaeckle’sIt officially opens tonight in Union Square.
  4. Coming Soon,
    All’Onda Will Bring Amber Waves of Risotto to Union Square EastChris Cannon is back, and he’s got some arborio rice.
  5. Shocking
    Shocking Food Revelations 2011What surprised you?
  6. Chef Shuffle
    August Hires Hearth’s Jordan Frosolone As New ChefYour first look at the new dinner menu.
  7. Closings
    Alto, Convivio Closed for GoodChris Cannon’s two upscale Italian restaurants are confirmed as permanently shuttered.
  8. Chef Shuffle
    Cannon Names Chefs at Alto and ConvivioLa Gazzetta’s and August’s losses are Chris Cannon’s gains.
  9. Chef Shuffle
    Michael White Snags Alto’s Gordon Finn in Split With Chris CannonThe divorce is finally confirmed. So who gets the kids?
  10. Chef Shuffle
    Chris Cannon Gets Pastry Chef Heather Bertinetti in the Michael White DivorceThe pastry chef at Morini and Marea is decamping for Alto and Convivio.
  11. Lawsuits
    Alto Is Latest To Be Accused of Wage ViolationsMichael White’s restaurant with Chris Cannon faces a class-action suit.
  12. Empire Building
    What to Expect From Di Fara, LaFrieda, White, Carmellini, and More at La GuardiaJason Denton of ‘ino is also involved and looking for another spot in Williamsburg.
  13. Openings
    What to Eat at Marea: Finally, a Look at the MenuOh yes, it’s a juggernaut.
  14. Mediavore
    High-End Restaurants Forge Ahead; Street Vendors ProtestPlus: the search for new cuts of beef, and more, all in our morning news roundup.
  15. Lawsuits
    Scott Conant and Chris Cannon Take the Gloves Off, Sue the Pants Off Each OtherConant wants hard cash; Cannon is upset over hard words.
  16. Beef
    Scott Conant Knocks Chris CannonIn a loose moment, the Scarpetta chef takes a swipe at his ex-partner.
  17. NewsFeed
    Michael White to Open Seafood Restaurant in Former San Domenico SpaceWhite and partner Chris Cannon can live with the rent that drove San Domenico downtown.
  18. NewsFeed
    First Look: ConvivioSouthern Italian, with a vengeance.
  19. NewsFeed
    Behind the Scenes at the Conant-Cannon DivorceAs with Brad and Jennifer or England Dan and John Ford Coley, the professional marriage of Chris Cannon and Scott Conant at Alto and L’Impero seemed perfect to the world until the day it broke up. Both men tell Grub Street that they have oodles of respect and love for the other, but in speaking to both, we were able to gather a basic time line of what happened. Some time in the last year, Conant talked to Cannon about new and ambitious plans outside the restaurant, which we gather are still in play but which Cannon wanted no part of. (Conant is doing a little casual consulting for Il Tutto Giorno, a friend’s tiny, 30-seat restaurant in Sag Harbor, but by Conant’s account, that is a minor, separate affair, and he is certainly not to be the chef there.) “There are things I wanted to do, and he wasn’t necessarily on the same page with that,” Conant says. “I need to achieve my potential. The restaurant business is changing, becoming more fluid, and I need to evolve with it.”
  20. NewsFeed
    Scott Conant Takes Leave of Alto, L’ImperoIt looks like Scott Conant, one of the city’s top Italian chefs, will be leaving Alto and L’Impero. Neither restaurant will confirm, but a high-level source with professional connections to Conant and Chris Cannon (co-owner of the restaurants) tells us that former Fiamma chef Michael White will replace Conant in both kitchens. The decision to part was supposedly pretty friendly, though based on longstanding disagreements between Conant and Cannon on how to move forward with their partnership. L’Impero will maintain its focus on southern Italian food, Alto on northern, but our source expects that White will introduce new menus by mid-August.