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  1. Cambridge
    Cambridge Brewing Company Advances in Best Brewpub ContestFinally, a bracket I can get behind.
  2. FYI
    Local Christian Ministry Uses Restaurant ‘Eatups’ to Help BuildThe church sends groups out on Sundays to Castro area restaurants to dine with fellow parishioners and welcome in new ones.
  3. Chow
    Punto Bianco in DumboThanks from the F train.
  4. Foodies With Benefits
    Wayfare, Marlowe, Chow to Participate in Fundraiser for Castro Arson VictimsThe event is at The Lookout, Feb. 15, at 7 p.m.
  5. The San Francisco Diet
    Bar Star Brian MacGregor Likes a Good Slider, and Occasionally a Cocktail WithThe Jardiniere bar manager tells us about his week in food (and drink).
  6. Trends
    CHOW Gals Scolded For Food Photography As They Wrap Up Their Innovation TourAmong their findings: NY and LA don’t yet embrace their tap water, and super-bad-for-you food is all the rage.
  7. Rivalries
    WTF, CHOW?: ‘S.F. Has a Lot to Learn from L.A.’On their Innovation Tour 2010, CHOW throws S.F. under the bus after a “fun” trip to L.A.
  8. The Other Blogs
    What CHOW Talks About When It Talks About Innovation’CHOW Tour 2010: Innovation’ purports to explore the theme of culinary newness, or something, in S.F., L.A., and N.Y.
  9. Mediavore
    Fast Food Compost Fail; Grocery Stores Getting Desperate
  10. Lists
    Hot Butchers, Badass Farmers, and Others Honored by Heeb 100 and Chow 13Food trends come alive in annual lists.
  11. Openings
    Chow Puts Chatter to Work with New ListingsNew city index is fueled by message boards.
  12. Fire Damage
    Fire Guts Chow KitchenEarly morning fire damages restaurant but hurts no one.
  13. Eatiquette
    Should You Tell Your Server If Your Meal Sucks?“Actually, it wasn’t that great.”
  14. NewsFeed
    The NYPL’s Menu GraveyardThe New York Public Library has a menu collection going back to the nineteenth century.
  15. NewsFeed
    Chowhound Parent CNET Sold to CBSWill big media ownership make any difference to a food site whose heyday is long gone?
  16. NewsFeed
    Tiptoe Through the Molecules With Me …The phrase “molecular gastronomy” has been thrown around a lot recently, most often in reference to high-tech, high-concept cookery practiced by pointy-haired runner-up Marcel Vigneron on Top Chef. Chow’s currently showing a slideshow that breaks down the art as practiced by one of its greatest masters, Grant Achatz of Chicago restaurant Alinea.