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  1. comebacks
    Max Brenner and a Return From Chocolate ExileOne of the most famous names in chocolate is back — after a half-decade ban — with a new shop dedicated to cacao.
  2. I Tried to Become a Chocolatier at Jacques Torres ChocolatesMaking chocolate houses all day is a lot harder than you might think.
  3. couplings
    How to Pair Wine With Your Valentine’s Day ChocolateGrab a heart-shaped box and a couple of glasses.
  4. shortages
    New Research Says Chocolate Could Be Extinct by 2050A not-so-sweet start to 2018.
  5. sweets
    Nestlé Is Bailing From the U.S. Chocolate BusinessThe chocolate bar’s inventor can’t sell chocolate anymore.
  6. urban forager: stocking-stuffer edition
    5 Unique Chocolate Bars That Make Great Stocking StuffersWhat makes a simple candy bar an excellent gift? The stealth addition of olive oil, banana pulp, or halvah, for starters.
  7. pink slip
    Chocolate Now Comes in a ‘Hedonistic’ Pink Color That Can ‘Speak’ to Millennials“It’s natural, it’s colorful, it’s hedonistic.”
  8. drama
    Mast Brothers Say ‘Basic Facts’ Were Lost During Chocolate-Melting ScandalA blogger caused the company headaches when he accused it of misrepresenting its “bean-to-bar” bona fides.
  9. slave labor
    Africa’s Child Cocoa Slaves Might Get to Sue Nestlé in U.S. CourtThe decision could “open the door to a flood of new cases.”
  10. Watch: This Pastry Chef Creates Miniature Sculptures With ChocolateAnd it’s rather satisfying to watch.
  11. controversies
    As If We Don’t Have Enough to Worry About Today, Toblerone Messed With Its CandyHotel minibars will never be the same.
  12. openings
    Here Are All the Sweets You Can Eat at an Acclaimed Chef’s New Chocolate ShopBananas Foster bonbons, chocolate crunch cake, and so much more.
  13. Surprise!
    Kid Scores Bag of Crystal Meth As His Kinder Egg SurpriseThis definitely wasn’t the Breaking Bad–themed edition.
  14. Empire Building
    Mast Brothers Sign on for $68 Million Brooklyn Navy Yard ProjectIt’ll include a first-ever chocolate brewery, to make chocolate “beer.”
  15. Health Concerns
    Horrible Study Finds a Majority of Chocolates Contain Toxic MetalsLead poisoning just in time for Easter!
  16. Video Feed
    What Happens When You Pour Molten Aluminum on a Chocolate Easter Bunny?Something to ponder before starting that seasonal candy spree.
  17. Recalls
    Mars Just Recalled Candy Bars in 55 Different CountriesIt’s expected to cost the company tens of millions of dollars.
  18. Slave Labor
    Nestle Sued for Child Slavery on Cocoa FarmsThe corporation takes no responsibility for alleged child slavery on its cocoa farms.
  19. Drops
    Mast Brothers Controversy Sunk Some Shops’ Holiday-Season SalesSome businesses report declines as large as 66 percent compared to the previous year.
  20. Shortages
    Get Ready for a Chocolate ShortageThe industry’s top brands are spending $1 billion to increase cocoa’s productivity.
  21. Missives
    The Mast Brothers Respond“… We never claimed to make all our chocolate exclusively from bean to bar in those early days.”
  22. Grub Guides
    11 Truly Acclaimed Chocolate Producers That Aren’t Mast BrothersOld-school French milk chocolate, award-winning American producers, a bar made from Vietnamese cacao beans, and more.
  23. Recalls
    Dove Recalled 6,700 Bags of Chocolate ‘Snowflakes’The company had to pull the chocolate because of wheat, nut, and egg allergy concerns.
  24. Admissions
    The Mast Brothers’ Big AdmissionThe brothers say that they used premade chocolate in their earliest days, despite claims of bean-to-bar authenticity.
  25. Drama
    The Mast Brothers Respond to Attacks on Their Chocolate’s AuthenticityAccording to one writer, the company hasn’t always made its own chocolate.
  26. Okay
    Here’s Chocolate Sliced Like Kraft SinglesGreatest thing since … you know.
  27. Legal Drama
    Haribo and Lindt’s Long-standing Battle Over Candy Bears Is Finally OverChocolate bears and gummy bears need to co-exist in peaceful harmony.
  28. Urban Forager
    Mast Brothers’ New Shake Shack Chocolate Bar Comes Out This WeekPlus, From the Ground Brewery brings ultra-locavore beer to the Greenmarket.
  29. Science
    Chocolatiers Are Using Genetics to Identify the Best BeansIs fair-trade, small-batch chocolate worth more than its fancy packaging?
  30. Sugar Rush
    Cadbury Just Crammed 7 Different Flavors Into a Single Gonzo Chocolate BarChildhood dreams come true.
  31. Sweets
    Someone Finally Made a Full-Size Benedict Cumberbatch Out of ChocolateSorry, Easter bunny: Sherlock’s got things covered this year.
  32. Openings
    Here Are All 24 Bon-Bon Flavors From NYC’s Newest Chocolate SensationRaspberry rose, sesame and passion fruit, bourbon maple pecan, and more.
  33. No Yolk
    Creme Egg Lovers Freak Out After Cadbury Changes the Recipe and Shrinks PortionEveryone blames America.
  34. Openings
    Brigadeiro BakeryA Brazilian bakery is opening in Soho.
  35. Food Tours
    Sweet Trip: 4 Chocolate Factories Offering Tours and ClassesUnlike sausage, you want to watch it be made.
  36. Grub Guides
    15 Chocolate Desserts That Might Actually Improve Your MemoryScience proves it — but even if they don’t, they’re still delicious.
  37. Uh-Oh
    The Ebola Outbreak Is Threatening the World’s Chocolate SupplyBorder closures are affecting the harvest and workers’ jobs.
  38. Important Studies
    Cambridge Needs an Intrepid Student to Study a Lot of ChocolateYour life really can be life a box of chocolates.
  39. Shrugs and Kisses
    Hershey’s 8 Percent Price Hike Ushers in Sad New Era of Candy BarsCompany cites killer costs of cocoa, nuts, and dairy.
  40. Recalls
    Cadbury Malaysia in Obvious Trouble for Pork-Tainted ChocolateWarning: May contain trace amounts of pigs, for some reason
  41. Reaping
    Hunger Games Chocolate Bars ExistMay the odds be ever in Vosges’s favor.
  42. Video Feed
    Watch the Madcap Trailer for Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Family CookbookAlso, beards.
  43. The Fudge Report
    Nestle and Mars Accused of Massive Candy-Bar Price-Fixing Conspiracy in CanadaEt tu, Milky Way?
  44. Valentine’s Day
    A Survey of the City’s Burgeoning Craft-Chocolate SceneThis Valentine’s Day, you might want to resist the heart-shaped charms of the Whitman’s Sampler.
  45. Golden Ticket
    Jacques Torres Fulfills His Willy Wonka FantasyHe’s opening a chocolate factory in the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park.
  46. Sweet News
    Bourdain and Ripert’s ‘Good & Evil’ Chocolate Bar to Make ItsThe new chocolate bar doesn’t come cheap.
  47. Brain Food
    Chocolate Consumption and Nobel Prize Winners May Be More Connected Than YouMore chocolate, more Nobel laureates per capita.
  48. Restaurant Agenda
    Mast Brothers Opens New South Street Seaport LocationThey’ll be selling books, pastries, and confections, as well as hosting events.
  49. Sweet News
    Fine & Raw Opening Wonka-Like Bushwick Chocolate FactoryThere’ll be chocolate trees, though unfortunately no rivers of the stuff.
  50. Syrup
    New Bedford Is the Epicenter of the Chocolate-Syrup Black MarketIt has become “ground zero” for a new underground economy based on trade in chocolate syrup.
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