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  1. odes
    Chowhound Is Dead. Its Spirit of Adventure Lives On.“I didn’t realize how much people had craved this space.”
  2. Rants
    Someone Is Not a Fan of the Barking Crab’s $80 Crab Bowl, But Maybe Things HaveA crabby review of the Barking Crab leads to dismay, reassurance.
  3. The Internet
    How The 24-Hour Chowathon Changed Chicago’s Foodie Scene ForeverPart 2 of our oral history of an event that helped invent internet foodieism in Chicago.
  4. The Internet
    Go Back To The Dawn of The Internet Foodie Era With 2002’s 24-Hour ChowathonRemembering the 24-hour Chowathon that helped create an online foodie community.
  5. Mediavore
    Owners of Big Wangs Proving to Be Just That; A Benihana BrouhahaOwners of Big Wangs are indeed that, a Benihana brouhaha, and more, in your daily news.
  6. Board at Work
    Yelp Makes Restaurateurs NervousEveryone’s a critic, but is that a good thing?
  7. Board at Work
    The Problem with Upscale Mexican Food; How to Beat Coppa’s CrowdsPlus: the worst restaurants in Boston, and accessible kimchi, all in our weekly message board roundup.
  8. Board at Work
    Russell House Tavern’s Brunch is Unbelievable; Bukowski’s Secret BurgerPlus: a rant about Boston bartenders, and where to find British food, all in our weekly message board roundup.
  9. Board at Work
    Dorado Disappoints; Good Food Meets Better ParkingPlus: Regal Beagle’s bummer burger, and a mystery bar, all in our morning news roundup.
  10. Board at Work
    28 Degrees Improves; Where to Get Boston’s Best SushiPlus: the glory of New Bridge Cafe, and remembering Brigham’s lime rickeys, all in our weekly message board roundup.
  11. Board at Work
    Menton Worth the Expense; Fiddlehead Season UnderwayPlus: the secret to Chez Henri’s Periodista, and the hidden benefit of Friendly’s Express, all in our weekly message board roundup.
  12. Cheap Eats
    Where Should You Eat if You’re Unemployed?A posting on Chowhound wonders where to eat in Chicago when you’re unemployed.
  13. Board at Work
    Hounds Have Harsh Words for Orfaly; Boston’s Caveman Eaters ConvenePlus: an alliterative request, and a hunt for McRibs, all in our weekly message board roundup.
  14. Board at Work
    The Restaurants Boston Needs; Gauntlet Thrown Against Taberna de HaroPlus: Khayam lacks oomph, and Grill 23 for non-foodies, all in our weekly message board roundup.
  15. Mediavore
    Restaurateurs Should Read Message Boards; Tip Pools Are LegalPlus: Canadian beer hijinks, and an alternative to Oktoberfest, all in our morning news roundup.
  16. Openings
    Chow Puts Chatter to Work with New ListingsNew city index is fueled by message boards.
  17. Mediavore
    Deep Fried Butter Stars in a Texas Fair; McDonald’s Loses ‘McCurry’ CopyrightA Texas fair serves a new deep-fried snack and McDonald’s loses a copyright suit.
  18. Mediavore
    Gloucester Boil Order Lifted; Apples Doing WellPlus: a curb to alcohol ads, and a drive-in at McCormick & Schmick’s, all in our morning news roundup.
  19. Board at Work
    Bond’s a Bummer; B&G BoresChowhound and Yelp suffer from ennui in our weekly message board roundup.
  20. Blogston Proper
    Chowhound ‘Plebes"; Food Blog EthicsPlus: a menu change at Tu y Yo, and a plug for a comped meal, all in our weekly Boston blog roundup.
  21. NewsFeed
    Encounters at the Garden Party: David Chang and Lisa From ‘Top Chef’Moving among the culinary A-list, for a night.
  22. NewsFeed
    Chowhound Parent CNET Sold to CBSWill big media ownership make any difference to a food site whose heyday is long gone?
  23. Back of the House
    The $4 Di Fara Slice: We Break It Down Dom De Marco raised the price of a Di Fara’s slice to $4, and Chowhounders are aghast, reports Slice’s Adam Kuban. But do the accusations of making a quick buck lobbed against the Saint of Avenue J have any merit? We did a little research into the cost of ingredients at Di Fara and confirmed our suspicion that De Marco doesn’t make much money.
  24. Back of the House
    Chowhounds, Heed Our Uzbek-Kebab Advice! Is there anything more frustrating than seeing good people grope in the dark for something they already have? We feel it whenever a romantic-comedy heroine searches around for Mr. Right, while all the time the awkward but soulful male lead is mooning for her. Likewise with this thread on Chowhound, where the posters are striving to find the right place in Rego Park to eat Uzbek kebabs. Haven’t these guys ever heard of the Orange Line? Much of the discussion centers on Cheburechnaya, a big kebab house on 63rd Drive that always seems to have a couple of black Mercedes parked out front, contributing to the mobbed-up feeling. Forget that place — it’s all about Arzu. Read and learn, chowhounds: You have nothing to lose but your chebureks. Out of this world central Asian in the FH/Rego Pk area? [Chowhound] Related: Riding the V Line: Coming Back Around to Russia
  25. Openings
    A Japanese Mercenary Enters Noodle WarCan New York support a troop surge in the ramen wars? A Chowhound poster recently reported that an Ichiran ramen shop would open in Greenpoint. While Ramen Setagaya and Momofuku vie for soup-bowl supremacy, Ichiran, one of Japan’s top ramen chains, is making its entry in an area better known for tenements and pork stores.
  26. Mediavore
    Restaurant High Trains Chefs of the Future; Les Halles Takes a BeatingWelcome to Food and Finance High, which trains New York’s future chefs and restaurateurs. They diligently study the work of Dave Thomas, the origins of pizza, and read Fast Food Nation in preparation for the job market. [NYT] Les Halles is taking a beating: They’ve got a Department of Health closure uptown and construction troubles downtown . [NYP] The Red Hook ball fields, home to one of the city’s greatest gatherings of Central and South American food vendors, may finally see the trucks roll in this Sunday. [Eat for Victory/VV]
  27. Back of the House
    Startling Results of a Franco-American Summit; Queens Restaurant’s MobFrench journalists and top NY chefs and food personalities meet at Franco-American gastronomy summit. The consensus? The world needs fewer haute restaurants, more steakhouses, and to go to war to protect foie gras. [Bloomberg] Le Binge: Gael Greene’s account of her French Eat-a-Thon [NYM] The city contracted with the nephew of a former acting Gambino boss to run Caffe on the Green, Bayside’s answer to Tavern on the Green. This on the heels of the news that the Colombo family and the Russian mob together operate a golf course in Brooklyn. [NYP] There are apparently a number of people who are enthusiastic about food and travel constantly sampling it. Among these are Jane and Michael Stern, Chowhound’s Jim Leff, and a guy who works for a management and technology consulting firm. Who knew? [NYT] Chow provides a sorely-needed molecular gastronomy cheat sheet, which not only explains spherification, but even tells you how to pronounce the names of the movement’s major exponents. [Chow] A relatively inexpensive cooking school established in Westchester, boasting a 100% placement rate. Now about those wages … [7online] The question of what constitutes “true Japanese” food to be settled once and for all, when the Japanese External Trade Organization begins certifying restaurants. [Mainichi Daily News]
  28. Click and Save
    Chowhound Wonders If You’ve Heard of This So-Called ‘Chinatown’ One of the pleasures of cruising the Chowhound boards is the vicarious thrill of discovery: There’s always somebody who just found out about DiFara or Sripraphai or Kebab Cafe. Last week, apropos of nothing, user Brian S. posted a guide to Manhattan Chinatown that includes a basic overview of various regional cookeries. An added bonus is the long, link-rich thread, centering on Chinese bakeries, which follows the post. (We recently essayed the same topic.) If only the Chinatowns in Brooklyn and Queens were given the same treatment. Eating in Chinatown — a beginner’s guide [Chowhound]
  29. Click and Save
    Fireside Feeding, Tasty Tacos, and To-Die-For PiesEd Levine adds some favorite pies to Rob and Robin’s picks. [Ed Levine Eats] Fireside feeding. [Chowhound] Maddest martinis, including one of our favorites, Double Down’s bacon martini, and the $165 truffletini first reported here. [NYP] Cobble/Boerum Hill for dummies/Manhattanites. [Citysearch] Let’s get a taco. [NYDN]
  30. User’s Guide
    A Photo-Guided Tour of Mysterious Taiwanese FoodChinatown’s full of unidentifiable dishes (for visitors, anyhow). For years, we’ve seen a particularly weird-looking one, a runny oyster pancake that we would have asked about — if we’d spoken Chinese. After seeing a similar sentiment expressed on Chowhound some days ago, and asking a few foodie friends about the mystery food, to no avail, we decided to send our Chinese-speaking photographer, Melissa Hom, to three Taiwanese restaurants in Manhattan and Queens to scout out the dish, and a few others besides.
  31. User’s Guide
    Chinese Bakeries: Like American Bakeries, But Different. Here’s How!There’s nothing like a vigorous Chowhound thread to get your appetite going. This one, centering on the best Chinese bakeries in the city, recently made us wonder what we’re missing out on. Plus, we still have yet to visit the two fantastic-sounding places Rob and Robin wrote up a few weeks ago. Those of you contemplating your own bakery excursions would do well to remember the following three rules:
  32. Openings
    Hollywood Desserts and Soho GoblinsThis week in the magazine, Rob and Robin track two openings: the wildly successful Hollywood frozen-yogurt chain Pinkberry, and Goblin Market, a new Soho eatery named after lascivious young men in a poem by Christina Rossetti. Pinkberry, they report, is “the talk of the L.A. food blogs.” We tracked down a few of those blogs.
  33. Click and Save
    Beer and Chicken, From Moonachie to SunnysideEvery Monday, Click and Save surveys food service journalism from the previous week. Today, shaking the trees for plums, we came up with a collection that ranges from Sunnyside to Seoul, with special attention paid to beer and chicken.